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  1. I just need one of your barns now to put them in
  2. Several years ago after my Dad passed, my sister had come down and picked out some tractors that she wanted and took them back to north Florida with her. Well long story short, they didnt have time to mess with them due to thier business keeping them busy. So earlier this year she called me and asked me if I wanted them. Ahh.... yeah! So this weekend I made the trip up to her place and picked them up. They had sat for a while but I managed to get them all running before I loaded them. So I have Dad's first wheelhorse, a C-120,a C175 that he cobbled together(and is also the only tractor I have a photo of him with) and a Gilson hydro. The mowette mustang will be fixed for the grandkids. So they are all coming back home. Now I really need to build a bigger storage awning.
  3. Both my c175's had tow valves. Not sure if they all had them in the same location.
  4. Great looking place Bob. Yes....... I see a meet & greet coming. We can have "The Big Show" and "The Bob Show". Looks like you would have plenty of room. As far as retiring to Florida.....ugh! I am south of Deltona in the quickly going to crap section of central Florida. Hopefully 5more years and the wife retires then we are going to try and sell and head to South Carolina. I hate it here anymore. Ready for a change. Congratulations Bob!
  5. I'd smooth it. That's just me. Either way it would look great.
  6. What did the front wheels come off of?
  7. I would like to find a mower deck for mine. I have a 3 point blade already. Just got to get it set up for it. Looks nice!
  8. Fantastic file work! Looks great.
  9. Something like this transmission cooler/fan setup might help. Not sure if the charging system would be up for it but you could always add a small alternator to the mix. Seeing your work, I am positive you could do it! http://www.jegs.com/i/Derale/259/13750/10002/-1?CAWELAID=1710780591&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=44693592161&CATCI=pla-210019240391&CATARGETID=230006180039217235&cadevice=m&gclid=CL_u8Yfgt9MCFREoaQodrr0Jgg
  10. People pay big bucks for those jeans nowadays
  11. Nice set of twins there.
  12. Waiting for your name to be put on it. Nice save