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  1. whfan74 added a post in a topic Hood Thumb Screws for 603,604,654 and others 1   

    Have you made folks aware that these are reproduction thumb screws made out of aluminum and are not originals?
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  2. whfan74 added a post in a topic 701 Getting a Lift and the GT14   

    Beautiful machines!

    i need to ask what brand lift you have?  I am in the market for one this summer.
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  3. whfan74 added a post in a topic GREAT LAKES WHEELHORSE SHOW??   

    That show has unfortunately been dissolved.
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  4. whfan74 added a post in a topic Shows in Northern indiana   

    September 11-12 is the fall Mentone show & swap meet
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  5. whfan74 added a post in a topic Shows in Northern indiana   

    I have mine on October 3rd.  Just check the show section for North Central Indiana Meet and Greet!
    Check this out to get a little taste.

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  6. whfan74 added a post in a topic Hoosier Horse fan   

    Welcome from a fellow Northern Hoosier!  Make some room as they tend to multiply!
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  7. whfan74 added a post in a topic So what all did y'all buy at the big show this year???   

    Even though I wasn't able to attend, I somehow managed some goodies from the show this year.  Thanks to dad for making the trip to come out and hang out with all of you guys.....he had a great time by the way!

    Mainly maintenance items........
    Headlight buckets, battery trays, shifter boots, choke cables, tail light lenses, PTO brakes, floor mats, some smaller clips, and of course this year's show t-shirt.

    The fun purchase was a new sign from Ron Greco that is now proudly displayed in the Mehlberg Horse Barn. 

    It killed me not to be out there with you guys this year......but the plans are already being made to be there in 2016.  Looking forward to it already!!!
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  8. whfan74 added a topic in wanted   

    WTB....420 LSE chrome parts
    I know this is a long shot but I do remember seeing some chrome LSE parts out in PA 3 years ago for sale.  I am looking for some replacement parts for my machine before I start tearing in to it and getting things plated on my own.  I know Ken B is looking for the guage wheels for the mower deck.....so if you have those, get in touch with him.

    A couple items off the top of my head would be:
    1.  Belt cover for the mule drive
    2.  Any PTO rods, levers, etc....
    3.  Rear draw bar hitch
    4.  Pretty much open to anything that you may know of or have laying around.

    Again, I know it is a shot in the dark........but the question can't be answered unless someone is willing to ask it. 

    Thanks everyone!
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  9. whfan74 added a post in a topic Joined the 420 club!   

    I agree Jason, hard to believe in this age of technology that someone along the line didn't take the time to do a simple search.  Even with the dash plaque on the hood still with the original owners name engraved should have given a clue that it was something special.  At one point this tractor had a cab and from the literature I was given, a mid mount grader blade, neither of which the seller had at any time. 

    Ken....I feel the same way.  It is nice to have one that someone else already broke in and I don't have the fear of damaging it.  It will be a joy to putt around on at shows and through some local parades.  Dad and I even talked about you on the way up to purchase it.  He mentioned........"what if the seat is messed up?"  I told him I wasn't too worried as I know a fella out East that could probably get me hooked up with some new leather! 

    I was getting pretty down on the hobby here lately and this silly little tractor kind of reenergized me for a bit.  The thrill of the hunt and meeting people along the way can never be replaced.  Even though I won't be able to join you guys out in PA, dad told me last night I need to get her cleaned up so he can venture out that way and have fun with the guys.  Who knows, it may be cruising around the circle on Friday night......but that is a long shot.  As for me, I will be working at summer school until the 30th.  So the rest of you folks have a great time........wish I could be there with my new toy!!!!
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  10. whfan74 added a post in a topic Joined the 420 club!   

    Yes that is the original seat to that machine.  Very nice and has three different settings in regards to the ride......firm, medium, and soft.
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  11. whfan74 added a post in a topic Joined the 420 club!   

    It crossed my mind, but no I did not.  I hopped back in the truck quickly and snuck back across the state line before I was recognized for poaching another Horse. 
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  12. whfan74 added a topic in Wheel Horse Tractors   

    Joined the 420 club!

    Gave dad a call late this afternoon and asked him if he was up for a 4 hour road trip.  Next thing you know the trailer was hooked up and off we went.  Had a great time chatting after yet another Horse.  We haven't gone after many lately so this was a good time for both of us, especially since it was a bucket list tractor.

    this one is far from perfect as it was used to mow the lawn and blow snow in the winter.  I know, hard to believe right?  She has some dings but with some TLC should turn out ok.  Some of the chrome will be redone in the future, while the rest isn't too shabby and should polish out ok.  It has 772 hours on the working meter and is #85 out of 200.  Some damage is a little disappointing, but the most important thing is that it exists.  This one has been owned by a few folks and the seller was unaware of what he had.  
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  13. whfan74 added a post in a topic Stevebo's Barn Build   

    Just remarkable Steve!  A building to be very proud of!
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  14. whfan74 added a post in a topic Man Cave Additions   

    He said I could have a chance at it when he is buried.  
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  15. whfan74 added a post in a topic Newest additions   

    From my understanding is that dealers had to pay $1500 for the display to help with the promotion that Toro was having. The tractors were complete, minus an engine.  It is my understanding that many had an engine installed so that the dealer could then sell it as a functioning mower and recoup some of their costs.  The Lawn & Garden Tractor magazine covered some of the history in a previous issue.
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