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    1955 2 Wheel Walk Behind, 1958 RJ58, 1961 401, 1961 701 x 2, 1963 603 x 3, 1963 633, 1964 754, 1965 855, 1965 1045, 1966 Lawn Ranger, 1966 Lawn Ranger aka Lady Ranger, 1968 Lawn Ranger, 1968 Raider 9, 1968 500 Special, 1968 Commando 8, 1977 C 120, 1981 C-85, 1984 C-195, 1985 417-A x2, 1986 420 LSE x2, 1991 312-8, 1992 312-H, 2000 522xi x2, 2002 518xi
    2 Promotional purple flamed tractors

    1965 Jacobsen Chief

    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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    Leesburg, IN
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    Elementary Physical Education Teacher
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    My father sold Wheel Horse tractors for years in the Detroit Metro area. I am now enjoying the time we can play on these beautiful red tractors together!

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    Great idea Terry! 👍🏻
  2. Happy Birthday Sparky!

    Happy Birthday sir!
  3. Happy Birthday Scott!!

    Thanks everyone! The day was a good one!
  4. Happy Birthday Scott!!

    Thanks everyone! Blessed to keep having these things they call birthdays!
  5. Restored Raider 9

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. LTD-24

    LTD-24 trailer Trailer has been powder coated to help preserve it. Has some pitting and is thin but shows nice. Hard to find trailer.
  7. Well after rearranging the barn this afternoon and squaring things away for winter I found a common theme. It seems that I gravitate toward that beautiful red. Some may think that it is a problem.......but we all know better!
  8. Show us your signs

    Those are all awesome Craig! It never gets old looking at those!
  9. Which horse is your favorite

    If I did for some reason I can't find it. It is sure a time that I will never forget.
  10. Show us your signs

    Neil that is a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing photos of it!
  11. Which horse is your favorite

    Probably would be this 500 special that I restored with my son who is now 8 years old.
  12. Show us your signs

    Those are all fantastic! Thanks for sharing you advertisements!
  13. Show us your signs

    Thanks Steve I know you have some nice ones as well.
  14. Show us your signs

    I love seeing what everyone else puts up in the shop. I love antiques and the advertisements are no exception with me. Looking good Mike! About 10 years. I find as much satisfaction finding an old sign. They all tell a story as well and don't seem to take up floor space.
  15. Wheel Horse did not mass produce advertising materials like those green guys of course. There are still many cool items out there and truly tell a story over the years. I have always held these pieces very close in my collection. Post up some of those prized possessions!
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