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  1. Let’s Go Plowing—rolling Dirt!

    Flip that soil!
  2. What's In Your Mirror?

    Hey.... if momma wants a hydro... momma gets a hydro. 😎 Just glad to get her involved even if it’s just her driving it around. I enjoy building them especially something that I haven’t seen done yet.
  3. What's In Your Mirror?

    No mods on mine. The wife’s 1054 is another story though.
  4. Custom drink cups

    @AMC RULES I fill mine with coffee in the morning, stays hot for as long as I sip on it. Rinse it out after I am done and then fill it with ice water afterwards for the rest of the day. I have both a Yeti and an Ozark trail and can’t tell the difference. They are vacuum sealed, double walled. The two jugs are “Tal” brand.
  5. Bonfire night

    Must be nice. Hot enough down here I feel like I’m in a fire. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will start getting nice out. Looks like a nice time of relaxing.👍
  6. Custom drink cups

    Messing around with a little “weathering” today. Didn’t come out too bad for first attempt. Still have to clear it. Hopefully it will get better. Now I have a cup to try it on but will be all one color with no stripe. @pullstart
  7. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I understand that. I have too much with nowhere to put it all. I just sold a cub cadet deck and carrier and have to deliver a Wheelhorse deck to a guy in the neighborhood. Yes there is actually another Wheelhorse guy in my neighborhood. 👍
  8. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Always nice to have spare parts!
  9. What's In Your Mirror?

    That is a beautiful specimen there. Calendar worthy for sure. I can only hope mine comes out half as nice as that.
  10. Custom drink cups

    Gotta stay hydrated at the show 64oz of liquid goodness
  11. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    @neil That is an awesome job on that. I bet that took a while to do. Very nice.
  12. Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    That would be a good idea for a “How To” class..... “Pullstart’s guide to gettin’em home” how to pack for the long haul.
  13. 1054

    That will look good.
  14. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Supposed to be mounted on the outside of a movie theater and they have a rubber seal behind the door frame. Don’t know about 110 mph winds but inside a garage it would be no issue.
  15. Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    Hint: bring a trailer