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  1. Voltage Regulator/Rectifier

    Should be in the 36 volt range at half throttle or above. 20 volts AC rectified to DC will produce about 9 volts.
  2. Johnny Cash would be proud! Looks like a great project. What is your supervisor's name?
  3. Happy Birthday @Tankman, we are all glad you were born.
  4. Charging system

    With any electrical problem the first step is to clean and tighten ALL connections. The wiring diagram in this manual should help.
  5. To buy, or not to buy

    The brand of engine will help determine the model. Just because a previous owner painted and lettered it doesn't tel you much in a lot of cases. There should be a model number sticker under the seat (probably painted over) that will let us know a bit more. Presuming it runs well and everything works well it is probably well priced.
  6. Got my first wheel horse d160

    You got a great set up there and I'm sure all would agree you made out on the trade.
  7. Hello from Bama

    A Wheel Horse will be a great choice. Post a wanted ad here and you may find a seller near by. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/wanted/
  8. When a Sundstrand Hydro works well in one direction but not in the other it is probably an acceleration valve or the associated springs. The valve near the front of the transmission is the reverse valve. Check the manual and it has good detailed information on them.
  9. need some idea's

    The biggest problem would be getting the word out to all who own garden tractors. Don't know your part of the country, but where I am there aren't any garden tractor only events. I guess if you printed up flyers and attended every tractor and engine show for the year within a 200 mile radius passing them out you could generate some interest.
  10. Foot rests for a 657

    Give A-Z Tractor a call, they can fix you up. http://a-ztractor.com/
  11. Rusted relics of the farm

    Jeff, I bet you had a lot of hours behind the wheel of that equipment while growing up.
  12. Apple Country show pictures

    Just an inexpensive Kodak Digital point and shoot idiot box, that is all I'm qualified to use.
  13. Winter prep

    You could buy a four wheel dolly and rest the blower on it when you shut down then you could drive it out the door to warm up.
  14. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    If you have a points and coil ignition system run a fused line from the "+" side of the coil to the pump. On a Magneto or trigger ignition system you can use the accessory terminal of the ignition switch.