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    10 in lift on a 1969 wheel horse commando v7 its pink for breast cancer and i also have a 1961 wheel horse 701 under restoration and i have a wheel horse that i dont no what model it is
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    commando v7

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    my house
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    wheel horse , small engines, go to guy for repairs

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  1. restoring my 701

    Few months cause I built it for school to pass the class
  2. restoring my 701

    A 69 wheel horse commando v7
  3. Hey guys I was wondering sense I have a 61 wheel horse 701 deck is that good or bad like am I lucky to have one that sat 35 years and I can turn the blades with my pinkie? .
  4. what model tractor is this

    Idk if it runs all ik is its sitting under a barn for 30 years under a tarp and cranked every year but not driven it looks like new paint
  5. what model tractor is this

    is it worth
  6. Ultrasonic cleaner

    i bought a name brand ultrsonic cleaner off ebay and put half simple green with half water and it cleans any part i can fit in it like brand new
  7. 2012 07 31 22.08.39

  8. What are the rarest wheel horses?

    im new to this forum and would like to know if commando v7s are rare because i cant seem to find any on the internet