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  1. 1277??

    When you posted this I was wondering about it because it is the same wheel that my 1267 had. To day I was looking up something on my beloved 953s and came across this. 4875 is the two spoke 953/1054 steering wheel, perhaps the 4820 is the smaller three spoke. Just thought you would like to know.
  2. 8hp 4 speed not charging battery

    I have found the the internal 9 volt battery in a multi meter can give bad readings if it is week.
  3. resurrecting the c111

    In no time at all a beautiful SWAN will emerge!
  4. 520-8 Electric Lift

    Lots of threads on here about how well people life the electric lifts, the picture below shows all tghe parts and pieces needed. Probably the most challenging part would be changing out the rockshaft. Put an ad in the classifieds, someone is bound to have one.
  5. Happy Birthday @VinsRJ, we are all glad you were born!
  6. '61 Rock shaft removal tips needed

    Great tip Garry @gwest_ca! If using a battery I would caution you that a dead short like that could cause the battery to explode so it is best to cover it with an old wool coat and weight down a plastic container over that. Eye, face and hand protection should also be used.
  7. Black Hood/back-up camera

    Always nice to see a in the rear view!
  8. 855 mower belt?

    Should be able to find it here. Belts-Deck+Tractor.pdf
  9. A couple of pictures could be helpful. For that matter we would kind of like to see the others too.
  10. A stranger to the herd - but its RED

    Hard to pass up a Kohler 16 HP thumper for $ 150, the tractor was free at that point.
  11. Best Zero Turn Mower

    We needed a new rider for my church and after researching the options out there we bought the Toro TimeCutter 50" with a Kohler V Twin engine. Due to tight confines of headstones and trees in the cemetery and other areas we couldn't use a bigger mower. The biggest selling feature for me is the steering system with a steering wheel rather then swing arms. We have several steep slopes and the steering wheel has a more natural feel for the operator and if things go bad a swing arm setup could aggravate the situation but the steering wheel operation seems comfortable. We mow about six acres and what took a day or more with the 48" JD rider is less than a day now. Both drive wheels are powered and stop with hydraulics rather than a differential so it is much safer on damp areas and steep grades too.
  12. I never knew a 701 had a clutch switch.
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