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  1. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    @neil That is an awesome job on that. I bet that took a while to do. Very nice.
  2. Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    That would be a good idea for a “How To” class..... “Pullstart’s guide to gettin’em home” how to pack for the long haul.
  3. 1054

    That will look good.
  4. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Supposed to be mounted on the outside of a movie theater and they have a rubber seal behind the door frame. Don’t know about 110 mph winds but inside a garage it would be no issue.
  5. Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    Hint: bring a trailer
  6. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Yep I think I am going to go that route with the wax. Those posters would look great in a case. The sign ...... 👍 definitely
  7. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Very nice indeed!
  8. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    I have a friend whose wife does stained glass......hmmm
  9. I picked up a couple of movie theater poster frames the other day from the company auction. Had to buy all 9 of them just to get two. They are 30”x50” backlit with 12 LED lights. The poster section is 22”x36”. I plan on trying to talk @Vinylguy into making me a decal so it will kinda look legit. I know it’s not a factory sign but you have to do what you have do down here. Plan on painting the frame red/black or red/linen and make the center “poster”section the sign. It will get turned horizontally. I hope to make it look like @AMC RULES picture I borrowed. How about it Terry.... can we do this?
  10. Went to Canada in February, 2001 and the falls were beautiful. The water at the bottom was froze over, boats put away and the falls were spectacular especially from the Canadian side. I stood at the side of the falls at the visitor center. The sound of the water going over the edge was awesome. Glad I got to see it. Could have stood there for days.
  11. A Sobering Day

    Sorry to hear this Ed. All the best wishes and prayers from Florida.
  12. I’ll be interested in how it works. Looks fantastic!
  13. Are you going to put the carb in a pressurized box. Not all up on the turbo stuff but heard with a carb it should be in one.