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  1. 2017 Calendar submissions

    I hope to see you also Steve. I bet since its Scott's last show he expects me to take more pictures of him
  2. 2017 Calendar submissions

    Found a little time to play around this morning. Maybe some Black and White?
  3. Taking electric start out of 551??

    I just finished one today. Replaced the Techy with a k91 Kohler. The pulleys would not interchange so I had to pick up two 3/4 ID. Then I had to pull the flywheel from the Kohler and run an additional wire to the condenser from the kill switch to shut it off. I also had to tap the exhaust port to run the black pipe for the exhaust. Piece of cake!
  4. Rearranging for winter!

    What do we have hanging from the stack? Exhaust manifold heat exchanger? Or is that a turbo for quicker snow removal?
  5. What a different perspective from the air. Very cool. You might get your audio blocked on the plowing video. I entered the copy right zone last year making Scotts video and they blocked mine. Great work!
  6. How about a nine minute video?
  7. 6th Annual North Central Indiana Meet & Greet

    Hey Pullstart, got what ya need! Look for the heavy guy with the big camera! Scott will be able to direct you to me!
  8. 2015 Meet and Greet T-shirts

    Please put me down for one 3XL.
  9. Tractor Rides

    what caliber is that? I imagine they won't heal from those stings! I love my 17HMR, need more varmints in the field to pop at! 22.250 Remington 700 bull barrel with a 12x mounted on top! Glasses and floated with a very light trigger pull. Coyote - Hog buster. I lose sleep wondering with my lower caliber weapons (if they happen to make it back to thier dens) if I have done my job. No guess work with the 250! Just way to many of the destructive varmints this year. Big sis is forever greatful especially after her husband shot thier shed.
  10. Tractor Rides

    I gave four of them a ride this month! They we're destroying my sisters garden and yard!
  11. Memorial Day Displays

    One of the boys must have brought the heat in the middle of the night. The poor Simplicity was missing its head light and was really beat up when I found it Saturday morning! Boys will be boys!
  12. Memorial Day Displays

    Started out Friday afternoon with what I thought was a great display. Look what I found Saturday morning! Gotta love my neighbors.
  13. American Pickers This Week- New Episode "Grudge Match"

    Made me feel like a child on on an Easter Egg Hunt! So much fun last night! Thank You for all the information leading up to the big event Lane. Much appreciated!
  14. Artistic Wheel Horse picture thread

    Found a couple more. Started playing around with these last year after Scotts 2013 Meet and Greet. Hope you like.
  15. Artistic Wheel Horse picture thread

    John requested a color photo of his tractor that I took at Scotts Meet and Greet. Here ya go buddy along with a few others!