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    1976 B-80 parts tractor
    1972 Commando 800 with deck
    1968 Electro 12 mutt, named "Thor" (with snowblower & plow)
    1973 "No-Name" 12hp Automatic (currently not running yet!!!)
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  1. wh

  2. Complete set of orginal Bug Lights

    I have a set of HL-5 original chrome headlights 4 sale... 2 Chrome back "bugs" & working lights + chrome outer rings, headlights. Only a few headlight lens "clips" to hold lens in place. I do not have the tube bracket to mount the "bug-eyes".
  3. Question on GT 14 for sale

    TO . Sounds like a strong running machine. For the price, I think you should jump on it. Others may disagree.
  4. 1973 18 Auto Voltmeter Mod

    THANK YOU! Most helpful!
  5. 23x8.50-12 used Carlisle Turf-Saver TIRE

    Based on your profile, b v wheel 2017 you in live in Bradford, PA. So based on that zip code, to ship from Taunton, MA, the shipping for 1 tire will ship for $14
  6. 1973 18 Auto Voltmeter Mod

    So the long and short of it is... Check voltage @ the battery.!!! Would it be wiser to leave ammeter gauge alone @ this point in my "Princess" 1974 B-80? ....or disconnect the ammeter gauge in the event that some day I will regret doing that???
  7. 1973 18 Auto Voltmeter Mod

    So I usually see that it is mainly on the + side. Higher reading upon initial start up. I have never seen it go to zero; always an amp or two to the plus side. New battery. Is that normal?
  8. 1973 18 Auto Voltmeter Mod

    So...ok.... I never understood ammeters. What are they measuring and what should be the ideal number?
  9. 23x8.50-12 used Carlisle Turf-Saver TIRE

    Where do you live? Zip code?
  10. Correct wire gauge for k241

    Just throwing it out there: .... 953 nut made an excellent point .... depending on the year of the Kohler. I recently acquired a 1973 "No Name" 12. Couldn't get to start. After some research, I found out that in that one year, 1973, Kohler used a Solid State breakerless ignition module. Mine was bad. Just throwing it out there!
  11. Like Randy sez: PULL the tractor onto the trailer. My experiences of idling or driving up is not safe!! A come-along or winch is a better, slower, controlled method. I loaded my Commando 800 with flat tires on my trailer with a hand winch and placed it closer to the tongue for proper towing "balance". Hauled it 8 hours from WNY to Massachusetts, over the Berkshire Mountains (highest elevation on Interstate 90) without sway or incident. FYI: For extra precaution have your father bring Wheel Chocks! ...especially for the hilly driveway. Use caution if ice/snow is present. Better to park on street and roll tractor to trailer. Just my . Best of luck!! ....and always

    Commando 800 was sold to a local guy. Sorry it is no longer available.
  13. Merry Christmas

  14. 1971 Commando 800

    Changed Status to Closed

    To be honest it would take some persuasion to sell it. Looking for $700.