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  1. Let’s Go Plowing—rolling Dirt!

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I thought I'd show what mod's I've done to my ploughing tractor and plough. May give some people ideas. The plough mod is already covered in my Depth Wheel thread. The first thing I did was make a tool bar to fit the slot hitch. The slot hitch is lifted and lowered by an electric actuator. No photo', sorry! As you can see it has several holes which can be used for different equipment. My plough, an Auto Culto off a walk behind, fits in the outside right hand hole. The next photo' shows the connection to the slot hitch from the actuator. The holes vary how far the hitch will go down or up. The latch is for when traveling when not ploughing. The weight of the plough and bouncing, can cause the actuator to work out and lower the plough. At the front is a 25lb weight of one of those fitness things I don't use, fitted on a modified mule drive bracket.
  2. mid mount grader

    Chris Sutton and I made one each. See his thread. July 19th 2015. There's a video of them in use.
  3. Custom drink cups

    I like those.
  4. Other brand pictures.

    Black is beautiful. That Massey, going off the registration plate is a 1970.
  5. Painted and assembled. Now all I have to do is find somewhere to test it. Not bad for some scrap, electric and time.
  6. Other brand pictures.

    Pardon my ignorance. But what's a Rat Fink? BTW. It will do 6.3mph. Checked with a sat nav.
  7. D-series Oliver style

    My C-121 is painted black and receives favorable comments. When asked why, I reply I had a lot of black paint. How many businesses keep their vehicles in factory colours?
  8. D-series Oliver style

    Looks like a Patterdale Terrier. As for the D/Oliver I think it looks good in green.
  9. Prayers for Brrly1

    Not good. Though he's not known to me, I hope he recovers soon.
  10. Got it more or less finished today. After these photo's were taken, I stripped it down, tided up the welds and primed the parts.
  11. A Sobering Day

    I can understand how you feel. Three years back eldest grandson was diagnosed with cancer at 24yrs of age. In and out of hospital and at one point we thought we would lose him. He feared most of losing his navy career. To cut a long story short. The navy took really good care of him and the doctors and staff at Newcastle. He's now back at work after two years of treatment and leading a normal life again. Through all of the worry and fear, his girlfriend stood by him and they got married last weekend. I wish all the best for your son and all your family.
  12. Yikes!!

    With some of the livestock you lads in the States find inhabiting your tractors, I'm pleased I'm over here. I did once find a Black Birds nest tucked up against the exhaust manifold on a Nissan Cabstar tipper I had. Good job I didn't use it much. Left it till the eggs hatched and birds had flown.
  13. The things we have to do.

    That's co's I'm always sitting down. Why thankyou kind sir. I suppose I'm not in bad shape for the shape I'm in.
  14. Thank you

    I got into Wheel Horses by accident some years back while looking for info on a C-125 I acquired. Still got it and it now has stable mates. Through this site I've made and met some good friends over here in jolly old England. Also friends over there in the good ole U.S.A. though I doubt we'll ever meet. So a big thankyou to Neil and all the rest of you.
  15. The things we have to do.

    Built in 1900 so it says over the door. Was a boys boarding school before the previous owners bought it a derelict condition.