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  1. Hydro locked up

    I’ll take feeling like and idiot and a cheap fix over being a genius and a complete overhaul any day. Glad you got it figured out. 👍
  2. What did you take home from the Big Show

    All of Aldon’s leftover gt14 parts, a gt14 frame from kyle, a K341, some decals, a clock and a ton of memories & friendships.
  3. Well no matter what you do or get done, you should have enough to keep you busy for a while. Better post up some smile pics when the kids get to drive them. 👍
  4. Some show pics, and my little haul...

    @dells68 Tell her the felling is mutual. Couldn’t have been around a better group of people.
  5. Some show pics, and my little haul...

    I was afraid to stand behind it in the hotel parking lot. That load was one of the most impressive things I saw this weekend.
  6. Some show pics, and my little haul...

    Awesome photos @pullstart Kevin
  7. 2018 Show

    Met so many, not enough room to type how much meeting all of you meant to me. I had a blast. @elcamino/wheelhorse I wish I could have hung out with you more. You were just as I imagined, funny and a good man. Thank you! @pullstart glad you made it home safely. Another long distance friendship I will hold onto. It was a pleasure meeting you and watching you stuff that truck full. That should be on a chevy commercial! @Lane Ranger Lane I am glad to finally meet you. Thise pictures I have of you guys and dad are very special. Means a lot to me. Hope to see you a round again. Hope we can all stay in touch.👍
  8. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I was eyeing that one.
  9. Excellent photos @squonk.
  10. 2018 Show

    @953 nut and @elcamino/wheelhorse See I told you I would forget someone. Sure there are more. Both of you guys are super. Glad to have had the opportunity to shake your hand. Hope to see one another again soon.
  11. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Mine are still hooked up. 12 more hours of driving tomorrow and then I can clean up.
  12. Had a great time meeting you and your family. Glad Emory enjoyed himself. Hope to see you guys again in the not so distant future. Have a safe trip home.
  13. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    We put more in it after dinner
  14. 2018 Show

    And there were four
  15. 2018 Show

    Somewhere in this picture is @pullstart Kevin. It really was a pleasure meeting you. He was hopping all over that place. He brought one truck, one tractor and a pull cart. He bought one tractor, then another and after these were taken, he went back and got another. I’ll post a picture of his ride after he gets back to the hotel with the fourth on it.