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  1. Reproduction Wheel Horse Tombstones PRE-ORDER!!!!!

    I'm interested too, but would like to know the cost of the mounting bracket for the weight.
  2. Identify: 702?

    The only things I noticed were that it appears to have 5-lug hubs which came out in '64. Maybe someone replaced the hubs or the Unidrive somewhere along the way? Also, the hood appears to have the lower reinforcement flange (rolled edge) that came out in '64 as well. However, the dash and decal look to be a '63, so it looks like a couple of '64 parts may have made it into the mix. Great tractor for the price and appears to be in better shape than my '64 when I bought it for $325.
  3. Exhaust k91

    That's what I did to the K91T I bought last year to put on my RJ-58 that had the wrong model Briggs on it. I didn't have a tap, so I took it to a machine shop and they tapped the 1/2" pipe threads for $10. Didn't need any gasket, just screwed the pipe elbow directly into the block. Seems to work real well.
  4. Barn find today 753

    Someone did something similar on the 854 I bought 5 years ago. I bought a replacement tank stand off of ebay and didn't try to fix it. I preserved the original serial number sticker which is 40927.
  5. Wheel horse 854

    Thanks! It was a labor of love, and the folks here on this forum help make it all possible with their advice and support.
  6. Wheel horse 854

    Here is a picture I took when the resto was almost done. I have since installed the proper seat pan and a genuine RM324 mover deck. I enjoyed every minute of the restore. My Dad bought this same tractor used in 1966, and it was the tractor I grew up on. Thus, the sentimental value.
  7. Wheel horse 854

    I paid $350 for the one in my avatar 4 years ago. It was running and mostly original. It had the wrong mower deck on it, front tires were shot, steering gear was shot, had the wrong seat pan and someone had worked on the transmission and ripped the tank stand around the shifter hole. However, the engine ran great and the trans was solid. I thought it was a good deal then. I wouldn't take a $1000 for it now (restored) because of the sentimental value involved.
  8. What is it? Generator?

    I've seen those before. They are a belt drive PTO for large stationary implements. The pictures I've seen of them in use are running an elevator to put hay up in the barn.
  9. Basic Vocabulary Questions

    To my recollection, the Ferguson 3 point hitch was first sold on the Ford 9N on American production-model tractors in 1939. Also, Wheel Horse had hydraulic lifts on tractors before the hydro transmissions were introduced in '65. They used a separate belt drive hydraulic pump hooked to a cylinder which operated the implement lift. They were an option available on the Suburbans and later round hoods through '64.
  10. 2 new machines

    Beautiful. What is the serial number of your 1045 just out of curiosity? Also, is that the original engine on the RJ25 and the gas tank mounting?
  11. Five Years Ago

    In memory of a great American!!!
  12. Wheel Horse Santa Claus ...

    The 1046 a poster here said his family has for sale. Sent him a PM a couple months ago, but never heard back.
  13. Wheel Horse 702 help

    On my 854, most of the slop was in the mounting of the steering sector to the steering shaft. It might be the same with your tractor. The roll pin wears out and can be replaced. Or you can have the sector welded onto the shaft like I did and never worry about it again,
  14. Kohler Carburetor

    Thanks for the update. I would take a model 30 carb once you have one rebuilt. Is the price on a model 30 still $75?
  15. Kohler Carburetor

    My C-101 had a 14 hp short block put in about 1988. They put the original carb from the 10 hp block back on. Would this be the correct carb for a 14 hp block?