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  1. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    that is how it came from factory. i got one for dad a couple years ago stuck a late k181s on it and found trans was bad. so in with a 8 speed lol. i upgraded tires all way around. then sold it earlier this year since dad past last year and it was just sitting.
  2. 754/854 question

    i looked in few places and couldnt find s/g belt length for the 754. i even looked at the 854 manual
  3. Am I the only one?

    lol i do it sometimes lol
  4. Sears compact 8e that belonged to my dad

    heres a update
  5. Happy Birthday Craftsman

    thank you all
  6. Cub Fire

    burnt cub who wants some lol jk. got a picture after fire was out? also what it look like before?
  7. snow tires on front of 753

    this one doesnt either but this little k160 is a beast
  8. snow tires on front of 753

    i got the snow blower tires on front of 753. i forgot about these rims. i recently got a sears gt14 and well in process of getting things gathered up i figured i would take the goodyears turfs that was on these rims and put them on the sears and use rims with the snowblower tires. i am not sure what model wheel horse these rims went to but hey a few washers to spacer them out and they look good and grip good true test will be in snow. took 3 pulls to fire up this 1958 k160 kohler today. runs really good
  9. brought home one from scrapyard

    I am a little freaked out guys. Something was telling me to go get that gt14 for a few weeks now. well i broke down the rear tires because tires were shot. they did however hold air lol i played with them a little (i know dangerous). then i broke them down. i found a date on both rims. they are firestone rims (which i knew because i broke others down before and found similar stampings) but the date FREAKED me out, Feb. 7, 1978. my dad just past july 22nd of this year his birthday was feb 7. rims are getting repainted but i am masking up the date on both rims even though it will be on inside.
  10. brought home one from scrapyard

    yes is a tecumseh ohv 14hp cast iron
  11. brought home one from scrapyard

    Just brought this home. Its a sears gt 14 variable speed tractor. I have been keeping my eye on it past few weeks at local scrapyard. so this morning i put my 500CCA John Deere jump battery in my truck and a can of carb cleaner. got to scrapyard and i looked around. it was still there so i went back to the office and told the manager i would like to buy it but only if i can see if it will fire on carb cleaner. He said ok so i took truck back where tractors are and jumped the solenoid with the jump battery and it spun will compression sprayed carb cleaner into carb choked it and it fired right up. so i never seen the bracket on the back before. i am thinking about saving that bracket back for hanging weights on. no hood or grill wiring needs gone through and throttle cable needs fixed. and will need belts. all 4 tires are shot. but hey engine show potential. if all else fails ill sell engine later on off it
  12. here it is the ss14

    my ss15 was a scrapyard find then i redon it. it wasnt too bad. now my ss14 on otherhand a fb friend from texas pulled it out of a scrapyard down there and it needs some patch work done next year. some pitting here and there. i will do like what i done to the 502 wheel horse and use jbweld has a body filler. works really good and wont crack like bondo.
  13. here it is the ss14

  14. well this sucks

    well today i went to start my 1972 sears ss15 and well battery was almost dead. had to charge it up. so far though the compact 8e is holding charge. i did pickup a new everstart just incase. i will have the farm and fleet battery tested thurseday or friday at local shop
  15. Where are your winter Horses??

    this year theres only really 1 wheel horse on plow duty. dads 502 has been retired from all work since his passing. the only wheel horse on plow duty of his is the 753. my 701 has midmount grader i have no idea how well that will work in the snow. my main plow machine is a sears.