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  1. ark loader 550 (not mine)

    seen it, really really really really etc. want it but no funds, room or time for it
  2. Brain Teaser

    4, 5, 6 and seven wont be filled because some blocked pipes and holes that means 2 cant fill up either because it drains into 7 1 only drains into 3 and 3 is the only one with pipes attached that cant drain into others so i say ITS 3
  3. Axle Differential Breakage

    i pull a plow through holy uneven ground (means a lot of sudden loss and gain of traction) and havent broken the 1" 4pinion(yet) but then again if i feel its to rough i dont plow
  4. page 22, would one of those work?
  5. My "saved" 520 Hydro WH

    nice find, where in our little country was this one? dont think i've seen it on the usual sites like mp and speurders
  6. Old School Mini Loader

    i like it, but at 3500 i think i could build a loader on my ransomes
  7. Another What Is It

    yeah cheating didn't work for me either
  8. Another What Is It

    isnt it some kind of chain to tie some animal to a pole?
  9. Hello From Southampton, UK

    i'm sure Chris @chris sutton 'some' parts laying around somewhere also welcome to redsquare from farther east across the water
  10. Wheel weights.

    dunlop, it says on the tire
  11. i'd say holt/catapillar on the first two
  12. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    i havent named my horse, but i did name my little ransomes crawler he's called wall-e
  13. Holy Moly if I've ever made a mistake before....

    i've worked at a john deere plant over here in the netherlands, assembling the scut tractors, 1026r and one or two sizes up, they all came from japan complete and only needed the parts put on the customer ordered like different tires(turf or skidsteer like tires) or cabs/rollbar, some had to have a deck put on. the plastic rear fenders couldn't keep a wrench on them as they would flop down, hoods regularly came with damage on them from leaking batteries in transit. even tho i didn't really liked them as in working on them they're stout tractors, no doubt about it, but they are much the same as all the other scut tractors only with different tupperware on it
  14. Check out my (cough) "new" generator.

    the second video is of one of our members here @bowtiebutler956 the antique briggs' are nice engines i've got two, a model n brasstag with aircompressor from ww2 and an fb8 that was part of a generator unit used on quadmounts