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  1. Red square 420 LSE owners

    I have two of them myself......   Here they are......      
  2. 2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    I know it is too late, but just for fun.......   C-195   My son Zach on his 500 special   Night plowing with the C-120   Some of the Harrison Elementary Garden Tractor Club showing off the recently completed project, C-120.    
  3. SNOW PICTURES for 2015/2016

    I enjoyed doing some night plowing this past Saturday!  Ok I am ready for spring now!    
  4. New member- here's my collection

    Welcome to the Square!  You have a great looking collection of machines.  Thanks for sharing with us! just down the road from you.  Hope you can bring some of your ponies to our show next year!
  5. Nice score Mike!  I really like the 312's and 314's.  They are a nice machine to do just about whatever you need.  That one cleaned up real nice.  Looking forward to those pics with it outfitted in the snow gear!
  6. Well I used to own a real nice 522xi but that changed quickly. Last year I went through a miserable time with my folks parting ways.  I told them that the tractors were off limits as I purchased all of them, but they stored most of them at their place.  They agreed until mom said she needed a tractor and wanted my loved 522xi.  Of course I reminded her that I wasn't part of the divorce which she then mentions I will trade you the zero turn (60 hours) for it.  Since we bought their place, the zero turn made much more sense. Since that day I have missed that beast.  In the meantime dad found a real nice 518xi for our herd that will be his work machine.  He really likes it but misses the power steering.  So thanks to Mike aka racinfool40 for the heads up, I now have another 522xi.  Looks as though dad and I will swap, he will bring the 522 to his place and I will grab his 518.  Not a real fan of the newer stuff but this will be my 6th xi and I couldn't be more happy.  They are a great machine and a pleasure to work.   This one will get cleaned up and some maintenance pulled.  Should be another great addition!
  7. Yes, that is even harder to find than the one pictured above.  Just curious if any of the members have the one that mounts underneath?
  8. 420 LSE

    Mine sit the exact same way as yours in the photo.
  9. My collection

    Nice variety of old machinery you have there.  Thanks so much for posting!  
  10. Garage Shop Clean Up

    That can't be the same shop as before......you are really good at that photoshop thing!  :)
  11. @CasualObserver I am unable to see your photos, would be very curious to see so I know what to be on the look out for.  Will also contact the previous owner to see if we can come up with something.
  12. Found a package deal last night and was only after one piece.  I didn't want it to get away so dad came to the rescue and made the trip for me.  Since he has been retired, he looks forward to the next adventure and loves going on tractor related runs!  This PTO will get cleaned up and mounted on a tractor to display.  Haven't seen too many of them so we jumped on this one as quick as possible.
  13. Wheel Horse Front Wheel Weights fs in Western PA

    I will take them if Glenn passes.
  14. 420 LSE

    Welcome to the 420 LSE club!  You found yourself a very nice one at that.  If I get a chance, I will try and get out to the barn and snap a few pictures of the plates for your reference.  Enjoy!