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  1. I wish I'd seen this at the start. I'd have got my sister in Virginia Beach to go for me.
  2. Happy Birthday Doug!

    All the Best Doug.
  3. New

    Chris and I have been discussing that attachment. Can't work out how it works, or what it may be used for. some more photo's of it in different positions may help.
  4. New

    Be interesting to know what that thing on the back was used for.
  5. New

    'Ow do, Gene. Welcome. I'm just short of the border with Scotland. I've seen worse than your C-120 and don't get rid of those rear wheel weights. Unless you would like me to have them. Like hens teeth over here.
  6. Happy Birthday Steve

    All the Best Steve from this side of the pond. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
  7. Nice Visit Today

    Personally, if your going to ride a bike that big and pull a trailer you may as well use a car or pickup. Now for a quick getaway. OOPS! Forgot I've not got my FZ1000 any more.
  8. HALF a HORSE.

    Great idea, Alan. Noted and logged.
  9. Biddenden Tractorfest in the UK

    He needs to carefull. She's getting on a bit now and her hands are a little unsteady.
  10. Early Pageant of Steam pics

    Great photo's Mike. Some wild and wonderfull machinery there. What's the motorcycle engine in Ridge Runner?
  11. Coming along well, Ewan. Look forward to seeing it at Newby next year.
  12. Rural Past Times.

    Bird is slang for an attractive girl/woman. Pulling a bird means picking one up. The crawlers are Ransomes. Horticultural tractors. They can be fitted with all types of implements.
  13. Rural Past Times.

    A few photo's from Rural Past Times. Home for the weekend. Not the luxury caravan. The little green tent. My Sears/Roper flexing it's muscles. Friday afternoon. Saturday. Fergie The Wonder Dog. Mini D and man with BRACES. Suspenders has a different meaning over here. Basil and Courtney on guard duty. Chris testing a towing attachment. Poor Bolens couldn't stand the pace. Various Bolens needed attention over the weekend. Sheepherds Hut with all mod cons. Sunday. Man Cave. Thresher. Fergie with reaper/binder. One way to pull a bird. Arena Parade. A very nice Ford. Finally My C-81 and finger bar got second in the horticultural class.
  14. Biddenden Tractorfest in the UK

    Some more photo's. Steve hasn't noticed the steering wheel is on the other side. He wasn't really interested where he was going. Wanted to see where he'd been. And a BIG one.