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  1. Lowered Wheel Horse?

    I love the job Ed did on his tractor. That thing is just flat out cool. Maybe mine will get there one day.👍
  2. RJ-58 Restoration

    I disappear all the time. Beautiful work!
  3. Some new machines

    Knowing Jason, it probably did
  4. Will you "Black Out" on Monday?

    Well I didn't see anything here. Went out and put on the welding goggles, looked up and didn't see a thing. But now when I close my eyes I can see all those circles you guys keep talking about.
  5. 522xi / Kohler CH22s carb rich?

    Interested to see what you find.
  6. What have you done on your WH today?

    Both! Actually put a new belt on the 418-A today and got it back moving. Also got the 417-A hooked up to the small trailer I have and did some yard work with both.
  7. What have you done on your WH today?

    Absolutely nothing 👍
  8. 308 repower and upgrade

    Looks great. Bet it lacks no power now!
  9. Hmm, can't see the video. I have thought about a wider fender for mine but they are arched in two different ways. Without an english wheel it would be difficult. It would be hard to cut two fenders in half and widen them. It would be cool though!
  10. Painting wheels?

    Very nice Craig!
  11. 522xi / Kohler CH22s carb rich?

    What engine is in that? If it is the vtwin Kohler, i have found that when you pull the top off the carburetor there is a small tube(cant remember the name right away) that has very small o rings on it. These o-rings go bad and it sucks air and runs like crap. Only way to het them is in a carb kit. Not sure thats your issue but hope this might help. Ill try and find a picture
  12. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    That is so cool. Looks like he is wearing a big smile. Good job!
  13. 1973 18 Auto-"Pump-Repair"

    Very nice looking!