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    1963 953 Serial # 62 829 with snow cab, project
    1963 953 Serial # 34444 survivor
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    1963 953 project
    1965 1055 #108214
    1970 GT14 with Johnson front end loader
    1987 418 C worker
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  1. wh

    Just click on this link and see who has one. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/wanted/?do=form&d=2 You could give Lincoln a call at A-Z Tractor. http://a-ztractor.com/
  2. My 753 wheel horse

    Lots of good information on this site and lots of opinions too. My opinion is that the 753 is a cool tractor to have.
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Solar Powered, We had about an inch, but the driveway is very steep and not too much sun gets to it (plus we were only seeing temps in the teens). I wouldn't have plowed this morning except for an important appointment my wife had, she was getting her nails done! This was my first time plowing with the 418-C and I must say the Eaton hydro and lift made the job a pleasure. My wife commented that I will do anything to get more seat time, guess she caught on to me! Finished up about 9:00 and then turned to Jay's solar snow melting device to do the rest. So far it is working well where the shadows don't get in it's way.
  4. Newbi question

    Take a look at the dash and the throttle/choke levers, 1972 or newer.
  5. First start of K181 from auction

    In a pinch a long socket extension or piece of tubing against the ear can help pinpoint a knock.
  6. What is it???

    I'm curious what the heavy duty front axle came from?
  7. Newbi question

    I'm thinking a 1973, perhaps 12 HP.
  8. Go Cart Front Snow Skis

    You are having too much fun!
  9. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    The picture of the peg with a stirrup foot rest wasn't his tractor. No offence intended, just wasn't sure if you had read the earlier posts.
  10. Hello from the great white north

    We all want to see what we were never supposed to lay our hands on!
  11. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    It has been confirmed that it is a 1973 16 Automatic! It is a Hydro. The Hydro Lift was an option. All of this was covered several posts ago. Quit
  12. Catastrophic failure

    Looking at the photo you don't see any signs of cracks or flaws that had been festering and finally gave, just one clean break. Strange. Only broken crank I've seen was on a built small block Chevy and it snapped off where the flywheel bolts up, happened at the starting line and took the bell housing with it. Glad you found another engine.
  13. That would be my big concern, what will it look like after life happens?
  14. hydraulic lift kit

    Search function must have a bug! I typed in 4-4113 and only one manual came up so I posted it and went on, now I see it wasn't the proper one. Glad Garry cam along with the right one for you.