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  1. Waiting for snow

    Killed a new battery, trashed it and won't buy another. I just go to the barn with a little 2 amp charger if snow is predicted and give it a couple hours of top off.
  2. You are in a good area for finding lots of .
  3. Wondering

    Most plastic bushings can easily be replaced by oil impregnated bronze bushings that can be picked up at any industrial supply or hardware store. The collar is a standard hardware store 3/4" collar, same thing on the washer, just a thin 3/4" thrust washer. That is the beauty of a , replacement parts are usually standard hardware rather than proprietary items that can only be obtained from the dealer.
  4. Raider 12 Old switch to new

    Sounds like you hit the jackpot when you found out about Carl.
  5. Wondering

    Like Bob said, be specific and we may be able to help you. Our files administrator has a lot of information on all sorts of tractors in the manuals section and several replacement parts numbers. You can brows the manuals section or give us more information and we will be happy to help.
  6. Overhauling an Eaton 1100

    @Daniels8286, You will get a lot better results by posting a new subject rather than posting to an old topic thread. At the top right of the home page you will see "Create" click on it and then click on "topic", next click on "Select" then click on "transmissions and transaxles". Click on "Continue" then post a "Title" and the question about the bearing. Include the model number of your also. Lots of members know a good deal about repair of Eatons. and more people will respond to a new posting. Hope this helps.
  7. c105 stuck in gear

    Glad it was nothing expensive. When you drain the transmission be sure to jack up the front end of the tractor because there is a hump in the bottom of the casting that will prevent complete draining if you don't.
  8. C-175 Update

    so, other than a new fuel line and cleaning up the fuel pump what was needed?: Are you going to buy the parts tractor too?
  9. Better gas available?

    Ed's state is #1!
  10. Lawn Ranger

    Sounds like you need to get a magic shed like Craig @AMC RULES has.
  11. Better gas available?

    110 won't do any harm, but there may be another outlet, check this out. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  12. Jeff, that is a masterpiece! The gun sight is the best use of brass and copper fittings I have ever seen.
  13. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I grew up on a dairy farm doing a little of everything and have have changed occupations several times. Some of them have been: journeyman electrician, hydroponic greenhouse manager, and most recently. nuclear power plant operator. I departed Florida Power and Light a dozen years ago and find that Retirement is the most satisfying occupation yet!
  14. Model 416 hydro

    The 416-H was made from 1990 to 1997 and presuming it was running well at the time the previous owner passed away there shouldn't be any problem putting it back to work. First thing you will need to do is replace the fuel line and filter and use some Seafoam in ethanol free gas( https://www.pure-gas.org/) to give it a fresh start. ethanol does a lot of harm to small engines. Go get it!
  15. Raider 12 Old switch to new

    You can get one on Ebay for # 10.00 with free shipping. Just look under Key Switch Wire Harness. 103990 is a good switch for battery ignition systems.