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    1955 2 Wheel Walk Behind, 1958 RJ58, 1961 401, 1961 701 x 2, 1963 603 x 3, 1963 633, 1964 754, 1965 855, 1965 1045, 1966 Lawn Ranger, 1966 Lawn Ranger aka Lady Ranger, 1968 Lawn Ranger, 1968 Raider 9, 1968 500 Special, 1968 Commando 8, 1977 C 120, 1981 C-85, 1984 C-195, 1985 417-A x2, 1986 420 LSE x2, 1991 312-8, 1992 312-H, 2000 522xi x2, 2002 518xi
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    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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    My father sold Wheel Horse tractors for years in the Detroit Metro area. I am now enjoying the time we can play on these beautiful red tractors together!

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  1. Do you have any parts for a 108-5 rer , model # 3308B502   ?         Wayne

    1. whfan74


      I don't , sorry.  Hope all is well with you Wayne!

    2. woodchuckfarmer


      Things are fine with all of us. Have a nice summer.        Wayne

      Thanks for the help.    Wayne

  2. New toy in the barn

    That F100 came from down by you!
  3. Really happy for dad. 2 months shy of his 71st birthday we finally located his dream truck. I have been sending him options for the last year and a half and this one punched all of the boxes. 1955 Ford F100 with a 351w. Disc brakes, independent front suspension, vintage a/c. The truck is perfect for us as it is not perfect but we can put a few of our own small touches on it. Can't wait to hit some shows! He also picked up this pretty clean "grocery getter" about a month and a half ago. This will be enjoyed and tinkered with. My 11 year old wants it for her first car. Haha! 1988 4x4 Ranger with 89k original miles. Fun little truck to cruise around town.
  4. 1989 520 HC For Sale

    Is the seat for sale seperate?
  5. C-195 Pedal Tractor

    Did it sell?
  6. Finally some wrenching time!

    Yes Terry I did order one from you and it turned out great. Very happy with it to say the least.
  7. I can honestly say that spending time out in the shop has really not happened in the past 9 months. Now that I have some time off I have had a chance to pull some maintenance and go through some of the machines. First up is a 312-H that will no longer be on snow duty. This is a new full time mowing machine for my son. His first time was a huge success. He is going to finish with a nice cut after some more practice. Next up is a 518XI that has just over 500 hours that came back home to be a mowing machine for my wife. She loves having the opportunity to turn on the IPod and have some time to relax. During this time dad did a quick clean up with powder coating of the tins and a fancy new set of decals from our very own Terry Dennis aka @Vinylguy for his 522xi. Also had to make some tough choices to let go of some stuff. One of my first GT's is about to leave. Have spent a lot of time on this 312-8 but no longer have a need for it. Hopefully it will find a new home where it will be enjoyed again. Finally had a chance to grab one of my favorite machines. Here is one of my 701's that I took for a cruise and snapped some photos of. This one is such an enjoyable machine to play with. Hopefully I will be able to find some more time to dabble out in the barn. Hopefully these photos will tide you over!
  8. Here you go @stevasaurus
  9. 520lxi part out

    @TT you might want to ask him about the rear rims. If available
  10. Trailer talk....

    I see a ton of them around here. They are manufactured just 20 minutes from my place. Why don't you just come on out and buy factory direct?!?!? 😀 I have been hoping to grab one in the future as well. Thinking it will be a good investment.
  11. 42 SD deck for C160 wanted in Wisconsin.

    I have a nice deck in Leesburg, IN. Let me know if you have any interest.
  12. Parade preparations!

    Spending this stormy and rainy night in the shop getting a couple of tractors ready for two parades on Monday. My eight-year-old son will be commanding the 420 LSE and I will take a spin on the RJ 58. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  13. Sub 550 belts covers tubes

    I have an original belt guard for sale. Pm me for details.
  14. Let's See The Next Wheel Horse Owners

    I will definitely get some more when I get home. This is one of my son at tractor club.