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  1. Throttle

    I ditched the rubber over the handle idea.took some channel locks and squeezed the pinion on the cable ,works like new now.I guess different methods would work,all depends on what condition peoples cables are in ..Luckiley mine just need a good squeeze ..
  2. Kool,can i befriend you ?your bout the only chick on this web site....lol,great to see a lady on here ..... :orcs-cheers:
  3. speed

    I dont have a puller but i would like to get more out of the 520 for the long straights in my yard.Should i go with a smaller trans pulley ? Or larger ?..need some advise..ty :auto-biker:
  4. Jim Dandy tractor

    with all due respect,if i have one of those i would not be mowing with it =slow cruse with a beer .....
  5. Brush mower?

    you'll shoot yer eye out kid ! tried it on my weedeater the cable recoils bad ,to much vibration.one a mower=death ...
  6. If any one has a volt meter not working change the dash bulbs if there not working .The meter runs on a series curcuit .....

    1. Save Old Iron

      Save Old Iron

      revisit your original post for more info

    2. AMC RULES


      Did you get it going Todd?

    3. Todd


      yes,got the meter working.omhs law,TY..

  7. jack were is this 10 amp fuse i cant find one anywere on my 520 ,,i have 30,25 and 15 in the fuse block but no 10,is there a inline 10 amp somewere ??
  8. Volt meter wont work

    thats what i was thinking,for the past few weeks i tore down the 520 and cleaned every thing with a wire brush connectors switches ect..I didnt see any pinched or bad wires.i'll check again maybe i missed something ..
  9. my volt meter wont work .What would cause that ?
  10. Throttle

    the only problem in having with the 520 is while running and working is that the throttle keeps falling down so i have to keep moving it up to keep the power up.There is no oil or grease on the pinion to the cable.Any low cost ideas on how to fix it ? Cut out a peice of hard rubber and drill a slot over the throttle bar to pin it up against the plate so it wont fall ?Any ideas ?
  11. check the pto switch its under the fuse block might be gunky stuck ..
  12. 520 Heat Shield

    I didnt put a heat shield,but I did put some window screen in front of the battery to keep all of the crap out of the area.I also used some on the bottom of the trans in front of the fins.Mounting was easy,just used some left over screw clips and a few ties......
  13. Looking to purchase a plow for the tractor.Need to push alot of matted leaves and branches into the woods,basic property clean up.Need some help with direction with plow type and numbers .Have read alot of conflicting topics on the internet .The tractor does have sweeped forward front axel.All opinions and suggestions would be appreciated.Thankyou...
  14. 520-H deck spindle question

    Dang !! thats wacked !!!
  15. My 2 cents about the paint .The color is good but the dry time sucks.Ive had a work lamp and heater on in my shop for two days and the foot boards are still not dry.I'm not sure about the cure time on it ,i'm sure its a week or so.Anywho,i guess thats what happens when you need a thick coat on thoses beat up areas.Next in store lay it on heavy on the 60 inch deck ...Wish my cheap china nikon lens wasen't busted so i could post some pic's...