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  1. hmmmm

    one i ordered came with a gas shut off and fuel filter. i told mom for 3 more bucks you cant go wrong there because the plastic black and red shutoffs are usually over 5 bucks alone. ill use shutoff on one of my machines lol
  2. hmmmm

    my 701 has the taryl fixes all fix for the fuel pump. well lately after a while running it would start running like crap. well i ordered a new carb one those cheap ones. well during installation i noticed that the line from fitting to pump for pulse was collapsed. so i had some used gas line laying around thats a little hard from age but still good. so i put a bit of that on it low and be hold runs strong. so now i have the original carb on bench and ill probably drain it and put it away for future project (like the 754 maybe). i ran the 701 moving dirt for about 20 minutes no hickups.
  3. Is this year over yet?

    Well you guys knowthat this year hasnt been easy. first mom in and out of hospital few times. then dad in and out twice then losing him on july 22nd. well today i was working on my truck (bad idea in first place only vehicle running currently) well tightening down replacement bumper on truck and socket slips off bolt ratchet smacks me in my lips. bust both lips open. went to ER and hospital couldnt do anything for bottom lip because it was inside my mouth. but top lip ended up with 3 stitches. Those harbor freight ratchet hurt when you smack yourself with one i can tell you that. and truck is still sitting there with no grill on it. had to have a family member come pick us up and go to hospital. picture was after stitches but it was pretty wide before they stitched it.
  4. got a package from wheelhorseman today

    last week i had my mom order the correct lift peice for my midmount grader on the 701. well it came in today. and also i put the magnet on what was dads toolbox. I really do miss him guys. something told me to put the magnet there. and dads toolbox is next to mine in what used to be his shed. i still have alot of cleaning to do. but soon ill get to the 754 wheel horse. its engine is on the bench not really in picture at all lol
  5. C161 solid rear rims

    we junked a c-101 a few years ago that was in rough shape it had that style rims on it. they are still in use on back of a 502
  6. Using thick paper gasket for intake?

    i have been having my mom (really crafty woman lol) make my own gaskets for my cast iron briggs for intake. i have bought ones from briggs and they are so thin they just get sucked in and ruined. but i have had her make gaskets for otherthings too. some kohler intakes too
  7. yard sale find

    further research discovers its a brinley.
  8. yard sale find

    I found a disc at a yard sale. looks good on back of my 701. but it is not a wheel horse disc. i have no idea what brand it is
  9. I thought you guys might want to see this

    thank you all for replying. today was his funeral. and it was awesome. service was put on by church we are members at. even though we havent been there in years.
  10. I thought you guys might want to see this

    thank you. hes one that got me into tractors. and the 502 started it all
  11. I thought you guys may want to see this. Now excuse the sears has it was dads second favorite.
  12. somethings are starting to hit

    wow. well way mom put it my biological must of drugged me when i was a kid. before my dad adopted me i would return from visitations like a zombie. one time mom took me over to one of her friends house right after i was dropped off. my moms friend looked at me and told mom u need to take him to hospital hes being drugged. well i vomitted on my moms friends carpet and was better. this happened almost everytime not mentioning other things. I am proud to say my dad adopted me because he raised me right. I see you put alot of effort into raising that kid. it will catch up to him and he will realize you raised him. heck if it wasnt for my dad i would not be here on redsquare. i love tractors because of my dad
  13. well, some you know i lost dad on july 22nd. well i got to messing in the sheds and found something that hit me hard. i sat looking at it for a few minutes stunned about where it was. I found dads old lighter case that he carried on his belt when he smoked. he stopped smoking in like 2004. and for whatever reason the case was in the shed. no lighter in it. past couple weeks have been like a nightmare that i want to end. yea he wasnt my biological dad. but he adopted me to get me away from a dead beat.
  14. What color

    on the 502 i used the brown primer. i use that primar on everything. and i used regal red
  15. Sears/Roper

    i have a 39 inch 3 point tiller that is a bear to pickup with a manual 3 point lol