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  1. Can't really blame this generation. The way they teach math at the base level,(grades 1-4), is enough to make you throw up. Times are different for certain.
  2. Tecumseh sputter, worse under load!

    Lat time I did a Tecky motor, the head was off, and I depth checked down to the top of the piston when the points open. There is a chart someplace to tell you this. Normally, it works perfectly after that, (the spark that is). Perhaps also your condencor might be on it's way out. Just some thought.
  3. Wheel Hubs and Keys

    Just a suggestion if you use a set screw at 90 degrees....run the set screw in to touch and mark the axle. Take the hub off, and grind a slight flat or dimple for the set screw to go into/onto. Oherwise, the set screw could/might/will displace material on the axle, and you'll have a hard time taking the hub off again.
  4. Wheel Horse RJ 35

    Great thread Ian. I think it's the 1st time I have seen you restore something...rather than make it up as you go along type project. Awesome job!!
  5. Barn gravel road 50 tons later....

    Boys and their toys....Looks great.
  6. Small welding project today

    Great work and creativity!
  7. tomorrow is going to suck

    Best of luck to you.
  8. Home from hospital

    Bounce back Russ. Thank you for caring for him, and posting this up. Your father is quite a staple and inspiration in the Red Square world.
  9. So I'm an idiot... for your viewing pleasure.

    Small Monza world it seems. I also got into a car wreck in a Monza back in High School. Not mine at least.
  10. WH Abuse on Fast 'n Loud Last Night

    Ed is great on wheeler dealers. I gave up on F-&-L years ago. They all end up the same way...like American Choppers did. Producers push all the shows that way, and then it's not about the builds anymore. Crappy TV in my opinion. I cut the chord on cable over two years ago, and don't miss these shows at all. Even Boyd Codd. got annoying to me..that show became all about running the shop, and not the builds as well. Couldn't stand Rawlings from the get-go.
  11. No snow only mud

    X2 on the calender comment. Great pics, and looks like a ton of fun terrain to be on with your horse.
  12. back surgery

    I had lamonectomy (L5-S1), anbout 10 years ago. You'll be ok if you listen to your doctor and your back. It'll let you know when it doesn't like something. Like said previously, just start to do things differently, and don't be too proud to ask for help. My buddy had fusion four weeks ago. He's up and about, cleared to drive, and looks great. Very commonplace now-a-days. Best of luck to you.
  13. Welding gloves.. A good idea!

    Yikes Stig...that's gotta hurt!! Glad you're going to be ok though. My EX-wife was on me contantly for not wearing my ring. I am a machinist by trade and need no real explination for that. I fought the "good fight", and didn't wear it at work. The kicker...her father had lost his finger many years prior because of a wedding ring. He was finished unloading a truck, grabbed the handle and jumped down. He felt a pop and looked up. Saw his finger and ring still on the truck. Said it didn't hurt, as he was in shock. Always told me he still felt his finger there. Anyway...crazy woman.
  14. Slow Motion Video of Combustion Process

    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.