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  1. What is it???

    Well it does have the “Case” eagle on it. I love it. At a quick glance you could mistake it for a 444 or 446.
  2. My GT14

    Hope to get to work on it more this weekend. I’ll definitely make a video when done.
  3. What is it???

    I’m just a regular guy and I like making things. If I ever finish something, then what do I do? I have a whole shed full of good intentions and ideas But I do appreciate it.
  4. What is it???

    It would take you 5 years just to cut threads in all the plate.
  5. What is it???

    Agreed! And thank you Pete for the comments and following my adventures. I am humbled.
  6. What is it???

    It’s cool and built like a tank. Waiting for some history.
  7. My GT14

    You just take it easy big fella. Love the comments. Get some rest.
  8. My GT14

    Ok...... here you go. Still have to weld it up. Cycles fine. Hinge bracket is sandwiched between two pieces of angle and runs to another bracket I made that bolts to the fuel tank lower plate. It will not touch the fuel tank. Still have to make the cross braces and the hood bracket.
  9. My GT14

    The person that made these hinges had his laser cut. I had to make these by hand (yes the one in the picture ). They are as close as I can get them. I still have to final grind them and get some nylon washers to go between them. I do not know if this would work with a stock fuel tank. Not there yet. I really don't think so
  10. My GT14

    Had to go there didn’t you?
  11. My GT14

    I knew I should have just kept quiet No more updates till it’s finished?
  12. My GT14

    I think not.
  13. GT 14 new to site.

    Welcome to the best website on the net.
  14. My GT14

    Knew I was going to catch flak over that.
  15. My GT14

    Just finished up a “Lambo” style hood hinge assembly. Haven’t built the rest yet. Second photo is where I got the idea.