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  1. 73 dash plate

    I have a nice one. Here is a picture so you can make sure it's identical to yours. Throttle and choke levers are included. $40.00 with free 2 day shipping.
  2. D 200 fuel tank

    I have the grill. Not sure if "scottbrucea" had the tank and the grill. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Wanted

    $50.00 for all 4 with free 2 day shipping. Fronts are a little dented. Rears are nice and straight. I can send you some pictures if you are interested. They are for 6" front rims and 12" rear rims.
  4. Wanted

    I have a complete set of 4. 6" front and 12" rear. They are a little pitted but would clean up. I will only sell them as a complete set.
  5. Wheel Horse 314-A with 48" deck

    Changed Price to $500.00
  6. Looking for wheel horse snowblower

    Does you tiller have everything with it? Idler pulleys and belt? Do you have any pictures of it?
  7. 12 x 12 x 24 tires and rims

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. 12 x 12 x 24 tires and rims

    Yes I do. Another guy said he wants them but he has not shown up to get them (or pay for them) in 3 weeks. If you want them let me know. I am about an hour away from Binghamton.
  9. Wheel Horse 314-A with 48" deck

    For sale: 314-A with 48" mower deck. Runs and drives great.
  10. 12 x 12 x 24 tires and rims

    No, sorry.
  11. snow blower ST-376 parts

    Yup, I have it. Looks like I can get it to you for $25.00 with free 2 day shipping. Let me know what you think.
  12. snow blower ST-376 parts

    I am pretty sure I have a used shaft in stock. Can you tell me the diameter of the shaft?
  13. Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger with deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. Mule Drive

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Seat Brackets

    Changed Status to Closed