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  1. Pullstart is correct. I fitted narrow tyres to my C-121. There is a thread on how I did it. Wheel Mod. Febuary 17th. 2017.
  2. Relocation Time

    I'd not get the down the lane to my place.
  3. Ploughing with a drag plough.

    Yes Farmer, you are right. Built for a Ransomes crawler. Balances fine but the plough share is very close to the ground. If you look at the second picture, you will see, behind the wheel, half way up a bar with notches in. One of those ropes is tied to a rod. Pull that out and then release it and that bar drops down and engages with pegs protruding from the back of the wheel hub. As the wheel goes round, the pegs lift that bar and that raises that side of the plough till it locks. To lower it, you pull the same rope and that side will drop. Anyone standing at the side should keep fingers well clear. (Don't ask how I know) The handle on the left, looking from the rear, controls the depth wheel which is the wheel on the opposite side. The other handle controls the small trailing wheel at the end. That tilts the plough down or up. Lining it up behind the tractor is done by altering the position of the draw bar. It's in three pieces. There's a cross bar with several holes in which you can move left or right. Another bar again with holes in, goes to the tractor and one more from plough to that bar with a pin in the end. The pin can be fitted in any of the holes in the tow bar. That lot adjust plough left or right to suit the tractor. You can see them in the first picture. I hope that description is understandable.
  4. Ploughing with a drag plough.

    It had never been used for sometime. Getting it the plough something like took some time. Rusty pins and clips. Not to mention the blind leading the blind. I'd never used one before and neither had my friend who owns it. Was fun though.
  5. Ploughing with a drag plough.

    Another photo taken from the rear.
  6. Number 3 grandson ploughing for the first time with a friends Raider 12 and a Ransomes drag plough.
  7. Ratchet strap fail

    I have sides on my trailer and they give some peace of mind should anything come loose. I usually carry three tractors. All secured with ratchet straps front and rear. Tractor tyre sidewalls, front and rear, pulled up against the side. The roads up here are not the best and I check everything after the first 6 miles.
  8. Close Call Yesterday

    How very true.
  9. HALF a HORSE.

    Those spindle caps remind me of something?
  10. Long Island Antique Power Association Show

    Great photo's Don. Thanks.
  11. Poor, neglected, and abused horse!

    Oi! Two points. (1) We Brits don't drink warm beer. Not in the North anyway. (2) Lucas don't/didn't make fridges. Oh! And Lucas, Prince of Darkness is the saying.
  12. international historical festival panningen

    Koen said there are a couple of Wheel Horses in those photo's. Can you find them?
  13. Saturday night with a Horse

    If I tried that, I have a good idea where the carrot would end up.
  14. Just another Friday night

    Thanks for the photo's, Machineguy. They'll be handy for when I get around to making one up.
  15. Just read your thread all the way through, Eric. A superb job you and your beloved have done.