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  1. I have trouble with my choke cable, so I cut off the outer wound wire part near the knob and replaced it with a small dia. (1/8" ID?) stiff plastic tubing that fit tightly over the remaining knob end. Works well and it didn't cost a dime!

    Please read my post from September of this year titled "IMPROVING MY 42" SD DECK" to see what successful modifications I already made on my deck.. My final step is to increase the RPM of the blades for more vacuum to lift the grass, cut it cleanly and discharge it in a large fan like pattern, (i.e. think modern deck design). The engineering for my 50 year old may have been fine in 1967, but there has been many improvements in deck design since, so why not mimic that and bring our old decks up to modern standards and performance without buying a new crappy lawn tractor from a big box store? Even Henry Ford made improvements to his beloved Model T over its19 year run. All I want is the best of both worlds. Are there any answers to my pulley interchangeability question? Thanks, Ron

    It has 4 new tie rod ends, a small amount of toe in and all is well greased. It seems to get harder the sharper I turn. The next time I have the deck off, I'll increase the steering gear clearance a little and see if that helps.
  4. Even after installing thrust ball bearings in my front spindles, putting 20 PSI in the front tires and replacing the 13" steering wheel with a 15" unit, my C-101 is still hard to turn. What does the steering reduction unit look like and can it be installed on my tractor? Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  5. For one of my winter projects, I would like to increase the blade speed of my (1967?) 42" SD deck by replacing the middle double pulley with a double pulley from a 36" deck. Are they interchangeable as long as they both have the double 'D' bore? Has anyone tried this before? If so, what were the results? Thanks, Ron
  6. Whats your Winter Project

    Pre 1949. I always wanted a Ford Flat V-8. The closest I got was a low milage1951 Ford FH, 95 HP straight 6 that my folks gave me when I turned 16 in 1959. I beat a lot of FH V-8's with it. Most of them were worn out though
  7. Which horse is your favorite

    My highly modified 867. IMHO I like the (I guess they're called narrow hoods?) WH's from the mid 60's to early 70's. I like the simple design and good looks.
  8. Where are your winter Horses??

    I just install the plow, weights and chains on the 867 last week. It's in the garage ready to go. My C101 and AC B10 are hibernating in the shed, but my 4016 Case with the vac is still on duty because only about 25% of the leaves have fallen.
  9. I have a blacktop drive as well and Iv'e had good luck with cable chains.
  10. First Fail Test.....Check!

    Me too! People don't always understand why we can't leave things the way they are.
  11. Some new stuff!

    I'll take the 1057 too! Very nice.
  12. Lawn sweeper made in USA

    I always try to buy American made things too and everybody knows it. Years ago, I picked up an old Parker sweeper along the road. Even though it was pretty worn out, it did a great job. Since then I had - and also borrowed at times - much newer Agri-Fab units. Non of them worked as well as the old Parker. IMHO, the reason was because the Parker had 3 brushes around and Agri-Fabs only had 2 around.

    Finally received lots of rain this weekend in norther Illinois, 9.15" to be exact, soooo the grass is growing again. I mowed the lawn today with my new stainless steel front baffle AND I'm happy to report it worked beautifully! Grass clippings/leaves blowing out the side discharge with more 'oomph' then usual, rather then blowing out the front of the deck. Now I'd like to replace the center spindle double pulley with a smaller double pulley from a 36" deck to speed up the blades. There is always room for improvement!
  14. Need some advice

    Time to disassemble, degrease everything, wet sand and repaint it. I'm sorry, but I guess I don't understand wanting to preserve the "old Patina". It's not like an antique piece of furniture that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. Again, I'm sorry.
  15. Nice work! Now that I'm retired, I sure miss the machine shop I had at work! Did you consider making the larger driven pulley about an inch smaller in diameter, say 4", to speed up the deck for a better mowing job?