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  1. 2013 - January Wheel Horse of the Month

    Congratulations Jake.
  2. Craigslist surprise

    These Wheel Horses always seem to clean up well.
  3. Picked up a C-101

    From here it looks like you got a fantastic deal.
  4. I saw that, and another for a high price without arm rests . Each has a high priced tag, but doesn't seem to be selling. I'm speculating that this seat was an option for C series tractors back in the 70's. I was just going to put an aftermarket seat on the A-90,. but my wife likes the seat because it is small like the tractor. Maybe I'll just get it re-upholstered, all it that is needed is backrest, but that's the part with the horse on it.
  5. @Kelly. Now that is a small world. The previous owner said that some guy wanted to buy the seat,and mentioned that the seat wasn't original to this tractor, so. I wonder if there might be some value in that seat. She's going to need new tires before she'll run the wheels off, which she was talking about getting right away,, and she's already talking about painting it, I guess her tractor will be a priority.
  6. The snow is gone, she plowed it all! Seriously we've been enjoying the 50 and 60 degree temperatures the last couple of days. This has returned to ice and snow again. I keep forgetting it is still January. This is her tractor, and I am glad it runs good, so I don't get the "hun my tractor isn't running right." She's all set to learn about maintenance, and even with the flu she came outdoors to ask if she could try changing the oil. She's anxious to make her tractor look pretty again too with Wheel Horse colors and decals. Being a little under 5 feet tall,, the A-90 is the perfect size for her. I guess it is easy to fall in love with a Wheel Horse, Thanks for all the nice comments.
  7. My wife wanted a Wheel Horse of her own, and after a little search for one over the holidays, we found a a 1977 A-90. This seemed to be the best fit for her. Got it going yesterday, and she here she is taking it for a little drive. She loves this tractor, I guess we'll be arguing over who mows the lawn.
  8. why i worked 23 hours newyears day!

    Met some good friends because of Wheel Horse tractors. Ha Ha we had 64 degree temperatures in Indiana today, gonna be in the 30's tomorrow, probably be plowing snow again soon.
  9. Thanks Don I was lucky to have the exact starter that I needed on an MTD with a Briggs and it works fine. Still I need the knowledge for future reference but havn't come up with an old Briggs and Stratton parts list for a vertcal shaft 8 hp.Any idea where there is a site on this?
  10. I used PB blaster a little each day, or I also used a big plastic tub with straight vinegar in it. Let it set a few days, don't let it dilute. It might take 20 bucks of cheap vinegar, but still this is cheaper than replacing parts in the long run. Other than that, I used a little small propane torch the kind that cost about three dollars. I bought the attachmenet to heat things for around nine dollars at Menard.
  11. Lectric wheelhorse on epay

    Yeah I saw what looked like a D series for around that price too. The thing is that the batteries are expensive, and usually the acid leaks and eats away the sheet metal Might be cool to own one, has to be a big hit at tractor and garden shows. I wonder how many of these hybrids will have the same problem ten years from now.
  12. I'm doing a semi restoration on a 77 A-90 with a 8hp vertical shaft Briggs and Stratton. The terminal is worn and difficult to remove, so I opened the starter for easier access, and saw that a piece of the bake light brush housing cracked. I know that I can replace this as a partial assembly, but there no longer is a part number on the starter. Looking for a cap or even a starter replacement has me baffled since there seems to be several starters to choose from. I hear that there are several different shaft sizes available and trying to order this part doesn't give the option of shaft size. The body of the starter is 3 inches. Any other way of telling what kind of starter I have without ordering and sending back the part until I hit the jackpot?
  13. Well I bought a Wheel Horse 551

    Oh yeah, you have a great find!
  14. Lawn Ranger

    a nice little tractor, $175 isn't bad, considering that it is a Wheel Horse and you'll get many more years out of it.