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  1. Competitive Garden Tractor Plowing

    Right! To give you lads some ideas and save me a lot of work. I'm not a computer wiz kid. Log on My Old Machine and look up my topics below. If I knew how to post links I would. Plough. July 21 2015. Front Wheel Weight. Sept 6 2015 Plough Mod Jan 2018
  2. Competitive Garden Tractor Plowing

    I'm just a pure beginner myself. In the region I live here in Cumbria there is little, if any I know of, GT ploughing competitions. The club I'm a member of, Hethersgill Vintage Club, hold a ploughing match every year. Two years ago I got them to run a horticultural class and we would have had another last year but the land we use was too wet. Hoping this March will be better. Some lads came down from Scotland, where they have regular horticultural matches and were really helpful with advice. I plough with an Auto Culto plough off a walk behind, so can't comment on a Brinly. As for setting up a plough, the best I can advise is visit RS's sister forum My Old Machine. The Fife Plooman has given some really good advice on there. Look up my topics. I can't tell you which off hand. Also on there, George and other Scots have posted about matches they have entered. Below I've posted some photo's of my C-121 ploughing tractor. The Black Horse. It has had some mods done. Ie. Rear and front wheels. Electric hitch lift. I'll try and provide more info for you when I've done some searching.
  3. Wheel weights.

    I only plough for fun mainly, but do enter my home vintage clubs annual match. Went to the World Champoinship here in Yorkshire. Just a visitor mind.
  4. Wheel weights.

    Re-fitted them today and also gave them a little test pulling my saw bench. Before, I had to use my Disco to move it, as tractor wheels would just dig holes in the stones. Pulled it up into the yard with no wheel slip whatsoever.
  5. Wheel weights.

    Done a bit of a mod. The lid covers stuck out a little from the tyres. Possibly, (most likely), would catch the trailer sides. So off with the lids and after some filler. Not perfect but they'll do the job. Now all I have to do is refit them.
  6. I don't understand what excess cash means?
  7. Wheel weights.

    I've been wanting some more lead to finally add a bit more weight. Eldest son-in-law said he had some old lead from roofing work done on his house. So I went over for it last week. I just wanted about 40-50lb but came home with around 400lb. I think some could be getting weighted in. Keep costs down. Up to the farm this morning and out with the oxy/acet and soon had more lead added. More by good luck than judgement, they have ended up the same weight. 56lb. A couple of plastic bucket lids to replace the existing ones and some self drilling/tapping roof screws. Quick spray with primer. They'll get another coat of primer and a couple of top coats before I refit them.
  8. New Red Tractor to Me

    You'll have to bring it up to Newby, Chris. Then I can try it out there. Long time till August.
  9. Happy New Year Red Square

    Happy New Year to all, from this side of the pond.
  10. Looks good for not being used for 12yrs. Kept inside at a guess? Depending on how handy you are, And you say you've restored old motorcycles, you may find you can make many parts yourself. For things you may require put a request in the wanted section. You never know what someone might have and not need. Nice work so far. BTW. Check out My Old Machine. The European sister to RS.
  11. Greetings from Somerset

    I had scrumpy years ago in a Somerset pub with some of my mates. Landlord wouldn't serve us a second pint. "If you go outside for five minutes and come back in, I will", he said. We didn't.
  12. Greetings from Somerset

    I assume you are in Somerset, UK, Ian. Got some fellow owners down there. You'll get plenty of advice on here. Nice horse BTW.
  13. Hello From Southampton, UK

    Welcome to RS Graydon. I'm up t'other end of the country. Cumbria, just before the Scottish border. Start a thread in Restorations etc. That way more will see it and you'll get more advice etc. Regards. Norm.
  14. Wheel mods.

    Managed to get the arms finished and fitted today. Wheels are now back on and the front end has been raised by 1". Plough depth has now been improved. Depth depends on the position of the tool bar in the slot hitch. Fully in, using the second hole, gives a depth of 6". Using the first hole, the one at the end, gives 7-1/4". The next job will be to fit a depth wheel to the plough.
  15. Those ain't horses. Those be mules. Cross between a horse and a donkey. Git up thar mule skinner.