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  1. Size help

    Thank you.... off to ace....
  2. Size help

    Toro number: 9108372 Im missing one and wonder if anyone knows what size pan head screw this is.
  3. 5 minutes. Park on concrete and slides easier. Pull deck or push so the height adjustment lever goes away from tractor. Wiggle here, lift deck lever, slide..... easy
  4. Mystery Bracket Quiz Time

  5. Mystery Bracket Quiz Time

    Pretty sure it replaces the OEM bracket to keep the muffler bearings in place. I just got one myself from Amazon. Coming from China...2-6 year delivery time .
  6. Cut and a bath.

    Why you can still find them you know!😏
  7. Cut and a bath.

    Well the new to me 520 has pleasantly surprised me. No hidden issues and runs strong. Today after cutting it got another bath. I love getting on a clean machine.... specially in a neighborhood of cubs and craftsmen machines!
  8. FINALLY....The Holy Grail....I got a 520!

    I ordered 2 of the sutong wd1044 rears. Will let you know what I think.
  9. 36in RD Very Solid Deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. 520 start up

    All great info. I worry a little but new 520 with 532 hours should be with me for a long time. May need to get Matts pedal when I get a couple $. BTW, the 112 was sold to help fund my first horse.
  11. Bitter sweet 312-8

    Sorry to hear about that....
  12. 36in RD Very Solid Deck

    Very solid and spins freely.
  13. NOS clevis hitch and hardware

    Changed Status to Pending
  14. 520 start up

    That's funny! I also had a 112. Did the same thing. My boy likes it too! Thanks for info.