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  1. Hey everyone hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Does anyone know if I can get mulching blades for my 42" rear discharge deck? If so, what brand/part number would be the blades? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Oil Dipstick mystery for K301S?

    FOUND IT!! It was hidden near the muffler...I feel quite stupid lol thanks for the support everyone!
  3. Hi everyone. So I was plowing snow and the tractor randomly turned off. Found out the battery was dead and charged it back up and it was fine. I put the battery charger back on afterwards and noticed the battery was drained significantly. So I assumed that the tractor was not charging the battery. I decided to test the battery. Solid 13v output. Then I tested the amp meter it read 0.5v...I replaced the voltage rectifier regulator and put a brand new one on. Nothing changed. Amp meter still barely puts out any amps on the dial. At this point I am clueless as to what is wrong...I checked all the wire connections and we are good there...any suggestions? Thanks you guys are the best, hope everyone is staying warm! -Kevin
  4. Oil Dipstick mystery for K301S?

    Thanks guys! I'll let you know what we do using your suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Oil Dipstick mystery for K301S?

    Hi everyone my K301S does not have a dipstick and I got one off of eBay and an unsure if it is right...I put the dipstick in and it does not touch oil and I know I put 2 quarts in a couple weeks ago and have been running without a problem. Is this the right dipstick? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the responses guys! Now all I need is SNOW!
  7. Hey guys so I have a C-120 that I traded for earlier this year and I am contemplating putting a 48" plow on the front...I have a snow blower on my 417-A with the strong Eaton transmission which I have heard many rant and rave over the strength of the Eaton...so my question is: Does the Sundstrand in the C-120 have the strength to plow up and down a driveway that is on a rather steep grade? I will equip the C-120 with wheel weights and chains and mount the 48" plow depending on what you all think I don't want to put the Sundstrand through stress that it cannot take as I have many other tractors I could use for the plow (but I like the hydro idea!).
  8. oil in Gt-14

    Either NAPA or OEM do not use STENS. I have noticed Sundstrand usually has ATF and the Eaton trannys use 10W-30. But as stated before there was a service update where they converted over to 10W-30. Mobil1 synthetic all the way!
  9. Fluid change

    I have had great results with both Lucas and Mobil1 gear oil. Really makes shifting a lot smoother. I second the shifter boot! Check eBay!
  10. Thanks for the advice Sparky I will be doing this myself and changing the filter for sure! Any good quality filter brands out there anyone?
  11. Just a quick survey question for everyone...I would like to do a fluid change in my transmission on my 2001 Camry with 80,000 miles. In cold weather my transmission does not shift right away into drive when I back down my driveway onto the main street. It takes about three seconds sometime for it to kick in. I had this same issue with my other 1991 Camry that I sold and a fluid change helped the problem. However, I have learned a great deal from the forum about quality fluids making the difference So any AMSOIL or Mobil fans want to give their opinion on which ATF I should use? I know an AMSOIL dealer who can hook me up but I want to hear what everyone here has to say. Thanks guys!
  12. Need help with idler 417-A?

    Thanks Garry you are the best! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I mounted wheel weights on my 417-A, drained and refilled the hydro, replaced the front and rear lights, sanded off the rust from the sheet metal, greased the steering, replaced the hydro fan, replaced the drive belt, and replaced the idler! Busy day! This a recently acquired 427-A. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. wheel horse salvage yard

    Tillers for $65 thats a steal!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hey guys I ordered an idler pulley for the clutch assembly on my 417-A but the stens was too big? Maybe I got the wrong one...can anyone shout out the part number for the idler pulley that engages the drive belt on the 417-A? Thanks in advance, -Kevin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk