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    2 Promotional purple flamed tractors

    1965 Jacobsen Chief

    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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    My father sold Wheel Horse tractors for years in the Detroit Metro area. I am now enjoying the time we can play on these beautiful red tractors together!

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  1. I have 2 855's available to do some trading.
  2. I will have everything but the tiller available. Usually a real good turnout of stuff.
  3. I have everything available for you.....tractor, fenders, tool box, transmissions if you decide to swap it out. Just let me know. Not a hoarder here by any means.
  4. The deal that was made was all or nothing. I didn't want all of it but hopefully I can recoup some of my investment over time. The 633, 701, and both 603's fired right up. I enjoyed taking them for a spin last night. Drug the C-120 out last night and much to my surprise,it fired right off with some fresh gas. Now the parts will be a big undertaking......hopefully things can find a new home at the Mentone swap meet!
  5. I think I will quit fighting the urge anymore. Seems to be easier to just roll with it and enjoy the ride. The smile on my 7 year olds face yesterday was priceless! He was enjoying the car ride, loading the goodies, and heading home as much as I did.
  6. Yesterday was a long, hot, humid day.......but fun to say the least. I have tried my best to cut my herd down but have found that it is much harder than I anticipated. Due to my sickness, I have moved a few machines over to my dads house, and then I moved some over to my moms house, and now I brought some more home and am scratching my head. I know many of you folks would be happy to lend a hand but I think I will figure it all out! Here is the "mess!" Oh and yes.....it did take 2 trailers to get this home.
  7. @Big-Game
  8. I do have an OEM starter that is used for sale.
  9. No.....sorry.
  10. 1965 855 x 2

    A very nice and straight 855 that runs fantastic with no issues. Tractor comes as seen with no attachments. Can be picked up at my show on October 1st or at the Mentone Swap Meet September 16-17. Just as a side note.......I have two of these available. Take your pick or set yourself up with a nice parent/child project. The second one does not have the lights included.
  11. C-120 Snow machine

    Offering up Duke's first snow chucker. The wiring is still all there to wire up your motorized chute for your own blower. Tractor still is plumbed for heat which works really well in the winter. It will come with the blade as shown. To angle the blade you must get out of the cab due to the cab being completely sealed up. Tractor will not come with rear ags or wheel weights.....turfs will be on it just as I purchased it. The nice tri ribs are included and this one steers like it has power steering. Only drawback is that there is a small leak at the hydro lift valve. Come grab it before winter!
  12. Can't wait! Always a great time!! Thanks for hosting again!
  13. I mounted them in two rows. One set was near the top and the othe near the bottom.