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  1. Misc 520H parts

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Misc 520H parts

    Here are a few parts the i have left over: 2 Pulleys (new) 1 Rear light lens (new) 1 battery hold down (used) Deck decal (new) p/n 106753 $25 OBO for all. I won't separate. Shipping should be about $7
  3. OK, thanks. That's 5/8-18 for anyone else who may have the same question.
  4. Need to call the wife to run by the hardware store. Anyone know the thread size of the top nut???
  5. 520H Wiring questions

    My 520 is an '88. I will pull out the multimeter tonight and try to narrow down the problem.
  6. I'm doing some work on my 520H. First of all, there is a intermittent open circuit somewhere near the 10 amp fuse feeding the instrument panel. Any ideas on a typical cause? When I wiggle the wires, the connections comes and goes. It may be the fuseholder itself, I just haven't narrowed it down. Second question: where is the hydro temp sensor located?? Thanks for your help.
  7. Repair Spindle on 48" Mower Deck

    Bowtie - Thanks for the info
  8. Repair Spindle on 48" Mower Deck

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check the shaft. Regardless of the shaft, It still might be cheaper to weld the housing rather than replace it.
  9. I've got a 520H with a 48" mower deck. One of the spindles has broken at the flange, so now I only have three mounting bolts instead of four. Has anyone tried to weld these? (I have the both pieces) Is the housing cast aluminum or cast iron? These are nearly $70 new, so I'm try to save some money.
  10. Hard Starting P220

    I've had the same issue for a while. I may try some 100% gasoline and see if that helps. It would be worth the extra ~ 30 cents a gallon
  11. 48" Deck Rehab

    Looks good. I'm working on re-doing my 48" deck off my 520H right now. Been putting it off for a long time.