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    1974 B-80 named: "Princess" (with mower deck)
    1976 B-80 parts tractor. (selling parts)
    1972 Commando 800 (JUST recently SOLD)
    1968 Electro 12 mutt, named "Thor" (with snowblower & plow)
    1973 "No-Name" 12hp Automatic (currently not running yet!!!)
    Sears Dump Cart (painted WH RED!!!)
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  1. Happy Birthday Glen.

    Happy Birthday Glen!
  2. Happy Birthday Jimmy Jam

    Thanks Guys!!!!
  3. It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

    Me on my recently acquired C-160 in central Maine.
  4. What did you take home from the Big Show

    I bought a 36" rear discharge deck from A-Z Tractor and two front rims and tires from @fast88pu. Met a lot of people and had a great time spite the rain.

    I'm #32. Red t-shirt, red RS ball cap. Next to @elcamino/wheelhorse.
  6. She bought her own tractor !!!!

    Yeah that gas tank/muffler issue looks to be from a snowblower; but hey it runs and it's hers. Tell her to have fun with it!!!
  7. and re-purposed leftover parts.!!!
  8. @Racinbob is correct that ID tag is of a 1974 B-80. So someone must have bolted up a 8-spd transmission to it, because 74's had a 4-spd.
  9. Me neither!!!! No wheels!
  10. So 2 be clear we are measuring from tip of front of frame to back were tranny mounts. Correct?
  11. Interesting! 68' Electro 12, 73' No Name 12 Auto is same length.
  12. Eric, Eric. Yes please double check model # and serial #. I am thinking that that 76 B-80 could have been early manufacturing with leftover 75's. When I purchased the 1976 B-80 in Connecticut the original owner's son had possession of it. He said his dad bought it new. I spoke to the father and he said he bought it with hubcaps too, which were still on the tractor. Very rusty however!
  13. Yes the B-80 that Eric has from me was a 1976 8-speed. I ran it for many years until I got a princess of a 1974 B-80 4-speed. I then made the 76 a parts tractor. Same frame, known as a mid-frame. I just picked up a 77 C-160 (pictured) last weekend that I would like to restore with another long frame as well.