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  1. My favorite place and thing on earth.

    one of them worked here, didn't try the other one, nice windmills
  2. Locking a Axle

    here ya go
  3. C-185

    i would think you can, same voltage and all. only difference i would guess is the amp hours, more batteries more/longer go
  4. Sickle Bar Mower Drive Pulley Plate

    @Stormin people seem to have found your sickle mount
  5. new rubber

    ha, dont have a wife, no nagging for me, yet
  6. new rubber

    i would've thought they'd say not for highway use somewhere on them, havent found it yet
  7. new rubber

    they also look good on the golf if i say so myself
  8. I need non Wheel Horse Advice

    im with you on this, might want to try Mustie1 on yt then
  9. new rubber

    today my new tires came in they are 5.00 x14 and will be put on this
  10. Got some old Briggs engines today

    nice, the 5s' look like the ones i got http://myoldmachine.com/topic/2452-briggs-stratton-8fb/ http://myoldmachine.com/topic/2108-briggs-model-n-with-bendix-westinghouse-compressor/

    potato bucket doesnt work anymore, could you please repost them?
  12. 1976 D 250

    yes thats the original engine for a gutbrod, i mean wheel horse
  13. Maybe selling my 520XI

    i thought basicly all mahindra's run ihc mc cormick deering engines from the german build d series, made in the late 50's through the 60's. only thing changed to the engines seems to be the commonrail injection and all the newfangled electronics to pass emissions.
  14. project pud puller build

  15. What do you feed your engine???

    right, don't feed your engine anyhing metal. what i dont get is this whole aditive's ethanol free gas thing they've been slowly adding more and more alcohol( alcohol does great under boost) to our gas and no one bats an eye. well every once in a while we get a tank that didnt do as great as the others. how ever i do not get the problems you guys state side get, must be something in the gas one might say, but, how many of you put more than 95 octane in? even if straight gas is less would you still put it in? im interested in the lowest octane people have reliably used in their horse