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    1974 B-80 named: "Princess" with mower deck.
    1976 B-80 parts tractor
    1972 Commando 800 with deck
    1968 Electro 12 mutt, named "Thor" (with snowblower & plow)
    1973 "No-Name" 12hp Automatic (currently not running yet!!!)
    Simplicity Dump cart (painted WH RED!!!)
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  1. parting out 1976 B-80 roller

    I still have that 1977 B-80 roller with a working 8-speed transmission. I know you were once interested. R you still? I made a trip to Maine for Thanksgiving weekend. I should have brought with me. Anyways. Let me know. I make several trips up there on occasions. We should talk... if you are interested. -Jim
  2. Got a deal on 702 today

    Great WNY find!!!!! Born & raised north of Buffalo. Family still there! I bought a Commando 800 near Lancaster, NY (Where my sister lives).
  3. Nice job! Looks awesome!
  4. Parking Brale Handle

    What are the part numbers? So I am guessing your C-160 has an automatic hydro transmission? What kinda transmission?
  5. Has anyone gone to have things powder-coated. I visited a local tire distributor recently and they were offering chrome powder-coat (among other colors as well). They said they do a lot of trucker's rims. The guy before me was picking up some motorcycle parts done in chrome. They looked awesome. When I asked for pricing of small hubcaps. They replied that I had to bring them in for estimate. I haven't been back in that area, well I also keep forgetting to put the hubcaps in my car. Just curious!!!
  6. Loaded tires

    How do you fill them? How much RV antifreeze do you use per tire?
  7. Foot rests for a 657

    PHO GUY Here are the measurements: Left-side (as you would be sitting on tractor) post must extend 7-1/2"; Right-side post must extend 5-1/2", From the dash tower 2 rear support bracket is 7-3/4", from the center off the front posts to rear support is 19-1/2". I have attached a pic of my 1974 B-80 setup if that helps. Let me know if that is something you can modify to work on your tractor.
  8. C100 with front end loader

    The front-end loader may not be from Wheel Horse, but custom-made I presume. Most Wheel Horse's of that era had those standard (2) pedals. If it was a WH loader of that era they would have had the clearances, I presume. I never owned one. Wheel Horse had put ID tags on all their equipment including attachments. My .
  9. C100 with front end loader

    TO !!!!!! Looks like a nice strong running tractor. Just remember to put weights on the wheels/rear-end. To truly identify your tractor, you need to look at the ID Tag, usually located on steering tower. This ID Tag will give the model number and serial number. If you post that, then we will be able to determine for you the year.
  10. loader wh on the mass pike

    I could see someone owning a (1) WH and never become a member . Wheel Horse manufactured alot of tractors in their years. In my travels, if I see someone using a Wheel Horse, I stop and "shop" talk to them about their WH. Some never heard of RedSquare. Which is odd because if you search Wheel Horse on the web: you get WHCC and RedSquare forum. BTW: Bob, I was of the understanding that you had to be a member of WHCC (I am) to attend the Big Show. Is that true?
  11. Need advise on freight in the US

    Well, shipping costs r shipping. Becoming more costly nowadays is not like it use 2 b!
  12. A Hello & Some Background

    You are the man!!!!!
  13. A Hello & Some Background

    OMG! You have the fever. Run with it!!!!
  14. A Hello & Some Background

    TO !!! Love the pics! Enjoy your tractors! BTW: love that your puppies were involved in the excitement!
  15. Happy wheelhorseoween

    Love, love it!!!!!!