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  1. Oh the pain of not being there. This helps though. Nice pictures.
  2. Thanks for the photos!
  3. Its great what others will do to help out people in need. Glad to see Steve made it. Wish Richie on a stick could have went.
  4. Yes, very sorry to hear about this. I wish you well Dave and thank you for answering several questions that I have had about these little red things. Wish I had a place to put all of it but I don't. Please take care of yourself as that is the most important thing. Thanks again, Richie
  5. Most decks chutes are on the right so you could hug a tree or fence post with the left rounded side of the deck so maybe they made it turn tighter to the left for getting that deck around things. Just a thought, unless its aready been brought up and I missed it. I do miss things.......
  6. The Ponds cast that there so 45 years later a bunch of guys would be sitting around going "wonder what that notch is there for?"
  7. If I had to pull the motor to change a regulator, Id make a patch to fit in the stock hole and move the regulator up in the housing just above the frame. As long as its in the fan air, it would be ok. Nice tractor.
  8. Thanks Terry. Just let me know.
  9. I like B, but I won't be there. Could I buy one and pay shipping to have it sent to me? If so, let me know how much. Thanks, Richard
  10. It's red guard. That stuff is awesome. May even put some on the underside of tractor hood just because. As fas as a logo, I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought of it. I would be single after that. No more horsies till some I have move under thier own power. All you guys have a great time at the show. I'll be there in spirit!
  11. I could wash an RJ in it.
  12. Well I won't make it to the "Big Show" but I will be making a "Big Shower". At least it's red. Told my wife next year is my year. Come to think of it, I said that last year too. Home improvements are killing me
  13. At least his mower is red
  14. Tyler, very sorry to hear about your dad. I hope for a full recovery. As for that decal, Terry you are the man! That looks great!