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  1. Horrid starter noise

    Think I would spring for the $ 20 to buy a new Bendix while you are at it.
  2. New member, new rj58

    You done Goooood! A little smoke is no big deal and the steering is better than the factory parts. Also, MASH is my all time favorite TV series and at our "Big Show" (Wheel Horse Collector Club Show) we have a MASH Pole.
  3. 1054

    Too bad yours doesn't have some patina!
  4. Horrid starter noise

    Tractor supply has a good selection, take the old one along to match up. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/search/gas cap toro Be sure to only use ethanol free gas, the ethanol will foul a fuel system. https://www.pure-gas.org
  5. what index handle should I use

    If you are at all mechanically inclined you may want to make one. If Toro has any in stock the price will probably be quite high.
  6. Volt meter reading

    It will work on the "I" or "A" post, just be sure the first thing leaving the terminal is a fuse in the circuit to protect the wiring.
  7. KH10541 screw from Magnum 12hp oil dipstick

    All of the fasteners on your engine are common hardware items. Take one of the other screws with you and head to ACE Hardware good supplier and match it up.
  8. 518-H runs then stalls

    If the vent on your fuel cap is plugged the fuel being removed from the tank will create a slight vacuum the fuel pump can't overcome. Try running it with the cap backed off a little.
  9. This chart will tell you what tractors it will fit and what blowers will fit your GT-14
  10. What's In Your Mirror?

    That is one fine looking 953! I have been a fan of the R&B website for years, they are first class. https://rbwheelhorsestables.yolasite.com/
  11. mid mount grader

    I had both types and sold the one that attaches to the rear axle because it tended to dig in too much. The mid mount is best for controlling your cut and I do not use a solid link when it is on a hydro, a chain will keep it from digging in. A landscape rake behind helps to finish the job (mine is home made).
  12. The Wheel Horse difference

    We are glad you came along too. For me this site is all about people helping others, It is sort of like sitting around the shop sharing information about tractors and other random thoughts we exchange with each other. The only thing this electronic gathering place doesn't have is the handshake and warm smiles you can exchange in person, that is what the "Big Show" is for.
  13. OK, Paul @pfrederi and Eric @ebinmaine, take a look at this drawing, it will be added to my electrical post.