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  1. DC Drive "You Need Love" My dad used to hang out with these guys at rehearsals and he would help them set up in concert. Just trying to bring back the past
  2. I know "its basic science" - Jeremy Clarkson
  3. My dad thought I was crazy when he seen me plow leaves
  4. sorry guys I cant remember how to upload videos
  5. my first WH !

    congrats on the find and To
  6. https://youtu.be/LNfysjbWx54?t=7m39s
  7. https://youtu.be/LNfysjbWx54
  8. Any collective soul fans out there?
  9. I'm sorry for your loss
  10. The tractor is almost done, we just need to repaint the hood because the paint was running . We got a trailer for the horse to work with. We had to put a stack on it because the old muffler was blowing right under the hood. I'm hoping the trailer will be done soon so I can use it again.
  11. The paint is Rustoleum Sunrise Red. I have a plow but people in the neighborhood don't want to pay . We put in 6.5 horse Predator Engine, you should of seen the wheelies he was pulling. I think the coke is cheaper. I recommend Cherry coke because it tastes so good .LOL. Here's some pic's from today, yes we still have snow!
  12. Today we got the parts that we needed for the steering and transmission. We put new seals and gear lube in the transmission, put the fender, shifter, brakes and the hubs on and then we built new tie-rods. We also greased it and it's starting to look like a horse now. We still need seat foam and are waiting for the engine to be delivered.