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  1. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    PM sent.
  2. As I see it this is a service to the members. I saw one of these CL information posts a couple of years back and was able to call my cousin who lived near by and made the purchase. If it hadn't been for a member bringing this out of town CL listing to my attention I would never have known about it. I don't think there is a problem with members sharing information with other members.
  3. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    The tensioner pulley probably has a wider hub than the one it was born with. I noticed this on mine when going through spare parts to replace mine with.
  4. Greetings to all of you.

    GT-14 is a great tractor, post some pictures and feel free to post any questions you have.
  5. What's In Your Mirror?

    I've seen him eat, you couldn't afford the upkeep!
  6. Bent trailer axel

    Back in the day when front axles on cars and trucks were "straight" the camber was adjusted by bending the axle by chaining it down to the alignment machine and jacking it to the desired angle. Don.t know if a shop these days would do that because of liability concerns.
  7. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Sleep on it! Check your grounds! Check your fuses. Cover the ignition switch connector magneto terminal (don't want to fry it), take a jumper from the battery + and plug it into the "S" terminal and see if the solenoid closes. Do the same to the accessory wire with light switch on, see what you have
  8. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    The transmission looks like it came from a Chrysler product. Home brew for sure, I like it!
  9. Happy Birthday Clueless!

    Happy Birthday Chris, we are all glad your born.
  10. 2018 Airville, Pa. Mud Sale

    Years back I was driving my street rod through Amish country and pulled into a gas station at the same time as an Amish man in his buggy. He was using the hand crank pump to buy kerosene while I was taking a restroom break. When I left the store I walked over and checked out the buggy and heard my wife laughing. Turns out the Amish man was checking out the street rod at the same time. We spoke for a few minutes and my wife asked if she could take a picture of us with the horse and buggy, he posed like a pro! Wish I had that picture to share.
  11. Great forum!

    Love the new decals, looking good!
  12. Tub Cart

    PM Sent.
  13. Steering Column on 417-8

    I will put an electric fuel pump on any that is not being restored to or kept in original condition.
  14. New Red Tractor to Me