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  1. A rude awakening.

    Insurance sorted very quickly and builder came a.s.a.p. Roof repaired in 5 days after the storm. Just wish my leg was as quick. Regaining full movement seems to be taking forever. Tried driving my Disco for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday. Only went 3 miles to a friends farm. Was in agony when I got there. Ditto when I drove back. I'm getting serious workshop withdrawal symptoms.
  2. I got Stormin' from my off road competition days. Something to do with my driving style and it rhymes with my Christian name. Norman.
  3. Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Poor old thing looks in a sorry state. But I've seen worse. Being all there is a good thing. In the side view photo 3 that is the lift lever for raising/lowering attachments. The button should press down to enable the lever to be moved. Take the rotovator off to take the weight off the lever. Pull the lever back if you can, then press the button. If the button will not go down, give it a good soak with penetrate fluid. The black hand wheel next to it, is for adjusting the movement of the lever. I hope my rather poor description helps. Norm.
  4. Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Poppa. I'm oop north on the Solway Plain. I'd love a place like yours. Bit late in life now though.
  5. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Just thought I'd pop on my '79 C-81 fitted with '62 finger bar.
  6. Stuck in the Mud? What NOT to Do!

    I've seen some scary things when I used to do off road winch challenges with my Land Rovers, but that takes the biscuit. Lucky to get away with it.
  7. New member from England

    I'm just outside the Lakes, Apical. Near Silloth on the Solway Plain. Definitely no shortage of rain this year.
  8. A rude awakening.

    Not all that heavy, Sarge, and about 3/4 to an inch thick.
  9. All the Best Ewan. Have a good day.
  10. We got it made here!

    I agree with all the above. Also though I haven't met any of you lads on the other side of the pond, I feel I've made some new friends.
  11. A rude awakening.

    The roof tiles are precast concrete, Jim.
  12. New member from England

    Welcome to RS, Doug.
  13. Interesting Find 50 Years Later

    I remember seeing that some years back. There are peat bogs round here and the remains of Viking long boats have been found.
  14. Athelia or whatever your hurricane was called paid a visit this morning at 5am. Got the tree off the roof with not to much trouble. Cutting it up bit by bit. Trouble came when getting from roof to ladder later, when I missed my footing. Though I didn't fall, took skin off my left elbow and accidently kicked SWMBO who was holding the ladder in the face. Fortunately for me no damage done. Somehow though I have pulled a muscle or ligament in my right leg. Maybe now my neighbour will do something about the rest of the tree.
  15. The time has come.

    Wishing you all the best, Jim. Good luck!