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  1. PTO Thrust Bearings

    Only thing I see different with caleb’s engine and all the other 418’s I have seen is his has a black air cleaner assembly where as all the 418-A’s have the chrome air cleaner. Other than that, they are identical.
  2. PTO Thrust Bearings

    Magnum 18 should be the same as the one in jackrabbit now. I can’t see why it wouldn’t have the ability to carry the pto side load. I believe all magnum twins have the same basic internals.
  3. Trailer tuesday

  4. More house work... master bath

    Nice job brother!
  5. Trailer tuesday

    Thank you! @cafoose
  6. Trailer tuesday

    One of my favorite tractors right there @stevebo
  7. Trailer tuesday

    @SylvanLakeWH was this the wheelbarrow conversion that was in another thread? That looks slick!
  8. Trailer tuesday

    Start it off..... working girl.👍
  9. Rylee’s home!

    Glad she is home and feeling better! Same here with the cucumbers and vinegar. Pickles , well only on hamburgers 😁
  10. Missouri Mule-GT14

    I’ll be along for this ride.
  11. Help—to buy or not to buy

    Yes definitely read up on the optispark. My dad had two 96 Impala SS’s. He didn’t have them long enough to have the issues. Just something I’ve always heard about. I got to take one on vacation once and it was the best riding car I have ever drove. Felt like you were gliding down the road. Wanted to pass someone?...... no problem as it had plenty of power and for that big of car, it would scoot! I have seen a Caprice wagon blacked out and made into an SS clone. Looked cool but like a big roach going down the road.
  12. "GhostRider" another 314-8

    After your big show load out, I have a hard time doubting anything about that truck other than me ever owning one. Too mucho dinero for me.
  13. Tobacco Road GT14

    Could always stuff an Eaton 1100 in it. 😎