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  1. Rear wheel weights & other attachments for '73 12 automatic

    Model 7 1252. 37 inch wide
  2. Rear wheel weights & other attachments for '73 12 automatic

    Did you have any luck finding a tiller if not I have one will measure it tomorrow to get the size
  3. Nube from PA

  4. Idiots guide to 8 spd trans rebuild

    thank you and thanks for the pictures not sure if i will tackle it right now or hunt around for a used trans have to see what will fit in it
  5. Idiots guide to 8 spd trans rebuild

    would this be the same as in a 1985 312-8 mine just locked itself in low
  6. Spindle swap?

    They should work i just took the spindles from a 1985 312-8 and put them on my 1973 12-8 deck
  7. :thumbs: Nice job i have the same tractor but no mods
  8. Where to get AG tires?

    tractor supply
  9. Photos of the war in Afghanistan

    My thoughts and prayers to all men women and there familys in these troubled times
  10. 1973 parking brake

    The toro parts diagram is terrable unable to see what holes align to what rod
  11. 1973 parking brake

    OK thanks i will check it out
  12. 1973 parking brake

    hello i have a 1973 12-8 im looking for the parking brake diagram or pictures to help me put this back together seems like theres parts missing or im just not getting it thanks guys
  13. warning advanced auto brakes

    about how many miles did you get out of them city or highway
  14. Chrome hub caps

    Yeah im still waiting for all that surplus money our government keeps handing out maybe they lost it in the mail :thumbs: