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  1. 518-H restoration

    Nice job. Terry (redoyourhorse.com) has some nice patriotic decals that would look good on there. He can make you a custom set.
  2. My GT14

    It’s matthews paint single stage. Thanks for the comments. Can’t wait to see it back together myself. Wrestling hydraulic hoses right now. Getting closer.
  3. Try to get a picture and information on my GT14.  Do you have any photos that you could send me so I can compare my tractor to yours?  Let me know if you get image that indicates that it is uploaded.


    1. justnuf


      What did you want to know?


    2. BIG GOOF

      BIG GOOF

      Trying to get information on my GT14.  If you know about them or if you know someone who does, I would appreciate the info.  

  4. My GT14

    Wheels are done. Just need stems and chrome lug nuts.
  5. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I have two of those little mustangs. Very simple but cool machines. One day they will get thier turn.
  6. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Got my 417-A running again, adjusted the brake pedal on Skittles and finished stripping the parts 418-A I have. Kinda productive.
  7. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    My pleasure. I wasn’t using them anyways and glad to see them go to a good home. If you need anything else, ask away. I have lots of small parts and stuff left.
  8. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Welcome Caleb. Glad you not only got your tractor going but also get to be a part of this forum. Look forward to seeing more from you. Also look forward to meeting you and your father one day. 👍
  9. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Awesome! Glad you got it going. I know it feels good to accomplish something like that. Great job! Sounds like one of your pulleys is out of line. Maybe check the tensioner engagement rods/levers also for worn bushings.
  10. Introducing my C-125

    Well said Josh. Nothing else I could add other than glad you are still here Carl. There was a wheel horse out there that needed you. 👍
  11. What's In Your Mirror?

    I knew Aldon was moving but didn’t realize it was to Craig’s magic shed.
  12. What's In Your Mirror?

    So you bought Aldon?
  13. My GT14

    Hydro filter mounted. Now just have to figure out my hydraulic hoses, lengths and fittings. Called Lowell and hope to be getting him to make me some. All parts are wheel horse but the power steering valve and cylinder.