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  1. Sure sorry you didn't come here first, lots of great people with a bunch of knowledge and advice.
  2. Take a look at this post, if you don't find what you want do a search on here for narrow front.
  3. I am in Florida and can't make it to this auction but hope someone here can. It is Saturday, outside of Hickory NC and can be viewed on CL. VINTAGE MOWERS & EQUIPMENT: Early Wheel Horse mowers, Simplicity 728 mower, Toro 550 mower, Toro tiller, Wheel Horse 702 mower, Wheel Horse RF67, Wheel Horse 1056, Like new 1960's Toro professional reel mower 70 inch, Toro & Wheel Horse decks & parts SATURDAY, MARCH 25th, 10:00 AM, Rain or shine410 Walker Foundry Loop Taylorsville, NC 28613
  4. That explains why all of my employees were so productive after hours!
  5. Kohler Single Cylinder Engine Specs _ Torque Values and Sequences for Fasteners _ Identification & Torque Settings of Most Commonly Used Grades of Bolts (1).html
  6. The 1277 would be a 12 HP and the plug gap is .035.
  7. bring it on!
  8. I have noticed that sellers of MF seem to think they are worth a lot of money. Presuming the electric clutch is the same as a there is a lot of good information on here to help you repair that.
  9. Never seen a with that drive type, hope you can find one.
  10. Manny, the belt drive for a sickle bar mower is sort of a sideways mule drive attached to the mower. I'll see if I can find a picture and post it.
  11. The 654s being round hoods are probably the most sought after of the group, though all are very collectible. I understand that the Nebraska authorities are watching for you at the state line, they hang horse rustlers there!
  12. that is amazing!
  13. The eight speed transaxle would be a big plus for the C-120, but like @Agage1 said; I'm putting my money on the 953.
  14. Only on St Patrick's Day!
  15. This sit may be able to fix you up. http://www.fillernecksupply.com/10-weld-in-filler-necks/