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    1976 B-80 parts tractor
    1972 Commando 800 with deck
    1968 Electro 12 mutt, named "Thor" (with snowblower & plow)
    1973 "No-Name" 12hp Automatic (currently not running yet!!!)
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  1. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    That is the cover to the oil breather. Inside you see a small mesh-like filter. You can buy them.
  2. Foot rests for a 657

    to Those footrest "pegs" were used on many models of that time period (early 60's). By the late 60's-70's Wheel Horse started using the longer wider footrests. What kind of Wheel Horse do you have? Look for an ID tag that should be mounted on steering tower that tag will have model number. or post a pic and someone on here will help you ID the tractor that you have. I looked around my barn but unfortunately found only a single footrest peg. I do have a pair of the longer style.
  3. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    I recommend just before fuel pump. I think if you place it closest to the tank, that would be the lowest spot, and gravity will make the gas naturally flow to to that point, you may be defeating the use of the check valve. Just my Ed let us know how they work out for you. Curious on where you run the wires to, obvious the ignition, I think ???
  4. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    When you convert to a electric fuel pump, What kind do you guys prefer?
  5. Need some advice

    What kinda degreaser did you use? LOL! May have been the old patina under a lot of grease aged under sunlight or the elements??!
  6. Ouch! Must have been a whamp, whamp ride!!!! LOL! Let me look at my spindle bucket o'parts for you to see what I have!
  7. Deck parts

    to Have you tried searching in RedSquare Manuals section under implements? Tons of deck manuals to download! Sort the Search to "Title" and look at 30" mower decks. Hope that helps? Just my . Best of Luck!
  8. Great start to a nice restore! Keep us updated!
  9. A special Thanks goes out to "Horsing Around RS" for providing me an absolutely awesome mule drive for my B-80! Thanks Mark! Thanks! Pics to follow on that Electro 12 tractor with headlights a blazin' "Thor" will be be my NE winter beast!!!!
  10. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    First attempt to airbrush flames on the hood!!!!!
  11. My first attempt to airbrush flames on the hood for my modified Electro 12, which I named "Thor". Asking for input or thoughts? The tractor in the background is my 1974 B-80 that I use for mowing. I was in the process of installing a new interstate battery and mule drive.
  12. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Awesome!!!! My Electro 12 extreme mod "Thor" has Toro Silver rims which I like + gonna paint rusted hubcaps the same! In the process of airbrushing realistic flames on front portion of hood! Will take pics if your interested?
  13. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Thanks. Did you buy there product online? Rattle can or quart can to be reduced and then sprayed?
  14. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Looking better Kyle! Curious: What silver paint/color did you use for the rims?