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  1. They practically live in my yard.
  2. From 22" to 23" rear tires

    I just put 23" tires on my 314H and it's perfectly fine.
  3. New to me 875

    The 875 spent the Winter in the stock trailer. It did need a head gasket. So yesterday I fired it up and drove it off the trailer. It's going to need some tinkering and a serious clean up of course, but it runs and drives. I'm planning to take it to the CAMA tractor show in Kent, CT May 6-7.
  4. I ended up selling the tractor. I went a little overboard last fall and picked up 5 riders, 3 WH and 2 Gravely, so I figured I needed to lighten the load a little. I kept the C160 and 875, both of which I got running.
  5. I'm selling my Raider 10 with Tecumseh engine, along with a snowblower and rototiller. The engine has no spark, I have no idea if it's a simple fix or whether it needs a module. The PO said it ran a couple of years ago and I believe him, when I got it it was parked in the garage facing out with the snowblower on like it was just waiting for the next snow. It's all original except for a rattle can paint touch up, it even has the original tires which hold air but probably not as long as they should. It's straight and dent free and little to no rust anywhere. As is where is with the blower and tiller.
  6. New to me 875

    Finally something to report. I rebuilt the carb, put the fuel pump back on with a new diaphram from Brian. And...it runs! I'm not sure about the engine health however, I'm pretty sure it at least needs a new head gasket. https://youtu.be/ViAgPnDwsQM
  7. New to me 875

  8. New to me 875

    I took it apart and have the parts soaking in acetone. It looks like I should be able to just clean it up. Wish I had a piece of whatever that gasket/diaphram is made out of though. The carb body is in the carb soak can.
  9. 1970 Raider 10 "Under Tarp Find"

    In the last week I'm 2 for 2 freeing hung valves in Kohlers by pouring ATF down the spark plug hole and letting them sit a couple of hours.
  10. New to me 875

    One step forward and 3 back. I put the gas tank back on and replaced all of the line and fittings from tank to fuel pump. Fuel into the pump, none out. So I took the pump off, it's a vacuum pump. I took it apart and it's not too bad inside but parts that should move don't. I think I can clean it and it might work, but as carefully as I took it apart, already I have a tiny spring that I'm not sure where it goes. Does anyone have an exploded view of the parts inside those pumps? Google has not been helpful. I pretty much decided that there was little chance that the carb had escaped being gunked up so I took that off for a cleaning and rebuild also. This is getting to be a project!
  11. New to me 875

    I ended up supplementing the acetone with small rocks picked up off the driveway, and it came up pretty clean. Coming down the home stretch...
  12. New to me 875

    I tried the lacquer thinner I had and it didn't do anything. So I tried your suggestion and it is working, but it seems to be a process. Which leads me to ask what will probably be the dumbest question asked on the forum today: I'm thinking of speeding the process by putting a piece of chain in the tank with the acetone and sloshing it around, there's no chance that I could make a spark and blow my face off is there? Feel free to laugh, I can take it.
  13. New to me 875

    Thanks, I will!
  14. Thanks for the links. Here's a pic of what I've got: Here's the tractor:
  15. I just got it a few weeks ago, apparently it ran for the previous owner. The decal on the engine says it has electronic ignition. The only troubleshooting I've done so far is to try a different plug.