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  1. What's In Your Mirror?

    Had a little traffic delay on I-81 so took advantage of the opportunity to do a mirror shot. This is the 953 that Mike @Mike'sHorseBarn was good enough to sell me. Made it home safe and sound.
  2. The Wheel Horse Collectors Club and the staff of the 20th Annual WHCC Show did an outstanding job and provided us with an opportunity to gather and enjoy our hobby together.
  3. I’m not sure what model I have!

    1980 was the first year the C-175 had an Eaton Trans. Need the model number from the tag.
  4. These Wisconsin boys can get the job done in a hurry! I picked up a roller for the transmission and tires, gave the rest to Jim and @Achto, @WHX20 and @PeacemakerJack had it stripped down and in a cart in a matter of minutes, what a crew.
  5. Here are a few shots of this year's parade, @Mrs. Rules will be along with more. As usual "Wild Bill" did a great job running the parade and interviewing the participants.
  6. We had a fantastic turnout for the group photo, thanks so much for all who participated.
  7. Rest in Peace JimD

    Never had the opportunity to meet Jim in person but had several occasions to converse via PM. He was an asset to our hobby and will be missed. I pray that Jim's family will be comforted by the knowledge that God is waiting with open arms to welcome Jim to Heaven. I can only imagine Jim saying to God; Caption This! Gonna miss you Jim.

    Terry, the trading card program you came up with is outstanding. I think we will all agree that these cards have helped us spend more time getting to know each other and will be a lasting memory of the 2018 Big Show. @Vinylguy is the best!
  9. Valve Stems for Fluid

    One added word of caution. When you are adding the fluid to the tires with tubes be sure to use vice-grips on the valve stem. The tube becomes very heavy and the valve stem can slide into the hole and wedge the fill device into the hole. Don't ask me how I know this, I just know!
  10. I fabricated one from my valuable parts inventory a few years back, handy little thing and cost me nothing. When I tow it around at the flea market the sellers feel sorry for me and the price is more negotiable!
  11. Be a part of the 2018 Red Square Big Show Group Photo 11:30 AM, Friday
  12. 2018 Big Show

    Those fine rides belong to member @turnnleft from SC, he and his grandson are regulars at the Big Show.
  13. Great food and getting to meet some new friends and see friends we already know!