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  1. onan p220g 1996 520h engine shroud.

    thanks guy's a friend sent me some pictures of his 95 520 engine. problem solved. thats what i needed.
  2. onan p220g 1996 520h engine shroud.

    hi i bought a 1996 520h a few weeks ago from original owner he bought new he took off the engine shroud -tins, and parts for the throttle and governor. would anyone have any pictures of the engine assembled so i can see how it goes back together. i looked at some engine manuals it does not show what i need to see to assemble it back together right. Thank you.
  3. thankyou for the information!!. hope to find out in inches. 1/2 x? inches in length?
  4. im trying to find the belt size for a 48 in. side discharge mower deck on here. unless I overlooked it, cant find the info for it model number is 78361 ?
  5. I have a 7-1251 tiller I put on my 1988 312-8 the belt that was on it is to short, number on the belt is gates hi power II A136,the manual has part number 103635. my question is what size in inches would it be? and will it work with the 312-8?
  6. so I have to disassemble everything in the center of the deck,blades and all right?
  7. hi im trying to find what the right procedure is to change the double belts on a 36" mower deck, and what is the length of belts? please.
  8. engine knock when mower deck engaged ?

    thankyou for your comments gentlemen, but the noise is coming from the engine. I did try setting the points at 18 knock not as loud just wonder if its the aftermarket points. because that's why I changed the motor,because of the knock in that motor they both do the same,i took the mower deck off and going up hill it knocks a little. it has me stumped. any other ideas besides tearing it down and rebuilding it??.
  9. I have a k-301 kohler engine runs good I put it on my 76 b-100 this is the second good running k-301 12 hp. funny they both knock when I engage the mower deck. I changed out the clutch still knocks. any ideas?? guess I better check the points first, I set them at 18 on the other engine I had on it and it still had a knock but not as loud, im running unleaded plus gas in it. has new points condencer,coil,spark plug.?
  10. where on this site can I find the belt size for a 48" deck and for mule drive.tractor model number is 73421,deck number is78360.? thankyou.
  11. is the belt size 1/2" X103" for the spindle pulleys on top of deck for a 42 " ? or is it 1/2" x 86" ?
  12. 312-8 Trans Noise

    you sure its not belt loose and slaping the belt guard? had that happen once.
  13. hello I have a 68 charger 12 hydro 5062. cant find the seals,the numbers are 7877 and 6829 toro says they are discontinued. so how can I find them or where? hope someone knows.
  14. 1997 73502 7901830 Is 5 quarts of oil the correct amount for transmission? 10w- 30?
  15. transmission drive belt 520h

    I changed the motor from 20 hp. onan to a 12 hp. k-301. used a 82 " belt works fine 83" belt rubs together. thanks for info. garry.