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  1. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    3/8" NF is OK too, just make sure you use the proper size drill bit. I'm thinking it's a numbered bit, but don't know it off the top of my older then dirt head. Just use plenty of cutting oil when taping the threads. IMHO; I'd go with a 5/32" cotter pin.
  2. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    Why spend money on different spindles? Just take your electric drill and cross dill a 1/8" for a cotter pin. Simple. If you prefer take your drill and carefully drill a straight 5/16" x 1" hole in the end of the spindles and tap them w/ a 3/8 NC tap. Or simpler yet, if there is enough shaft sticking out be on the outer wheel bearing, install 3/4" split collars.
  3. Double chive 3 1/2" center deck pulley

    I'm looking for a double chive pulley, in good condition,from the middle spindle of a 36" (?), 3 bladed deck. It needs to have a double D bore. The upper and lower chive both need to be the same size, about 3 1/2" in diameter . Thanks, Ron ranger-ron@sbcglobal.net 630-554-2682 Oswego, IL
  4. Eric, I braced up a IH Cub muffler on my K181 (see my profile picture on left) by replacing the 90 degree elbow with a 1" X 1" X 1/2" tee. I put a 1/2" plug in the third opening that was in the down (6:00) position. I then drilled and taped a hole in the plug that I then used for an anchor point. from which I ran a couple of brackets made out of 1" X 3/16" flat stock to threaded holes in the engine block. You could use a regular 1" tee, but for a better look, I went with a 1" X 1" x 1/2" tee with the 1/2" in the 6:00 position. I hope this all makes sense. Ron
  5. Plowing Questions

    Go for it ! 1/2 to 3/4 throttle., 3rd gear and in a straight line as much as possible. I see my neighbors with snow plows creeping along like they are blowing snow. Drives me nuts! I used to plow my neighbor's cement drive that had heaving at the expansion joints. I hit one of them going the wrong way once and just about went over the steering wheel. I ended up modifying the trip spring set up by relocating the lower anchor points on the plow frame forward about 1 1/2". That gave the springs less leverage so it will allow the blade to trip easier. Worked out great for me. I also have trouble with steering (maybe my 51 year old front tires could have something to do with it?) . I loaded the front tires with liquid, but it only helped a little. Like someone recommended, lifting the plow works, which is what I do. On my blacktop drive, I run cable chains and 120Lbs on the draw bar (hitch). My 867 has no traction problems.
  6. Middle 36" deck pulley with a double D bore

    I'm sorry Ed, but I'm looking for a pulley just like that except about 3 1/2" OD rather then 5". What I have now on my 42" deck is a 5" upper and 3 1/2" lower double pulley. I'm trying to speed up the deck by going to a 3 1/2" upper and lower pulley. I'm sorry, I should have stated all that info on my "Wanted" post. Thanks Elcamino, but I'm all set on those items. '
  7. I'm looking for a double chive pulley, in good condition,from the middle spindle of a 36", 3 bladed deck. It needs to have a double D bore. The upper and lower chive both need to be the same size, about 3 1/2" in diameter . Thanks, Ron ranger-ron@sbcglobal.net 630-554-2682 Oswego, IL.
  8. Modified Snow Plow Lift Link

    Nice work on your new lift link! Because of my "High Clearance" 867, (see picture on the left) I had to remove my original lift link and replaced it with a chain to lift the blade which works fine on my blacktop drive but, like you, there are times I want some down pressure. When needed, I put my foot on the angle lever and push on it. Of course that only works for a 75 year old guy with the lever forward (blade angled to the left), which is fine depending on the plowing pattern.
  9. I have trouble with my choke cable, so I cut off the outer wound wire part near the knob and replaced it with a small dia. (1/8" ID?) stiff plastic tubing that fit tightly over the remaining knob end. Works well and it didn't cost a dime!

    Please read my post from September of this year titled "IMPROVING MY 42" SD DECK" to see what successful modifications I already made on my deck.. My final step is to increase the RPM of the blades for more vacuum to lift the grass, cut it cleanly and discharge it in a large fan like pattern, (i.e. think modern deck design). The engineering for my 50 year old may have been fine in 1967, but there has been many improvements in deck design since, so why not mimic that and bring our old decks up to modern standards and performance without buying a new crappy lawn tractor from a big box store? Even Henry Ford made improvements to his beloved Model T over its19 year run. All I want is the best of both worlds. Are there any answers to my pulley interchangeability question? Thanks, Ron

    It has 4 new tie rod ends, a small amount of toe in and all is well greased. It seems to get harder the sharper I turn. The next time I have the deck off, I'll increase the steering gear clearance a little and see if that helps.
  12. Even after installing thrust ball bearings in my front spindles, putting 20 PSI in the front tires and replacing the 13" steering wheel with a 15" unit, my C-101 is still hard to turn. What does the steering reduction unit look like and can it be installed on my tractor? Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  13. For one of my winter projects, I would like to increase the blade speed of my (1967?) 42" SD deck by replacing the middle double pulley with a double pulley from a 36" deck. Are they interchangeable as long as they both have the double 'D' bore? Has anyone tried this before? If so, what were the results? Thanks, Ron
  14. Whats your Winter Project

    Pre 1949. I always wanted a Ford Flat V-8. The closest I got was a low milage1951 Ford FH, 95 HP straight 6 that my folks gave me when I turned 16 in 1959. I beat a lot of FH V-8's with it. Most of them were worn out though
  15. Which horse is your favorite

    My highly modified 867. IMHO I like the (I guess they're called narrow hoods?) WH's from the mid 60's to early 70's. I like the simple design and good looks.