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  1. Looking For Help On My 44" Snow Blower

    No, My Dad Has Owned This For Over 20 Years. Bought It From A Friend Of Mine Back Then. I Inherited It After He Passed Away Back In 2013. Do You Have A Snow Blower That'll Fit This Model ?
  2. Looking For Help On My 44" Snow Blower

    UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 : I finally was able to get my hands on a 44" 2 - stage snow blower for my 416. That's the good news. The bad news is, that it's not in the best condition. After tearing it down and having to use the torches a lot to free things up or to cut them off, I've noticed that from looking at the parts diagram on Toro.com, that I was missing quite a few main pieces. After spending a small fortune buying most of these parts from either eBay or Toro, there's still a main piece I cannot locate. It's the piece that locks into the front Tach-Matic. Does anyone have an extra piece if so, how much ? Or does anyone have real good photos and measurements of one so I can have my machinist friend try to make one. Also any good install videos or step by step photos on these anywhere ? If so, could you send me the links, thanks. Snow Blower Info Is Below. Thanks Ahead Of Time For Any Help and Thanks For Reading. Toro Wheel Horse 44" 2-Stage Snow Blower Model # 79361 Serial # 5901693