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    1955 2 Wheel Walk Behind, 1958 RJ58, 1961 401, 1961 701 x 2, 1963 603 x 3, 1963 633, 1964 754, 1965 855, 1965 1045, 1966 Lawn Ranger, 1966 Lawn Ranger aka Lady Ranger, 1968 Lawn Ranger, 1968 Raider 9, 1968 500 Special, 1968 Commando 8, 1977 C 120, 1981 C-85, 1984 C-195, 1985 417-A x2, 1986 420 LSE x2, 1991 312-8, 1992 312-H, 2000 522xi x2, 2002 518xi
    2 Promotional purple flamed tractors

    1965 Jacobsen Chief

    Various machines for sale along with attachments quite often that are available. Just shoot me a PM with anything you might be looking for.
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    My father sold Wheel Horse tractors for years in the Detroit Metro area. I am now enjoying the time we can play on these beautiful red tractors together!

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  1. I will definitely get some more when I get home. This is one of my son at tractor club.
  2. WOW!!!!!! Even Jesse James wore a mask when he robbed folks. You did very well......I am not a fan of the Onan engines but a 520 with a forward swept axle would be ideal. Congrats on your amazing purchase! Good luck on the tractor search!
  3. Yes, my 1045. My favorite model and it has been a very reliable tractor. It is not perfect, but a joy to operate.
  4. I have an original available in Leesburg, IN. Will ship.....
  5. Made my rounds yesterday spraying the yards of family members. It is always enjoyable getting a thumbs up or a wave and a smile by those passing by. Jobs are always more fun on some of the old faithful machines!
  6. That is perfect! Looks great!
  7. You might want to check with Ron aka @Big-Game He is down that direction
  8. @Budro did you find what you needed?
  9. Sent you a message to the phone number listed with no response. Let me know.
  10. Thanks and you as well. It is a side discharge. Will try and touch base this week.
  11. I have what you need up in Leesburg, IN. Pm me if interested.
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. Not available.....sorry