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  1. You know it's a great hike...

    By 'eck! I'm exhausted after reading those posts.
  2. Trailer tuesday

  3. Trailer tuesday

    6 x 12 Indespension 3-5 ton.
  4. Great photo's lads. Lots of interesting stuff there. Just wish we something similar over here.
  5. Newbie (Scotland )

    Doesn't look to bad and spares as well. Also front wheel weights.
  6. Newbie (Scotland )

    'Ow do, Tommy. I too saw that tractor. Wasn't far from me. I've never seen or heard of a mid mounted mower like that. Do it up and show it as is and get another for the grandkids. The Bedford TK looks great.
  7. New arrivals in the Hood!

    We've got a family of Moorhens. Believe it or not there's 8 chicks plus an adult in that nest. Two chicks disappeared one weekend, but six have survived and now as big as the adults.
  8. A Possible Gibson Score

    That looks in good nick. Get the 2nd gear sorted and it'll be an excellent show exhibit and worker. Leave it looking as is though.
  9. Man Collects Tractors From Around the World !

    Unfortunately I can't access the article. Something to do with data protection.
  10. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    C-125 C-121 C-81 Sears/Roper Bamfords and bird stand.
  11. Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan

    If I hadn't just come in from a BBQ we have just had on the village green, that would make me hungry.
  12. What is it?????

    Toro General and I want one. Be none over here though.
  13. Front End Friday

  14. Front End Friday

  15. Front End Friday