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  1. I don't understand how people can beat the 'you know what' out of was once a good piece equipment and have the guts to ask $500 bucks for it. If you're going to take care of equipment this way, stick with Crapsmen, MTD or the stuff they sell at the big box stores!!
  2. For you 300 Series lovers...

    I'll take the beautiful 1956 Ford Fairlane 2 door hardtop in the back ground. NICE!
  3. Tobacco Road GT14

    Rob; Great job! It's nice to see someone able to put things back together rather then just take things apart.
  4. Best mower for 10 acres?

    Ford Golden Jubilee preferably with a 72" mower or maybe with a 5 gang reel mower. There was a gentleman farmer across the road from where I grew up in the 50's that had a beautiful massive,15 acre front yard. He pulled a 5 gang mower using a shorten AA Ford truck. Everything was removed from the cowling back except for a single seat which was located over the rear axle. Hopefully he had a seat belt because he had to be going 20 MPH with those reel mowers
  5. Shed find

    Nice Find! I see you're in Lisle. Me too! Born and raised there. Still have many relatives there. Was the estate sale in Lisle?
  6. I have my IH Cub stacks above the hood and far enough away so it clears the hood in the open position. That gives me about 2" between the 1" pipe leading to the muffler and the hood. See picture to left. So far, so good!
  7. PVC water pipe caps.
  8. C120 slippin'

    Bob, Before we go off in a different direction I want to know; Did you do what Sarge suggested in post #29 and remove the hub or did I miss a post saying that the hub is off the axel?
  9. How much HP for a Snowthrower

    Several years ago I had a nice 1970 Simplicity with a vertical shaft 8 HP B &S driving a 36" singl e stage snowblower; No problem!
  10. Underside mower deck protection

    IMHO Popping out of gear is usually worn splines or shifting fork. Sorry!
  11. My Restored 101C

    Nice job! Looks just like my 1979 C-101 that I restored a couple of years ago. I really like it, but I like the simplicity and the looks of my custom (See picture on right) 1967 867 better.
  12. C120 slippin'

    Bob;, Pull the hubs and trans drive pulley, check the keys and keyways,then let us know what you find. thanks, Ron

    Just to be clear, I was referring to the type of bearing seal that is best for a none greasable spindle, a black plastic seal or the metal shield, which I guess is also considered a seal.. Thanks
  14. What is the preferred type of bearing for a mower deck; sealed or shield?

    I like the Ohio Steel unit that has a set of spiraled brushes so there is less contact at any one time with the ground thereby reducing the stress on the nylon gears. I also like the Brinkly unit that has 3 brushes around the shaft for a better sweeping action, but of course. that would add to the strain on the drive gears. But then again I like the AgriFab unit because it's on sale, it's sold by Blain's Farm and Fleet that is only a couple of miles from me and also the fact that they're made in my home state of Illinois. Now, if only I could put all of this together in one unit!