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  1. Time to fix the brake

    My problem is when i press the brake pedal, and pull that black lever up it does not stay up, in a locked/braked position. can that be fixed without taking the lever off?
  2. Time to fix the brake

    I decided today to start looking into why the brake lever doesn't hold on my 520. Well, I didn't get far. I couldn't figure out how to take the brake lever off (without breaking it). Can someone tell me if the brake lever pin needs to be hammered out or does the pin screw off. Or is there another way? Since I am most likely using the wrong terms see pic below. Thanks Chris
  3. Is there a spring missing on this belt

    Springs on and now no more belt slipping.. now moving on to the brakes.
  4. Is there a spring missing on this belt

    Thanks everyone for the detail and quick response. Ordering the spring now. Chris
  5. A few weeks ago I asked about losing power and it wound up being low on hydro oil.. I suspected that the belt was slipping and just had to look. I took the cover off to look at the belt and pulleys and they all look good but I noticed the belt was loose (about 2 in of play) and I assume that is too much. I then noticed the top pulley had no tension on it. Should there be a spring there to hold the tension of the belt? Thanks Chris
  6. Hydro low on power

    Had a few minutes to try the tree test again. Oil level is proper per the stick. Up against the tree a single tire was spinning with full throttle. I should be good for now. Thanks again everyone. Chris
  7. Hydro low on power

    With the dipstick showing proper oil level power is back. I cut the wet grass yesterday (Yes I know cutting wet grass is bad) after I put in about 1/3 of a qt. Wouldnt think that little amount of oil would make such a difference. Will keep an eye on it since it ran fine for a couple of cuts. I will try the test against the tree this weekend to confirm it can spin the tires. Also is there a belt that may be slipping also? If so can it be tightened or do i just replace the belt?
  8. Hydro low on power

    The hydro oil filter was from a toro replacement parts website. Dont remember the name but its all black (Hope that helps). One bit of info that I remembered last night was it seems weaker when I first start it. As I cut the grass it seems to be a stronger. Going up the grade it still slows down when warm but not as much. Will try again against the tree tonight (with more oil in the hydro). Thx for all the suggestions.
  9. Will a 60 inch Deck fit on my 520

    here is a pic of the deck. How can you tell if its a HD or came off a C195 or D series? Thx Chris
  10. I have my eye on a 60 inch deck. The seller asked "If your front axle is straight, it will not fit. The tires will hit the deck when you turn." First is this true? Second I don't know if my front axle is straight. Can you tell me based on the pics below? Thanks Chris
  11. Hydro low on power

    ok tried the test against the tree. The tires did not spin. Took the chair and back panel off. It looked pretty clean. See pics below. Just to be thorough I checked the dip stick. it is DRY.. yes I am an idiot. I will put a 1/2 qt in tomorrow and try again. For my knowledge, if its the belt that is slipping is there a place to tighten it or do i just replace it? Thanks Chris
  12. Hydro low on power

    Thanks for the input. Away in PA right now. Will look into during the week.
  13. Hydro low on power

    Thanks for the input the oil and filter are about 5 hrs old. Any chance I screwed something up with the oil change?
  14. Hydro low on power

    Newbie here Have a 199x 520 hydro for about 1/2 year and it seems to be loosing power. I pull a vac as I cut and the slope is about 25 degree grade. I have never had a hydro before so not sure where to start. The oil stick under the seat shows enough oil. When on flat ground it moves ok. It's very apparent when going up the slope with the vac full. Any suggestions is appreciated Chris
  15. Parts

    Any 42 or 60 inch decks for sale