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  1. My GT14

    Yes. You are diving into my mind. Scary. I am going to have him tack the front cover and brace. Making sure it fits and seeing how it sounds and then he can weld it up. If it is too loud, I'll pack it. Vinsrj made that flowmaster style muffler with no packing and it sounds good. We'll see.
  2. My GT14

    For now it is just ported with the holes and half moon cut outs at the end of the inlet pipe. The outlet pipe has no holes but is about 2" from the end of the back plate. Its an experiment to say the least. I am hoping it is as quiet as my 418/417's. I thought about packing it with stainless steel wool but then if it doesn't flow enough, it would be too restricted. We'll see soon. I'll try and post a short video when it's done. I dont think there is any packing in the factory mufflers. All I have seen have had many smaller holes for baffles instead of packing.
  3. The time has come.

    Jim, I wish you the best. Praying the Lord's hands will be directing the surgeons and nurses as they perform your procedure. I pray for your recovery and hope you have plenty of rest and little pain. Take care my friend! Here is a blue thumbs up for you!
  4. Ill be interested to see what it looks like. Hope you don't have to cut it too bad to achieve your final goal. Looks like a good stock tractor. Then again, who am I to be talking about not cutting up a tractor?
  5. Farewell old friend!

    I like those new ridgelines!
  6. Super C in the making.

    PBR is how you get all that stuff put together. I knew I was missing something. Looks really cool. Love custom builds like this.
  7. My GT14

    Me too! Thanks for following along. Its a journey.
  8. My GT14

    Getting close! Measured my axles from hub to hub and it is really close to stock gt14 width maybe even a hair wider. So hopefully if I can get my son over here this week, there may be an Eaton 1100 transplanted into Skittles soon.
  9. Trying to come up with something we could do here for a "central florida meet n greet". Just wouldnt want a couple guys to show up and stand around sweating. I have plenty of wheelhorse stuff to play with, chop on and weld. The cogs are turning.
  10. Very cool Jay! Now is this one going to get done up all nice and pretty or is it going to stay in work clothes, or a little both?.
  11. Why am I so careless?

    Blood on a Wheelhorse is like camo👍 @Sarge We had a woman get struck in the face by one of those wire flags when she just happened to be driving by and a guy hit it with the mower. Her window was down at the time. Freak timing. I don't think she got hurt really bad but after that deflecter shields were a priority on inspections. Also those flag wires do a number on tire sidewalls.
  12. I agree.... looks good.
  13. project pud puller build

  14. What the Heck?

    That's look like a Ridealong Senior-jr.57
  15. My GT14

    It wont be gold, green or blue. Either red or charcoal grey.