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    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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  1. whfan74 added a post in a topic Bucket List Tractor   

    not much else would peek my curiosity.  But one never knows!
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  2. whfan74 added a post in a topic Bucket List Tractor   

    968 hours and found it right on CL....had to travel a bit to go and get it, but they are out there.
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  3. whfan74 added a topic in Wheel Horse Tractors   

    Bucket List Tractor
    Dad helped me out big time by running and grabbing this beauty for me.  I have been unable to get away as preparation for the meet and greet is in full swing.  I really don't want anymore, but when it is on your bucket list, you go for it.  Looks to be in pretty good shape, minus the hole in the deck.  I am really only going after the low production number models or ultra collectibles at this point.  This will fit nicely in to the collection!

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  4. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    Start time is 8 a.m., though some troopers will show up a bit earlier.  End time is when the last vehicle pulls out!

    FYI for everyone!!!!!!
    The corn around my property has not been taken down.  So room for the swap meet area will be a little tight.  I am going to ask some of you to set up your swap meet directly across the street in the bean field in front of where everyone will be plowing this year. 

    Please help me in being a good neighbor to the folks around us.  The elevator and golf cart shop will be working Saturday.  We need to keep the roadways clear for them to bring in their semis. 

    Thanks for your help with this!
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  5. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    You can add anything you would like to this thread.  Whatever you plan on selling, wanting to buy, or looking to trade.  Keeping it all in one place makes it easier for everyone to locate.

    See you Friday!
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  6. whfan74 added a topic in North Central Indiana Meet & Greet (Warsaw, IN -Scott's M&G)   

    October 3rd, 2015 show pictures
    for all of those that attend this weekend and take photos, please post them here!  Can't wait to see how everyone captures the event!
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  7. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    Show week is finally here!

    It is going to be a little cooler than they first projected but it looks like it will be a nice fall day for us to all enjoy!  The field is ready to plow, the food is being prepared, the yard is ready for a bunch of old machines, and all we need is you!  Thank you to everyone who is making the journey.  I hope that everyone has safe travels!!!!

    If you need anything, please be sure to ask soon as I won't be online as much near the end of the week!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
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  8. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    1 week away!!!!!!!!!

    The weather forecast looks amazing!

    Please continue to check back for more information!!!!!
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  9. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    Some may think that I am jinxing us yet again this year but I feel very confident that this will be the best weather we have ever had!!!!  Now if I can get Steve to cooperate with us and keep the nice weather blowing in from the west, then we will be all set! 

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  10. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    Now that is what I call dedication!  Looking forward to meeting you Chris.......please have safe travels!
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  11. whfan74 added a post in a topic Boat Project!   

    That old motor looks and sounds great!  What a cool piece of machinery!
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  12. whfan74 added a post in a topic gunna dig it out   

    Welcome to the best resource for anything Wheel Horse related!

    Many pullers here on the forum that can give you some insight. 

    Good luck!
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  13. whfan74 added a post in a topic Boat Project!   

    Steve,  just spending the day looking at some old classics.  Pretty large auction in Auburn, IN hosted by Auctions America. 

    Ken, not quite sure on the motor.  The previous owner had the lower unit pulled off.  I do know the splines are worn pretty bad.  We shall see whenever I find some time to look in to it further.
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  14. whfan74 added a topic in non tractor related discussion   

    Boat Project!
    Well like the title says, I came home with yet another project tonight.  Have been wanting to pick up something that I could take the kids fishing with, and I think this just might fit the bill.

    1962 Ski Barge with a messed up 25 hp Johnson.  Shouldn't be too tough to find an inexpensive replacement for it around here.  We are literally surrounded by lakes.

    Here she is......

    These next two photos I wanted to share with Stevebo and KenB.  Found these for sale over Labor Day at a huge car auction.  I thought you guys would enjoy seeing them.


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  15. whfan74 added a post in a topic 2015 Meet and Greet T-shirts   

    Please get your orders in for shirts by tomorrow morning!  I will be closing all preorder sales and placing another nice order tomorrow.

    Thank you to everyone who has purchased another shirt this year!

    Can't wait until the 3rd.....really looking forward to seeing everyone!
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