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  1. Is this a recent acquisition with a problem or is this a problem that has suddenly appeared or been developing over time. We need a bit more history on this to provide a worthwhile answer.
  2. You answered your own question!
  3. Our grand daughter Mackenzie is a real book worm and a Disneyholic. She is 12 and is a seventh grader enrolled in a Magnet School with a concentration in Medical and Computer Sciences. She has already gone far beyond my limited ability to help with her homework. I may need to sell some of my herd in a few years to help with collage tuition.
  4. The pump and cylinder on 953s are basically the same as the HY-2 and 3 and the manual for them is a lot clearer than what is in the 953 manual. The cylinder can be taken apart by unscrewing the pipe thread fittings at both ends. As Lane said, you can get repair parts from Lowell. http://www.wheelhorseman1000.com/product-p/hy-es.htm
  5. Reading your post I saw the chair and figured that was the stand you built! NICE! Oil it down, celebrate the patina! PS, your wife is becoming a great welder, nice work from both of you.
  6. So, that would be a 312-8; good reliable model which will last forever if properly maintained. Here is a copy of the manual for your transmission.
  7. You mean this one?
  8. Guess we know where Mike can be found a few years from now; on the "Bus Stop Bench" outside VS.
  9. Just an image I pulled up on Google to show him what it looks like and how it works; Saved me a trip to the barn.
  10. You will need to use an impact wrench (air or electric) to remove the nut and a good "bearing splitter" to remove the pulley (without it you stand a good chance of ruining the pulley. If you don't have one you can rent one.
  11. Presuming it was functioning properly for some time with a twenty amp fuse I don't think you will have any better results with a twenty five. Once you have resolved the problem you might want to use a twenty five. First you need to look at all of the wires in the path, make sure none are making contact with the frame or other metal.
  12. I don't think you should use them on either one; they would look great on my Suburban!
  13. While kursing CL I spotted this; thought I would share it.