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  1. I need a carb

    In your case it wold be the triangular one because the choke cable is coming up. If it were coming down (like on na GT-14) it would be the long skinny one.
  2. RJ-58 Restoration

    Fully understand and looking forward to your progress when the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in perfect alignment. Hold on, that is today!
  3. Wheel Horse 310-8 Seat Cover

    I am unaware of any seat covers specifically resigned for the seat on a 310. Good quality replacement seats can be purchased at Tractor Supply and other store of that type. If yours has the newer type seat that has a seat switch strip built into it you can remove it from the old seat and slide it into the slot provided in the new seat. The switch I am referring to looks like this and slides into a slot provided in the seat's foam on newer models. No special tools needed.
  4. PTO pulley slots

    For mowing you will want to use the larger pulley and for a snow blower the smaller one. Each implement owner's manual should include this information. Here is a manual for the PTO itself.
  5. 310-8 axle seals

    This PDF has all of the bearing and seal numbers you could ever want, enjoy. If you encounter any problems in removing and installing the seal there ore lots of good threads on here covering the process. UNI DRIVE TRANS 3.pdf
  6. I was thinking that if you put a spacer between the axle housing and upper fender to raise it up enough and make a new longer front panel which would end up a bit further forward it would get the job done and look stock to the untrained eye. Don't know that covering the width of the tire is that important.
  7. wheel horse wont drive

    This list will help you find the proper information. wheelhorseallyears.pdf
  8. The seat looks very comfortable. I agree. ags are way better than car tires.
  9. Hello from Cincinnati

    Very capable of those tasks.
  10. Dual wheel adaptors

    Near the top right corner of the home page you will see + Create. click on it and you will see a drop-down, select and click on Topic then scroll down until you see Introductions, click on it and fill in your title and post away. You could start a new classified post here, also most garden tractors of that era used the same rims so you may be able to find some by posting on Craig's List. etc.
  11. 312 Won't Crank Over????

    Do you have 12 volts to the "B" terminal of the ignition switch? Did you check the 25 amp fuse?
  12. C161 arrived...

    What are your plans for it?
  13. Bigger carb ?

    Brian Miller is the man with the answers. Here is a link to his web site. http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/index.htm
  14. 312-Hydro...What year is it?

    Here you go.
  15. Hello from Cincinnati

    The 257 is great for mowing but not intended for ground engagement equipment. Depending on your needs for a garden tractor the 300 or 400 series may be a better choice.