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  1. New addition.

    I was thinking the same the same thing but was gonna just let it slide 😀. I'll keep you posted on any progress.
  2. New addition.

    Could be...
  3. New addition.

    I'll work on it this weekend so there will be updates. I do know a friend of the P.O. tried to start it a couple weeks ago using a smallish motorcycle battery with no luck.... I guess it wouldn't turn over very fast. Lol.
  4. New addition.

    Just picked up a complete 418-8. It sat for a couple years so it needs a little TLC, but it was free so I couldn't pass it up. It came with tire chains, a mower deck in need of repair and a set of rusty hubcaps. Just in time for a winter project!
  5. Better check the piston return springs. Since they're made from unobtainium they are almost impossible to find.
  6. finally found a 1973 8hp 4spd

    I 'restored' my '73 8hp-4 speed last winter. You can see it under 'Another krylon makeover' in the restro/mod/custom thread.
  7. Might dent the metal though, huh?
  8. Good luck and have fun with the resto. Working on this old iron is a great way for me to relax and get 'me' time. Thanks. I'm trying to talk a retired co-worker out of his '74 WH. If I get it there will be pics. Thank you! When I was doing the resto, the original paint on the bottom half of the steering column was covered with old grease and in great shape. I taped it off when I painted and was surprised to see it almost looked orange-ish next to the Krylon. I'll try to get a good pic this weekend
  9. I found a use for at least part of a brand x mower- the front half makes a good base for a trailer I put a bolt through the axel so it dosent pivot. The deck is expanded metal from a greenhouse wagon and the frame is from a treadmill. Lots of ground clearance and it seems to do well with a load
  10. It covers ok. I used about 6 cans and some areas could use another coat. I went pretty heavy on the frame though.
  11. Thanks for all the compliments. The paint is Krylon Cherry Red paint and primer in one. It was a labor of love and a great winter project. Here are a couple pics during the resto:
  12. My '73 8hp-4spd. What I started with and what I have now. Not done yet, need to tidy up the wiring, recover the seat,etc. and I know the hood decal is the wrong one but it's better than nothing.
  13. If you could buy any tractor...

    Any horse from 1967 'cause thats the year I was born
  14. Cleanliness is.....forgotten?

    I've had my c-81 about 6(?) years or so and it dosen't even shine when its wet. It's a worker- plowing snow and hauling wood in winter, plow and disc the garden in spring, mowing in summer, and misc. dragging, hauling and woods running the rest of the time. I do hose it off from time to time, but that's it.