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  1. Happy New Year Red Square

    Happy New Year to all, from this side of the pond.
  2. Looks good for not being used for 12yrs. Kept inside at a guess? Depending on how handy you are, And you say you've restored old motorcycles, you may find you can make many parts yourself. For things you may require put a request in the wanted section. You never know what someone might have and not need. Nice work so far. BTW. Check out My Old Machine. The European sister to RS.
  3. Greetings from Somerset

    I had scrumpy years ago in a Somerset pub with some of my mates. Landlord wouldn't serve us a second pint. "If you go outside for five minutes and come back in, I will", he said. We didn't.
  4. Greetings from Somerset

    I assume you are in Somerset, UK, Ian. Got some fellow owners down there. You'll get plenty of advice on here. Nice horse BTW.
  5. Hello From Southampton, UK

    Welcome to RS Graydon. I'm up t'other end of the country. Cumbria, just before the Scottish border. Start a thread in Restorations etc. That way more will see it and you'll get more advice etc. Regards. Norm.
  6. Wheel mods.

    Managed to get the arms finished and fitted today. Wheels are now back on and the front end has been raised by 1". Plough depth has now been improved. Depth depends on the position of the tool bar in the slot hitch. Fully in, using the second hole, gives a depth of 6". Using the first hole, the one at the end, gives 7-1/4". The next job will be to fit a depth wheel to the plough.
  7. Those ain't horses. Those be mules. Cross between a horse and a donkey. Git up thar mule skinner.
  8. Wheel weights.

    Oh to have young eyes. Well spotted Koen.
  9. Wheel weights.

    Strewth! Tyres are 700 x 12. Without going out for a look and it's dark and freezing, don't remember make. I'll have a look tomorrow.
  10. Wheel weights.

    The pointy sticks as you call them or sighting poles. Before you start to plough, you set them out in a line along where your first furrow will be. 1st in front of the centre of the intended furrow. 2nd halfway down the plot and 3rd at the far end. You line up the tractor centre with the 1st one then remove the pole. As you plough you keep your eyes on the 2nd pole making sure the 3rd is out of sight behind it. Do not look round when moving. Or you can go off line.When you get to the 2nd pole you remove that and continue down to the 3rd. You should now have a nice straight furrow. Hopefully.
  11. Wheel weights for Wheel Horses, are not very easy to get hold of this side of the pond. Also can be silly money if you find some. So I decided to make my own. From my local Land Rover specialist, I rescued the handbrake drums off a Freelander from the scrap bin. I also got a cast iron pulley from another source. The pulley just the right O.D to fit into the wheel. Pulley. Pulley fitted to the back of the brake drum along with studs to fasten to wheel. The opposite side filled with 35lb of lead and a bucket lid as a cover. More lead will be added when I get some. Don't look bad for £10 and a bit of work.
  12. I plough with my C-121, AKA The Black Horse, and wanted to fit narrower tyres on the rear wheels. I'd already fitted modified scooter wheels and tri ribs to the front. I obtained a pair of as new ag tyres from a friend over the border in Scotland. Of course these wouldn't fit the standard wheels, so a slight mod was in order. A pair of standard wheels got cut up. Then got welded back together, using the cut out middle section as a band to line things up. Welds cleaned up and taped. There was a slight difference in hight to the ag's already fitted. About 3". The photo' shows the seat pan packed up to give clearance. View from the rear And finally a side view. This also shows the modified fronts. The tractor now sloped to the front and this raised a problem with plough depth. So the decision was made to raise the front. As you can see the fronts now have trailer hubs to take the modified scooter wheels. Not wanting to alter the steering arms I decided to make another pair. So a pair of arms off a parts donor Raider 10 and trailer stub axles were obtained. The arm spindle that passes through the axle had to be drilled and threaded as they were going to be fitted with extensions. Also the wheel axle spindle was cut down to 3/4" long. Extensions turned up longer than will be needed. Most likely be shortened when fitted. Also spacers to raised the front made. These are just 1". Again final assembly will show if thicker ones will be need. The trailer stub axles were cut down to 1/2" and bored out 3/4" ID x 1" deep. First photo shows cut down arms and standard trailer stub axles. Second one showing everything ready to be welded up. Could be a week or so before I can start fitting them to the Black Horse.
  13. Great workmanship, Jeff.
  14. Christmas is Different this Year

    Retirement and grandchildren. You'll wonder how you had time to go to work.
  15. A rude awakening.

    Insurance sorted very quickly and builder came a.s.a.p. Roof repaired in 5 days after the storm. Just wish my leg was as quick. Regaining full movement seems to be taking forever. Tried driving my Disco for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday. Only went 3 miles to a friends farm. Was in agony when I got there. Ditto when I drove back. I'm getting serious workshop withdrawal symptoms.