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  1. When I get the collar centered and try and turn it, the whole bearing/race spins also......
  2. Ugh! Spent an hour on this and no luck!! I'll keep trying but may need a beer!
  3. Progress

  4. I bathed the red team today and to make sure I'll have very little snow removal this winter I put the blower on. If I want to wear shorts in January, I'll put the chains on.
  5. 520h anniversary for similar 416-314h

    So I'm kicking around the idea of trading my 520h anniversary model with 570ish hours on it for a similar year / condition 416h or 314h. Considering because the 520 is a gas hog and more machine than I need. Very nice shape and has lead a pampered life. New tires and runs 100%. Nice 48sd deck but also want new machine with a 48sd. PO stored under deck in the summer so back of fender pans slightly faded but all in all one awesome machine in GREAT shape. Everything works 100% . Kicking around for offers. No hurry or need get rid so trade would have to be equal. Thanks
  6. Again.....thanks guys!!!!
  7. So to clarify...it spins on???
  8. Some.. .I'll have to look and see if the is a bearing surface on the race for the collar to fit on..... Thanks for pic and great info
  9. In the photo you can see the main pulley on the blower. Not sure the purpose of the part on pointing at. It has a set screw and appears to be a kind of bearing cap with no seal. It's just loosely riding on the shaft. Thanks in advance.
  10. Mower deck storage rack / pallet.

    Seems like a lot of work when the obvious solution is right in front of you...... Let me store them at my place!
  11. Wheel Horse Snow Blowers

    Wheel horse snow blowers.(2) Single stage work well with all parts and belts. 150 each.
  12. Can any one tell me what the difference between these 2 high chute blowers are? I understand the years manufactured are different, but is the 79360 just a replacement model number? thanks 06-42ST07 vs 79360
  13. Hi all, checking to see if this will fit my 520??? Thanks model of blower is 0642ST07
  14. Size help

    Thank you.... off to ace....
  15. Size help

    Toro number: 9108372 Im missing one and wonder if anyone knows what size pan head screw this is.