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  1. My GT14

    👁 Eagle eye 👁
  2. My GT14

    Thanks @RandyLittrell
  3. Pump it up!

    I know. Hopefully not the sign of things to come
  4. Black Hood/back-up camera

    Does look like Marvin doesn’t it.....
  5. Happy Birthday VinsRJ

    Happy Birthday Vin. Hope you have a great day. Enjoying the videos....... keep them coming.
  6. Pump it up!

    I did the same thing with my 418. Has always had to turn and turn and turn. Yesterday I squeezed the buld twice, pulled the choke and Bam, she was running. Cheap and easy.
  7. My GT14

    @squonk Or I could just drag a generator and one of these around . Actually though I got a correct rotation fan. Just have to put it on.
  8. My GT14

    Well we have spark and she turns over. Throwing some fuel to her tomorrow. Hope for the best.
  9. My GT14

    Well a little more done. Finally moved her inside so I could work out of the rain. Got my new tail lights mounted, ignition switch in and wiring figured out. All temporarily wired up to get it working correctly. When it is right I will make a complete wiring harness. Fuel tank in, solenoid in. Next up is to run the fuel line, filter, and get the right length belt...... baby steps before leaps and bounds 👍

    While I appreciate the gesture, I dont think dad was on here enough for most on here now to have remembered him. I would hate for terry to make 50 cards and most of them end up still in my possesion. Don’t get me wrong, loved my dad and anything to remember him by is cool but I wouldn’t want terry to go through any extra trouble. I’m tickled pink with the banner I got from him. Thanks John for thinking of him/me.. means more than you know. Whatever terry decides is cool with me. 👍
  11. 417A Won't move??

    That I don’t know. I have a 418 I bought for parts and finally got it running (like it said it did in the ad) but it hammered badly. I shut it right off and pulled the engine. Put in the shed and saved it for parts. Hope you have better luck with yours. 👍
  12. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Can’t wait...... 😁
  13. @RandyLittrell Not to hijack Aldon’s thread but The biggest problem I see with the stock axles is the Fender mounting panels. If you could trim an inch off each side up top where they mount to the frame rails and move them both in an inch, that would move your axle mounting flange also in putting them an extra inch away from the tires. Even if you had to run an 1-1/2 to 2” spacer, you might get away from having to swap axles. It would make your seat mounting area narrower and the seat pan might hit the fenders depending on your seat. Put a spacer below the seat bracket maybe. Just thinking out loud. I don’t know as I have only swapped on the eaton. Maybe one day I’ll do an 8 speed.
  14. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Us Floridians don’t stand a chance . Wait, am I the only one?
  15. 417A Won't move??

    The “hand grenade” issue was with KT17 series 1 engines. Your 417-A should have the series 2. Full pressure lubrication. 👍
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