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  1. Changed Status to Closed
  2. All great info. I worry a little but new 520 with 532 hours should be with me for a long time. May need to get Matts pedal when I get a couple $. BTW, the 112 was sold to help fund my first horse.
  3. Sorry to hear about that....
  4. Very solid and spins freely.
  5. Changed Status to Pending
  6. That's funny! I also had a 112. Did the same thing. My boy likes it too! Thanks for info.
  7. NOS clevis hitch.
  8. Is it normal to have some smoke.... 2-3 seconds during startup? My 314 kohler command does but not sure if it's anything to worry about with the p220.
  9. Well the "loft" is done! As you can see, I have 2 blowers, a 36rd deck, some gas cans and a few other odds and ends up there. Thank goodness with my neighbors help, two 40 something year old men were able to heft the blowers into place! Now there's room for 2 horses and a Big Bear!
  10. If you find a rockshaft that would fit a 312-8 I'm looking for one

  11. Good info. Thank you
  12. How about the lift arm and flag? Ok same.... thanks
  13. And what is this part with the pulley?!
  14. Is the lift rod and flag the same as the old models???
  15. Wondering if this (model 79360) and parts with it is what I need for my 314 and 520??! i have older small chutes so want to make sure. thanks