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  1. Home Made WH Clevis Hitch

    The same here.....
  2. Home Made WH Clevis Hitch

    I like the plans in your first photo....... .
  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. 2nd UK Wheelhorse Round-Up

    Cant wait to meet you all....
  5. Its Time Show Me Your Stacks!!!

    Not the best picture but its raining heavy outside, so had to take picture in the workshop and not alot of room.
  6. 316-8 year ID help

    Many thanks for that terry, here is the id off the engine but its not very clear....
  7. Its Time Show Me Your Stacks!!!

    There is no model or make its home made...
  8. 316-8 year ID help

    Hi all Need some help on the year of manufacture of my 316-8, the id plate is missing, it has a 16 hp onan engine..
  9. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    I also have a 1st edition copy and it is indeed a great read.. .
  10. Deck blade ID.

    Got the new blades today, the wrong blades must have been fitted in the past...
  11. Deck blade ID.

    Thanks for that darren , looks like you could well be right.. :)
  12. Deck blade ID.

    Hi, This is one of the blades i took off with a part number on it , but still cant come up with anything so it might not be the right blade .
  13. Deck blade ID.

    Hi all, I have what i think is a 42" cutting deck and need to replace the blades, i cant find any id on the deck to help get the part numbers for the blades, any ideas ? Here is the deck.
  14. Hi, after reading this post on the problems with onan engines overheating { which i didn't know about } i decided to do the same on my 316-8. I hope you dont mind me sharing the photos.. And thats a nice 518 you have..
  15. New 1970 lawn ranger project

    Now thats a top job! very nice.. :thumbs: