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    1955 2 Wheel Walk Behind, 1958 RJ58, 1961 401, 1961 701 x 2, 1963 603 x 3, 1963 633, 1964 754, 1965 855, 1965 1045, 1966 Lawn Ranger, 1966 Lawn Ranger aka Lady Ranger, 1968 Lawn Ranger, 1968 Raider 9, 1968 500 Special, 1968 Commando 8, 1977 C 120, 1981 C-85, 1984 C-195, 1985 417-A x2, 1986 420 LSE x2, 1991 312-8, 1992 312-H, 2000 522xi x2, 2002 518xi
    2 Promotional purple flamed tractors

    1965 Jacobsen Chief

    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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    Elementary Physical Education Teacher
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    My father sold Wheel Horse tractors for years in the Detroit Metro area. I am now enjoying the time we can play on these beautiful red tractors together!

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  1. Hi.  I am looking for some hubcaps. I was wondering what you are asking for a set or just a small one.  If I have some rusted hubcaps, do you refinish them?  Maybe do a trade-in?



    1. whfan74


      I have some still available.  None of them are perfect and not looking for any trades.  


      Just sto let me know.

  2. A Lawn Ranger is one of the more user friendly machines for a kid. Prices are usually fair and are usually easier to locate.
  3. @Sarge You might want to chat with Lonny aka @otrelwood about your Cruiser. Good luck to you!
  4. @stevebo that is awesome! Congrats to both of you on the accomplishment! I have always said the tractors aren't going anywhere, but I only get one crack at my kids while they are young. I wouldn't trade it for anything!
  5. Congrats! That looks like it will be an amazing place to hang out!
  6. A few of these will be going up for sale this spring. I have a few others that will be on the chopping block as well. It seems that every time I try to thin the herd, get rid of attachments, and move some parts, I end up with more than I started with. Hoping to get dad set up down at Portland for a few days in May to help thin things out. I will try and post some goodies on here for your viewing enjoyment!
  7. Those trips are fun! Congrats you guys!
  8. @Sparky That isn't patina........just experience and wisdom!
  9. @T-Mo I am still around but have slipped back in to the shadows more. I am loving every minute of racing around Northern Indiana watching my kids in their various sporting events. I know the tractors will always be there but these moments with family will quickly slip away if not careful. I am sad to say I highly doubt I will be at any shows this year. Maybe I can sneak in a local parade or two, but we will see. I still enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to. Another 603 would be nice. They are out there but it seems to be tougher to find those critters!
  10. The time and interest for these machines has dwindled away with family commitments and job requirements. Though there is little to no time left to head out in the barn, the tractors are still there and I still get much joy from picking up different machines. There is just really something special that continues to draw you back to them. Here are a few that I have picked up over the last year. Beautiful 701 Previously restored 603 Some nice patina on the RJ 58 A custom touch to a Lawn Ranger A fairly clean 855 Straight Raider 9 A pieced together 551 with some wrong parts And finally my most recent toy......I mean Swapmeet buggy! Though things have changed, I still enjoy these things. As much as I would like to move them on for someone else to enjoy, they just can't be replaced. Hoping that someday the time will be there to play with them a bit more. Until then, the search always continues for the next bargain!
  11. To become a supporter, go to the top of the page and click on the "store" tab. To post photos click on the "click to choose files" hyperlink and upload them from there. Glad you are here!
  12. I have what you need in Leesburg, IN @artfull dodger just let me know.
  13. Not yet! Haven't had much time to enjoy it lately. Hopefully that will change.
  14. They are both outside weights.
  15. Always a work in progress to try and improve things.