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    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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  1. whfan74 added a post in a topic D200 Resto ... Florida style!!!!   

    That is one sweet looking rig you have there!  I am sure old dad is really proud!
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  2. whfan74 added a topic in non tractor related discussion   

    Man Cave Upgrades
    Last night was a busy night out in the shop with some nice heat and humidity added in the mix.

    First and foremost, I feel very lucky to have been so fortunate to have a place to hang out.  The problem was it never was exactly right and I was cramped for space.  The barn was meant for the hobby, for my two kids to hang out, and place where the family could entertain.  Last night I was able to add some more decorations and get one step closer to my ultimate goal.  My wife has been out multiple times and it is becoming a place where my kids like to hang out as well.

    I have been extremely blessed with such a great place to utilize.  I am hoping that it will continue to be an area that we receive so many benefits from with our family and our tractor friends.  As I sat down last night exhausted from moving things around, I snapped a few photos while trying to take it all in.  I hope you enjoy them and understand that by no means am I trying to brag, but am very thankful for what gifts I have received.  I always enjoy sharing with those that have similar interests.

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  3. whfan74 added a post in a topic New Tractor Club   

    Things are finally coming to an end.  With a bunch of mishaps, trials and errors, this machine is just about done!!!!!!!!!!!!  For a while, I thought we would never see the day. 

    We have had interruptions in regards to the summer, getting started back to school, and vacations.  But we have persisted and are just wrapping things up on this 2 year project!

    I am sorry that I have neglected to keep this thread going.  Time has been an issue, and the time I do have has gone directly to updating our club Facebook page found here:  https://www.facebook.com/HarrisonGTC

    I am excited for the kids and we are planning on getting some photos of the C-120 soon so we can finally find a new home for this beauty.  I can't thank the members in the Wheel Horse community enough for their support, encouragement, and praise for what the kids have been doing.  It has truly been a huge reward to me for having the opportunity to work with these kids.

    I have a video from last night and will try and get it posted of the tractor running correctly for the first time.  What a glorious sound that was!!!!

    I will be checking back in here real soon.....be sure to check back!
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  4. whfan74 added a post in a topic Auction find   

    Wow what a bonus to have the bolts still showing!  Good score!
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  5. whfan74 added a post in a topic Wheel Horse goodies for sale   

    PM me and we will set everything up as far as paypal and shipping cost.  Thanks!
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  6. whfan74 added a topic in for sale   

    Wheel Horse goodies for sale
    Various things I will be taking to Mentone, IN swap meet if not sold before.....

    953/1054 NOS back rest SOLD!!!!
    black back rest SOLD!!!!!!!
    Variety of belts....send part numbers and I will see what I have.
    3539 lift cable for RJ and suburban tractors NOS. I have 2 of them $65 each 1 SOLD and 1 Left!!!!!
    Mid cultivator with lift rod $150
    NOS choke cables $10 each
    1045 tires and rims.  Both have one small crack but hold air fine.  $100
    NOS lift links $15 each.....have more than just these two. 3 sold a few more available
    Cast iron rear Wheel Horse wheel weights with hardware SOLD!!!!

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  7. whfan74 added a post in a topic 2015 Meet and Greet T-shirts   

    Hey Steve I would like to please all the people, all the time.  Unfortunately that is not a good habit to get in to. 

    Yes a cut off date would be nice to have.  I will add it here as well as the top post.  You are always on the ball.......hey I am need of a secretary, wait never mind.  Hehe!

    Cut off date to order shirts will be Wednesday September 23rd.

    Thanks buddy.......looking forward to seeing you again!
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  8. whfan74 added a post in a topic 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet   

    They don't have to be show quality, and they don't have to be red.  We don't discriminate against any of the old machinery.  The more to look at the better.  It is nice to sit back and appreciate the design of each of these machines and hear some of the stories that go along with them.
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  9. whfan74 added a post in a topic Super D FEL/ Backhoe   

    We are shooting for 200 tractors this year!  Bring all you have.  Follow these threads......



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  10. whfan74 added a post in a topic Help ID this Wheel Horse   

    1965 855 short frame. 8 h.p. Kohler
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  11. whfan74 added a post in a topic Kicking myself in the Rear!   

    Hang in there....those two will be a distant memory once you find the "perfect" tractor for you!
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  12. whfan74 added a post in a topic Super D FEL/ Backhoe   

    That is awesome!  I hope you will haul that beast over to our show in Leesburg on October 3rd.  Would love to see it out front with all of the others!
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  13. whfan74 added a post in a topic Grabbed another one!!!!!   

    Yeah Don it is kind of a bummer since these were actually marked.  I have the gentleman so name on the hood so maybe with some deep investigation I could maybe, and I said maybe, figure out what number it is in the group of 200.
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  14. whfan74 added a post in a topic I SWORE I WOULDN'T BUY ANOTHER ONE, BUT...   

    I said the exact same thing this past week.  Hard to pass certain deals up.  Great score you made!
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  15. whfan74 added a post in a topic Grabbed another one!!!!!   

    I feel very fortunate to say the least.  It isn't perfect, but like I said about the first one.....it exists in my collection now.

    is there any way to determine which number this one is?  It does not have the number on the hood plaque and the id tag (sticker) is faded and unable to be read.
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