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  1. Ferrari Engine as a Replacement??

    terror tractor! think there's a volvo under the hood
  2. neutral uni drive not working

    geez, what was in there? appel/suikerstroop?
  3. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    nope thats mark @meadowfield
  4. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    @chris sutton this looks like the one you've got doesnt it
  5. lawlor floor scrubber?

    i was looking around for gardentractors on couple of selling sites and found this thing on a german one, looked really familiar but the brand name on the id tag didn't ring a bell. but after a little research i found out there's some floating around. one owned by the editors of the lagt magazine well enough reading for now, here's the pics mods please excuse the link to the ad, i couldn't save the pics properly, sorry https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/lawlor-t54-mini-traktor-bulldog-schlepper-weinberg/449194350-241-6719
  6. 316-8 acting strange..

    hmm, that sounds waaaay to familiar
  7. Here is a snow thrower for y'all up north

    doesnt weiand make those?
  8. Infrared of my 312/417-8

    ah another great use for flir, recently bought a CAT S60 smartphone which has flir on it too. great for seeing which beer in the fridge is the coldest
  9. It's Workshop Reorganizing Day !

    wow look at all that floor space still available for some more clutter! i can get to the workbench, and to the euh hmm euuh. guess its just the workbench i can get to
  10. ark loader 550 (not mine)

    seen it, really really really really etc. want it but no funds, room or time for it
  11. Brain Teaser

    4, 5, 6 and seven wont be filled because some blocked pipes and holes that means 2 cant fill up either because it drains into 7 1 only drains into 3 and 3 is the only one with pipes attached that cant drain into others so i say ITS 3
  12. Axle Differential Breakage

    i pull a plow through holy uneven ground (means a lot of sudden loss and gain of traction) and havent broken the 1" 4pinion(yet) but then again if i feel its to rough i dont plow
  13. page 22, would one of those work?
  14. My "saved" 520 Hydro WH

    nice find, where in our little country was this one? dont think i've seen it on the usual sites like mp and speurders
  15. Old School Mini Loader

    i like it, but at 3500 i think i could build a loader on my ransomes