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  1. I know nothing about electric clutches, but are you sure it's the clutch that's killing the engine? Could it be something down the line? If the drive belt from the clutch is detached, does engaging the clutch kill the engine? Just some thoughts.
  2. A mowing we will go.

    No worries with SWMBO. The daff's were dying off. Only the leaves left and if left to wilt away, leave a big brown patch on the green. Now the grass can grow. Some say you shouldn't cut them down. Leave alone as the goodness goes back into the bulbs. I cut them every year and still they come up as before.
  3. A mowing we will go.

    Put the C81 and finger bar, (sickle bar to States side lads) to work tonight cutting down the dead daffodils on the green out side my abode.
  4. HVC Rally. Cumbria. UK.

    Sunday 6th of May saw the 35th Heathersgill Vintage Rally. Held at Carlisle Airport, Cumbria. A sunny and hot day for a change, saw an entry of 500 exhibits, trade stand and craft stalls. I took my '79 C-81 with finger bar. (Sickle bar to the US.) '78 C-121 (The Black Horse) Modified for ploughing and my '78 Sears/Roper GT16 with B&S twin. Due to being an official, car steward, general dogs body and fount of all knowledge, (so some thought), I didn't manage to get as many photo's as I would have liked. What I did get are as follows. First some of the things for sale in the auction. Restoration project anyone? It's a David Brown. Or was. Couple of hand implements for when men were men and sheep trembled. Shopping transport for SWMBO. SWMBO on the left and friend with stall of her hand painted pots, mugs decorated with her own art work and cake stands she made from old records. Some old cars. Ford Model T. Imported from Kansas. Complete with bullet holes in the doors. Customised Reliant Robin three wheeler. Citroen 2CV and Renault Dolphin. Honda CX500 Tidy, unrestored BSA and Watsonia sidecar. Norton Trials bike. Ex British army Bedford with low loader. Horticultural exhibits. P1020189.JPG
  5. Sears/Roper GT16 lift.

    Thanks Oliver. The actuator size is what I really need. Length of stroke. Motor size, rating etc. And if any numbers all the better. I can then see what I can find over here. I have drawings of the arms etc. Regards. Norm.
  6. Need 1973 4 speed axle seals

    Got it in one. Jim. I had to improvise. Cases bored out a touch to fit the metric bearings and sleeves turned up to fit the bearing inner bore and axle shaft.
  7. Sears/Roper GT16 lift.

    My '78 Sears/Roper GT16 with B&S twin originally had an actuator on the rear for raising the lift arms. That along with everything else, except the switch on the dash and wires to the rear, is missing. Arms etc I can make. What I need to know is the spec of the actuator. Can any one help please.
  8. Need 1973 4 speed axle seals

    Just a point on the axle needle roller bearings. My C-121 had a lot of play on the left hand axle when I got it. And I mean a lot. When I stripped the trans down, I found the bearing had broken up and the needles had gone through the main ball bearing, wrecking that. Just a warning not to leave things to long.
  9. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome Jocce.
  10. K46 problems

    Is the casing thick enough to drill and tap for a drain plug, when the transmission is out?
  11. New workshed/Stable

    I suggest putting some internal horizontal batons along the walls and end. Strong enough to take shelving. Also insulation walls and roof.
  12. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    I'm a Lancastrian myself. Born Scarisbrick, Southport. Couple of shows in August I'll be attending darn sarf. Rural Past Times. Sedelscombe and Biddenden Tractorfest.
  13. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Ow do from oop North, Scott.
  14. New (ish) truck!

    Diesel's anywhere between £1.19 ltr to £1.30ltr over here, depending on where you are. My local Land Rover specialist charges £54 per hr. Main stealers are up around £80per hr plus.
  15. New (ish) truck!

    Very nice truck. I'd like something like that myself, but the fuel costs etc over here would soon have me in the poor house. Plus black would never be clean due to some of the roads/lanes I drive on.
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