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    Thanks again @Sarge! My plan is to swap out my Sundstrand for the same 1968 Electro 12 "suppose-to-be-working" from Joe's Outdoor that I purchased. My last resort will be to use the 1973 No Name Auto piston-to-piston Sundstrand. I may want to someday want to restore the No Name, or maybe not, it has a Kohler breakerless ignition and the module went bad. Oh well, I think at this time I want to make the Electro 12 drive/work first. Purchased hoses/gasket from @wheelhorseman along with seals for the valve rods. Lowell recommended it. I don't even know what/where the valve rods are?? Newbie to the hydro world.
  2. Today's Haul!

    Yes, of all people, Craig.... YES you do!
  3. Today's Haul!

    I have two, with plans on building a lean-to off one! You just gotta love this addiction! Shhh! Better half understands/supports my "hobby" , but expanding??? Going for the first time to the BIG SHOW this year. Due to my gal's prior commitments, I will be attending alone... but with a money leash! lol!
  4. Today's Haul!

    Hmmm! Build another barn. LOL!
  5. Picking up a C120!

    TO C120 was on my wish list. Awesome machine. Plenty of parts out there, whether it be here in "Classified" , or EBay or craigslist, boneyard ...check with AtoZ Tractors in "classified" Vendor list.. Even better yet, find a "PARTS" tractor!
  6. Today's Haul!

    Wow! That is so awesome! Great find.
  7. Sunstrand hydro... what fluid?

    Thanks @pfrederi!! TSC is just up the road from me and I use the Neighbor's Rewards all the time. I avoid Wally World as much as possible... to the point of boycotting them. I feel they are monopolizing the retail industry. I would rather go out of my way to shop @ a mom & pop hardware store than go to Wally's World. BTW: I have 2 Super Walmarts in my town just a few miles apart. What? NO!!!! Will not go! Just my opinion!
  8. Happy Birthday Fred!

  9. $46.00 to your location. I can work with you on that.
  10. How far will you go?

    8hours once for a WH that cost only $100 for a running Commando & I visited relivatives on the way back!
  11. Happy Birthday Achto

    Happy Birthday Dan!!!!!! Jambalya??? Yum! Enjoy your day!

    Well @OLDASDIRT, I used your advice and consulted with Gordy of Nova Hydraulics to rebuild or have parts for my 1968 Sundstrand #90-2046 and they recommended I contact LJ Fluid Power in Michigan. Thanks again @Sarge for your referral!
  13. Sunstrand hydro... what fluid?

    Well the Sundstrand #90-2046 that I got from Joe's Outdoor continues to leak clear, thin oil; I did the smell test. No odor at all. Thinking it's mineral oil. I guess after I order the gasket #5955 which is NLA and replaced by possibly Toro part #102759 from ??? (who, other than Toro)???, I should once again flush the system with ATF. Anyone have any preferences as to what ATF they use? I will buy by the gallon, because it's cheaper that way to flush. Anyone use Tractor Supply "Traveller" ATF?