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  1. 416 8 mower deck

    Quick update, I now have the deck level, up down and sideways. Now it seems the only issue I'm having is when the deck is raised to the point that the stops contact the footrest , the deck will not latch and stay. If i lower it down a bit ,it works fine. For now I think its going to have to due because it looks like I have some leaky axle seals that need my attention. At least my new decals look nice Thanks again for the good advice
  2. 416 8 mower deck

    I think it's time to look for a manual so I get these adjustments right. The front of the deck is all that is really moving. Even raised the stops are probably an inch or more from footrests and uneven. Thanks for the help , looks like i have multiple issues to sort out still, Ross
  3. 416 8 mower deck

    I just rebuilt this 48 sd mower after years of abuse from Previous owner, so far its mounted, goes up and down, runs quiet and smooth. It even cuts grass, just lopsided. Any ideas on what or where i should be looking to straighten this thing out? I'll try to get a few updated pics of this project soon
  4. Ok, when and where is it? The show that is..
  5. duplicolor paint

    Looks nice. I'm just about done with the gaurds and deck parts on mine. Maybe I'll try the Duplicolor for the topside sheetmetal.. Do you use a primer with this stuff?
  6. 416 8 project

    sorry , photo challenged.
  7. Sure wish I would have read this post before I started using the Majic paint in a rattle can. The only thing majic about it is getting it to dry! I'm glad I started with a couple of small parts to see how it turned out. Now off with the stripper and back to ACE for some Regal Red.
  8. Santa's transportation for this year!

    Awesome display!!
  9. 416 8 Paranoid Rookie

    Happy to report , third fluid change short blast around the yard and I'm feeling much better. Seems quite in all gears both hi and lo range. Tackled other projects today , I'm going to try and post pics and description soon Oh yea, I'm hooked
  10. 416 8 Paranoid Rookie

    Great , Thanks for the awesome advise Wouldn't of thought of that. Anyway draining again and will refill later with the 90/140 and some extra special Lucas.
  11. 416 8 Paranoid Rookie

    What drained out looked thin and had a rusty brown color to it. Another member suggested flushing it with kerosene which I did before I refilled with 80w. Back to napa tomorrow Thanks for the help Ross Salisbury, Homicde capital of the shore
  12. So I bought this 1987 416 8 last week and have started to work my way through some of the systems. First up was determine why it wouldn't move, turned out to be missing woodruff key in the wheel hub. Replaced it and took my $310 tractor for a blast across the front yard in the dark. Shifted through all gears , hi and lo range and managed to miss all of the trees. Dumped the fluid and engine oil , I let it drain over night and refilled today. Now today I run it around for a minute and I swear it seems like there is more of a whine coming from under my seat. 80w90 and straight 30 for the engine. Nothing special as I plan to change again. So my question is how much noise is too much noise and should I be concerned, still shifted fine and felt smooth when riding.
  13. 416-8 & 416-H Question

    I knew I signed up at the right place,.. Day two here is what I've found, tractor doesn't appear to have been under water, ( neither did the rest of the stuff in the garage it was at), oil is dirty but no water, carb is fine she will start and run ok. The belt is loose but thats not the main issue with it not moving, the sheared off key between the right rear wheel and the axle seems to be the main culprit. It does seem to have all the sheet metal. Hopefully I will be able to start the tear down in a couple of days Thanks for the advice Ross
  14. 416-8 & 416-H Question

    I just picked up the 416 on Ebay for $310. Brought it home, washed it and started my parts wish list. This is my first one and as excited as I was to get this for $310, she is still in a bit worse shape than I was hoping for. The good - Kohler 16 engine. The Bad - pretty much everything on it needs attention. Charging system, steering , deck has multiple cracks/holes /manual lift does not work, and that was what I saw before I loaded it on the trailer!