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  1. How did i do

    yea i did. and i was comparing to my sears weights and thats when i thought about it hard lol. each set of sears cast iron weights are about 150 bucks per set in my area
  2. How did i do

    Tonight browsing facebook market place i see these john deere wheel weight. At first i was like these are expensive. Then i looked at price and was blown away. they were about a mile away. so i messaged the guy and got them for 120 bucks with chains. they were on a 318 john deere. and they are going to end up on my 1992 Craftsman II gt 18hp briggs opposed twin horizontal shaft.
  3. ISO craftsman GT attachments (NW Indiana)

    I am searching for attachments for my early 90s Craftsman II gt. I am looking for the craftsman scoop (i know mixed reveiws on it) that looks like a johnny bucket. if it came down to it i would be happy with a loader for it even or for my ss14. i also have seen a 3 point hitch available for my craftsman that would be a plus too so i dont wear out my older tractors lol. also looking for dozer blade for the craftsman for winter time
  4. '61 Rock shaft removal tips needed

    heat it up cherry red then spray it until cool with water until cool to touch. you may have to do this couple of times. then use a airhammer and it should pop right out. Taryl Dactal did one for me last year on the 502 wheel horse.heating and rapidly cooling it will turn the rust into dust
  5. 701 registry

    heres the serial of my parts 701. 48773
  6. got another parts tractor

    thanks. i am up in the air on what exactly to do. my 701 has hydrolic lift that someone weled the bracket to dash tower. i am thinking on saving this dash tower incase i have major issue with the hy-2 unit.
  7. got another parts tractor

    So last night i was browsing facebook and see a 701 for 125 bucks. i looked at it and i was hmmm doesnt have original hood or belt guard. i thought about it for a bit and then it hit me. hoods are not cheap and i needed one for 753. so i asked guy if it was available and then called my friend because i do not do city driving much. so we went this morning and traveled just north of chicago and i bought it. and i got a little extra guy threw in. come to find out he bought a new dash peice for it and it was in his garage lol. so its not perfect. but it will provide parts if needed for my 701. i already am going to pull the front rims and the toolbox for my 701. so it cost me about 175 bucks in all to get it home so not bad. once home i put the hood on the 753 and seat too. and i noticed frame was busted on this 701 so not a lost at all.
  8. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    that is how it came from factory. i got one for dad a couple years ago stuck a late k181s on it and found trans was bad. so in with a 8 speed lol. i upgraded tires all way around. then sold it earlier this year since dad past last year and it was just sitting.
  9. 754/854 question

    i looked in few places and couldnt find s/g belt length for the 754. i even looked at the 854 manual
  10. Am I the only one?

    lol i do it sometimes lol
  11. Sears compact 8e that belonged to my dad

    heres a update
  12. Happy Birthday Craftsman

    thank you all
  13. Cub Fire

    burnt cub who wants some lol jk. got a picture after fire was out? also what it look like before?
  14. snow tires on front of 753

    this one doesnt either but this little k160 is a beast
  15. snow tires on front of 753

    i got the snow blower tires on front of 753. i forgot about these rims. i recently got a sears gt14 and well in process of getting things gathered up i figured i would take the goodyears turfs that was on these rims and put them on the sears and use rims with the snowblower tires. i am not sure what model wheel horse these rims went to but hey a few washers to spacer them out and they look good and grip good true test will be in snow. took 3 pulls to fire up this 1958 k160 kohler today. runs really good