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  1. He's got 3 - 4 weeks to get it finished for a forthcoming show. BTW. It was he who restored my Sears/Roper.
  2. 'Bout time you posted it on here, Alan. BTW. I think you need to do something about your avatar. Reminds me of the Mad Professor.
  3. Although I have some frame work for underneath, there is no cutter deck. That's not a problem though as I have decks for my Wheel Horses. There is a foot pedal on the right hand side, which I assume is somehow for raising and lowering the deck. What I am wondering, as there is a two way switch on the dash, was it fitted with an electric lift? I've not come across any info on an electric lift yet. Anyone help?
  4. Finally got round to trying out the sickle bar this afternoon. To say I'm pleased with it is a bit of an understatement. Tried it on the overgrown bridleway past my home. Thick, heavy, long wet grass. Did two passes. One down and one up. 1st gear low box and lowish revs. Result below.
  5. Land Rover man mesel'. Had 5 all at once, once. Now I have a Disco and 4 Wheel Horses plus a Sears/Roper.
  6. Very nice tractor and looks like a very nice place you have.
  7. Lovely Porsche. You didn't have it a Newby Hall Tractorfest by any chance?
  8. Yes, that is the fuel tank. Don't know if the height of the front is any different to over States side. This model was only built in 1978 and with the Briggs 16hp by all accounts. So a bit of a rarity. Especially over here. No-one seems to know of another. I'd say the front hitch is for a trailer or something with a drawbar. May be home made. I'll try and get a photo soon. Tractors covered up at the back of the workshop and I'm rather busy at a mates farm for a few days.
  9. A friend of mine restored a very dilapidated !978 Sears/Roper GT16. Engine is a 16hp B&S. Due to where he keeps it soon to be sold, he sadly decided he'd have to sell it. No room at his home and to big to transport in his car. After some discussion a deal was struck and I took possession of it in May. Some photo's below.
  10. All set and ready to go. Unfortunately it'll have to wait. Weather has improved so it's back to silaging at my mates farm.
  11. Stripped it down this morning and did a bit of painting. Put it all back together tonight and found the blade was sticking. Paint had found its way on to the slide. Removed the blade, cleaned it up, replaced and left it running for 15 minutes with a light application of thin oil. Maybe try it on some grass tomorrow all being well. It cuts paper.
  12. A couple of years back, I acquired a 1962 Sickle Bar. Serial number A-40719. No mule drive with it and in my wisdom I thought I'll make one and fit it to my 1979 C-81. I refurbished the Sickle bar some time ago. Unfortunately, due to my computer giving up the ghost, I can't access any photo's and Photobucket won't let me access what I have in there. I had to change my e-mail address due to Freeserve/Orange discontinuing things. There is an topic on our sister forum www. My Old Machine of the earlier work done. Last week I decided it was about time I dug things out and got stuck in. So here we go. First thing I did was make a couple of pins to mount the frame at the rear. Save messing about with nuts and boltsI know only one is shown, but I did make two. Here they are fitted. Next on the list was the mule drive. I got some plate, 22m bar, bearings and pulleys with taperlock bushes. Then measure up and fabricate the plates. Then build up the whole assembly. Below all bolted on. The sickle bar was then fitted and a way of holding it vertical solved by a ratch through my bits and bobs. One problem here was the lift lever under the tractor. Where it curved down it fouled the belt guard and top pulley. Sorted this by disconnecting it and fastening it up out of the way. A shackle and two links of chain took care of the rest. On to a clutch to mule drive belt tensioner. My first attempt was unsuccessful. I had an Idea it would be. The belt kept running of the bearing shown. That was all I could find at the time. Eventually I remembered a box of Husqvarna bits tucked away and found a suitable pulley for the idler. Here it is set up and all runs well. The next thing to do is give it a proper trial and all being well, strip down and paint. I still need to make a handle to lift up the cutter bar when down. The original fouls the footplate as it was meant for a machine that didn't have footplates.
  13. What's it like to be so popular, Steve? He could have been the best man, Jeff.
  14. Nice old tractor Jeff.
  15. Welcome to RS. Some of us will be at Rural Pastimes in August. Not far from you. Pop in and say hello.