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  1. John Deere Sweepster to WH xi?

    Thank you Dennis. I do believe it is odd, that no machine manufacture in the US made similar attachments to both the xi and the classic gt s. But I think your idea with that john deere sweepster is absolutely possible. If I were you, I would go ahead and buy it!
  2. Cab for the wheel horse

  3. John Deere Sweepster to WH xi?

    The hitch attaches to the mid and front attach a matic by driving over it, connecting the hydraulics and using the hydraulic hitch to lift it into place. It takes 5 mins. The pto has two screws which is used to tightend the belt. If only the world was smaller, then you could buy this xi with cab and sweepster. It is for sale now here in Denmark: http://www.altimaskiner.dk/ads/used-toro-for-sale_JmkzMjczMjI.htm?LanguageID=da&CurID=DKK
  4. John Deere Sweepster to WH xi?

    Here are some pictures.
  5. John Deere Sweepster to WH xi?

    @Dennis. The extra hydraulics to lift the hitch and to swing the sweeper or snowblade is tapped into the hydro with two electric actuated hydraulic valves. This was made by the dealers, as I was told. Think it was a kit made for the xi models by the company Who made the hitch. "GMR Stensballe". http://en.gmr.dk. That company still exist. So there are two small Electric switches on the dash. I'll will take some pictures. On the 518 hydro besides the 523 dxi. I have made quick hydraulic couplings both front and back. I have dismounted the original hydraulic valve and replaced it with a 2 spool. The ones on the front was for the sweeper, which I am currently trying to sell.
  6. John Deere Sweepster to WH xi?

    Hey Dennis. Just wanted to show you, that here in europe there were made a broom for the xi models or a A frame for the tractors. And I have now become the happy owner of a 523 dxi with a front 3 point hitch and pto, and 2 extra hydraulic spools. Including broom, snowblade and mower.
  7. Cab for the wheel horse

    Thank you All. Here in Danmark, There were actually two companys who made cabs for the wheel horse tractors. They come up for sale quit often. But cabs like mine do not that often. Probarly because they are not that old. My cab was made by a company called "Scandinavian Cabin Company" here in Denmark. It is a very light construction, but yet cozy. The roof and the rear window can open up, and the two doors can be put in a second position, so that air can come in while driving. Next time I put it on, I will make a video to show you all, how it works. Here are some pictures of the other model cabs, which were made here in Denmark:
  8. Cab for the wheel horse

    Hey all. Just wanted to show you all, what I purchased for My Wheel Horse 518 back in the spring. I am sorry to say, but you cannot but this cab in the US. But it is so nice! Lights, sprinkler and wiper. And it is real auto glass. It is attached in a matter of minutes and Will be so comfortable in the winter.
  9. Hydraulic dump cart

    Thanks. I think its about 0,5 metric tons. It fits my needs Next hydraulic project will be making hydraulic swing on my rotary broom.
  10. Hey everybody. Just wanted to show what I have done the old 518 h. I took the existing hydraulic lines going to the original hydraulic lift valve og put in a second valve. Made quick couplings and added a hydraulic cylinder to the dump cart I made a few years back when I bought the tractor. And now I have hydraulic dump cart, which is a very nice tool with the tractor! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIO98S_tvdM&feature=youtu.b
  11. Do I really need to remove carbon and adjust valves on my Onan P218

    Thanks for all the replys. . So I am going to decarbon the engine and adjust the valves. I wonder how much carbon I will find in it. Any ideas on the best way to remove the carbon? Steelbrush? Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone So heres the deal. I bought my 518 H back in 2012. At the time it had 2000 hours+ on the clock. Today it has 2180 hours on the clock. The maintenance schedule says, that I have to remove carbon from the heads every 1000 hours. So not knowing if the PO owners have done this, I think it is time to do something about it and at the same time adjust the valve clearence.The engine is running okay, so I thought I would start by cheking the compression of each cylinder. Each cylinder reads 125 PSI. My manual says 115 PSI. How should I react to this? Does it mean that the valves are seating just fine? Does the higher (than 115 PSI) compression mean, that there are carbon deposist, making the volume in the cylinder smaller, thereby increasing the pressure? Is my engine just okay, and there is no reason to take it apart to adjust the valves and remove carbon? Thanks!
  13. low oil level, Onan performer 18

    I'll keep that in mind Yes I've got pictures of it. Look in my gallery section
  14. low oil level, Onan performer 18

    Hi Boovuc. Thanks for your reply. As you wrote, I have replacede the engine oil with synthetic oil, and then I'll check the oil level on the engine more frequently. I'll try to keep the Onan running for as long as possible. It already has got 2077 hours on the clock!
  15. low oil level, Onan performer 18

    So this is my first post on this great forum of knowledge. Last summer I purchased my very first wheel horse. It is a 518 hydro europa model. I've probarly been working it hard all winter and this summer and not been very good at checking the oil level and etc. But the other day, the oil pressure indicator light started blinking and the tractor got a "ticking" noise. I thought it was belt to the mower, which was making the noise and I finished mowing the grasss (another 5 mins.) When I stopped the tractor and checked the oil level on the engine It turns out, that it was way under low level... So I changed the oil and the it is up and running again. Unfortanely the ticking noise is gone, so I know it most have come from the engine. I've been using the tractor since then, but I fear that I have permantly damaged the engine. So my question is: Do I have nothing to fear, or is it time to sell the wheel horse, before the engine fails. I'm not sure I'll be willing to spend $ 3500 on a replacement engine. Thanks.