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  1. pretty good haul today

    Nice horse you scored there good deal.
  2. New to the forum, Wheel Horse C-165

    :D I have a c-165 and it is a tank. Mine has been in the family since new and it is the first tractor I ever drove. It has mowed the grass, plowed snow, and ploughed the garden for its 27 years we have had it and it is still going strong. i hope you enjoy yours and this site.
  3. Posi Rear

    The club I pull with allowes a locked rear and it is the 4 pinion with 1 inch shafts.
  4. Posi Rear

    Hi guys I was wondering how to make the rear end in my 310 pulling tractor a posi? It does good the way it is but I no I can make it alot further down the track with the rear welded. I have never taken a wheel horse trans axle apart to no what to do. If you guys could tell me how to do it I would realy be thankful.
  5. Made Myself something for once!

    That is some great craftsman ship there nice work.
  6. I was wondering if you guys won't mind posting pictures of your tractors with loaders? I have been wanting to build one for some time now and finaly found a Wheel Horse without any attachments. I picked it up yesterday and can't wait toget started. Thank you. :notworthy:
  7. gt2500

    Thanks guys put it over anyway. This guy thinks its worth a million because it is a annverary special. He finaly got some good pictures to me last night and then he emailed me what he wanted. The paint is bad it is flacking off in big peices the tires are bald and so on. He told me he needed $900.00 out of it. I would of thought about it for 200 or 300 hundred not 900. He will just have to keep it.
  8. gt2500

    I am looking in to getting a 1981 wheel horse gt 2500 anneversary special. It has a briggs engine onit i don't know the hp. I needs repainted and the gas tank is not the right one. Also the deck needs some welding and patching. The owner said the engine and tranny are fine. I have not went to look at it yet but he has sent some pictures. What do you guys think it is worth?
  9. Project Puller

    Thanks you guys glad you like it. I welded a piece of exhaust pipe that was the same diameter as the inside of the airfilter to a plate. I used the original air filter plate as a pattern for the holes. I did have to notch the plate and pipr a little fot the choke the plated what I cut out back in.
  10. Project Puller

    I have a 310-8 that I have been working on building a puller out of. When I got it there was no engine so it has been repowered with a k341. The rear rims were widened for the carsile 26x12x12 tru powers and the front are gbc tri ribs. The rear adjustable hitch and front weight bracket is done. All I have left to do is make the engine guards, wheelie bars and middle weight bracket then paint. I hope you guys like it and will give me some input.
  11. 2 wheel Horse

    :omg: That is differnet.