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  1. to always like to hear of a third generation owner. The C-81 is special.
  2. Lots of penetrating oil and patients, perhaps back the axle bolt out a few turns and drive it around in a figure eight. Whatever you do, don't use a big hammer!
  3. Now that is dedication to duty! Just one of those Kodak Moments that has passed us by. there are no .
  4. That key was used on most of the line until 1964.
  5. to good looking , it will do a lot of amazing things for you. This manual will come in handy.
  6. back to I am not sure about the hood stand, but the majority of sheet metal is 18 gauge during the '60s. With all of the great builds your dad has done I'm sure this will be a good one too.
  7. Have you thought about using a pull behind fertilizer spreader?
  8. Remove the lead to the condenser, if it is the problem your spark will return.
  9. OK, you asked for it!
  10. Last Friday we has six inches; got some seat time plowing the driveway. This Friday it was sunny and 70* and I worked in the barn in short sleeves.
  11. a few of our vendor members can help you out; @A-Z Tractor @daveoman1966 @Joes Outdoor Power and @Kelly are all good sources, hope one of them will work out for you. If not there is always , but prices on there have been going crazy!
  12. So the ones with blue and orange got to know two rams? They had a boyfriend, little lambs to follow!
  13. Some rims have the valve on the outside (deep side) of the rim, 1267 did.
  14. Goood looking and equally good story.