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  1. this project came about after a few beers(best ideas come when drinking) we had a vw caddy that wouldnt run(ecu went swimming) and a dodge daytona with a broken steering rack and after some carefull guesstimating we started hacking the two apart to make one. its still a work in progress since we cant shift from the driving seat and we lost drive thats the front end of a dodge daytona shelby z and here's the caddy lowered on to it and here's a little vid from the first propper test drive https://photos.app.goo.gl/HBhnE4hMhRuK1vvk7
  2. Regretted Projects

    ah so im not the only one
  3. Win10 pro 64

    aah isnt it fun wearing glasses, mine were bout the same and i still cant wear safety glasses. also on the second frame in half a year, yay pigshed amonia anyway, on the windows 10 mallarky, havent had much trouble with it, no problems with tracking me and all that(must be the usa version)
  4. Regretted Projects

    the one that stands out for me is the suzuki ts50x i bought for 50 euros took a day to get it running and only then it would start after push starting it for half a mile eventually i had it running a bit better, but, i managed to flood it, thought oh well, ill take out the sparkplug and push it a bit to get the gas out, there was gas, a spark and a big ball of fire bought another one for 120 euros made one out of the two. the one engine decided it liked to eat its pistonrings, so that became a moneypit. put the other back in, turns out that was also a money pit as it liked to eat its flywheel key after a couple minutes. thats when i sold them
  5. How to get a tractor over seas?

    @Skipper has done some shipping to denmark, he might also have some pointers
  6. ive got this one, kind of the same as we've got on the cub but quieter since one cant look right through it(guess that means its baffled?) bought it at a show for 4 tenners
  7. Almost Burned Down the Neighborhood

    i've been thinking about that, how about using a cone of fine stainless mesh as a spark arrestor on top of the drum?
  8. Ferrari Engine as a Replacement??

    terror tractor! think there's a volvo under the hood
  9. neutral uni drive not working

    geez, what was in there? appel/suikerstroop?
  10. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    nope thats mark @meadowfield
  11. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    @chris sutton this looks like the one you've got doesnt it
  12. lawlor floor scrubber?

    i was looking around for gardentractors on couple of selling sites and found this thing on a german one, looked really familiar but the brand name on the id tag didn't ring a bell. but after a little research i found out there's some floating around. one owned by the editors of the lagt magazine well enough reading for now, here's the pics mods please excuse the link to the ad, i couldn't save the pics properly, sorry https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/lawlor-t54-mini-traktor-bulldog-schlepper-weinberg/449194350-241-6719
  13. 316-8 acting strange..

    hmm, that sounds waaaay to familiar
  14. Here is a snow thrower for y'all up north

    doesnt weiand make those?
  15. Infrared of my 312/417-8

    ah another great use for flir, recently bought a CAT S60 smartphone which has flir on it too. great for seeing which beer in the fridge is the coldest