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  1. 416-H Tractor + Parts

    Any 42 or 60 inch decks for sale
  2. Selling most of collection

    is the 48in deck available separately? dont need the front mount. Best of Luck Chris
  3. Finally got a 520H

    In order to get the 42in deck to work on the 520 I had to extend the decks back wheels outward (to not rub against the mowers back tires). Since I don't own a welding machine I made what I am going to call a Bolt extensions. Hope these last at least 1 season. What do you guys think? https://photos.app.goo.gl/9Xv43dSdTbv8mhnc2 Thanks Chris
  4. Finally got a 520H

    I broke down and bought the adaptor to the lawn vac, as you guys said it connects to the axle.
  5. Old Old deck retrofit to an old Wheel horse

    Thanks, ordered. Will let you know if it fits.
  6. I am trying to get a recently purchase old deck (serial number: 0542ms05) onto my newer WHorse 520 (Model 73502). I removed the rear discharge deck that came with it, put on the 0542ms05 and now I need a belt that will fit. The belt off the rear discharge was about 96 inches. I am thinking I need about 110 -116 inch belt. Any advise or part number is appreciated. Chris
  7. Mid Mount Blade for sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. will this Deck fit a 520

    Got the deck today, owner didnt have the wheels nor the front bar. I grab them off my other deck. Now onto problem that 608KEB mentioned. 1 wheel on the deck is rubbing on the back left tire. I will try a longer bolt and a collar. Wish me luck. Also the owner did have the Mower rotary carrier parts. What can I resell this for?
  9. will this Deck fit a 520

    Thanks for the confirmation Garry.
  10. will this Deck fit a 520

    So if I get this and put the two wheels back on the back can i use it with my 520?
  11. Saw this for sale and not sure it will fit my 520 (Model 73502). the model number of the deck is 0542MS05. It looks like the back 2 wheels are missing (each outside wheel). Also what is the extra frame on top and wheels infront ? Thanks Chris
  12. Finally got a 520H

    Did some more work on the horse yesterday. The Hydraulic fluid is filled. Thanks for the tip on opening the filter to allow the air out. It took about 4.5 qts. I ordered tubes for the front tires and ordered head lights. Next I need to tackle where and how to fasten my Cyclone lawn Vac. to the wheel horse. One ideas is to create a piece of metal and connect it to bracket support under the seat. bottom of gas tank and just right of the hydraulic oil filter. The problem is they are different heights and the bracket can only be an 1 -1 1/2 wide. When the vac is full and I am on a hill or turning its a lot of pressure and i am afraid the brackets will bend. All ideas areas are welcome.
  13. Finally got a 520H

    Thanks for all the good info. For the hydraulic oil, I read last night it takes 5 qts. Does that sound right. I put the items for sale in the classified forum. Sorry about that.
  14. Mid Mount Blade for sale

    I have a pretty new Mid mount blade for Sale. I have all the parts to mount to a wheel horse. Came with my 520, not sure what other models it will work with. https://photos.app.goo.gl/JPqBphLC51KEFNF82
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