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  1. Replacing Deck Spindles

    Thanks, you guys are educating me. I guess when they get too bad, my only option is to replace the "water pump" type bearings on my "Double D" spindles. Dang, I'm talking like y'all now!
  2. Replacing Deck Spindles

    Thanks for the reply Don. So what can I do as far as maintenance, spray spindles with WD40 do any good? Or just let them be? There is a little growling noise coming from the bearings. One other thing, what does Double D mean, is that short for something, does it refer to the spindles only?
  3. Replacing Deck Spindles

    I know this is an old post, but maybe someone can help... I have a deck on my B80 which looks exactly like the one pictured here. My question is how do you lube the spindles? The manuals I have read say that the zerk fittings are on the top of the spindle shafts. The top of my spindle shaft have a bolt that holds the pullys on. The bottoms have a bolt that holds the blades on... I can't figure where the zerks would be... Thanks!
  4. Remembering dad

    Sorry to hear about your loss, unfortunately my dad also past away this year - in September. I just finished up restoring his old horse, will pass it down to my son...
  5. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Thanks for the positive feedback! On the wheel seals, there was no ridge that stopped the bearing from going all the way thru. The bearings were a tight fit, I used an arbor to install them. It was the same arbor I used to hammer out the thin small piece of the old bearing that was left in the axle. On my trans, if I wanted to, I could go all the way thru from one side out the other side with the needle bearings. I measured the seal thickness, doubled that up and left room for two seals, I figured as long as they fit, why not... I noticed, one problem after a test drive to the gas station, the hub on the left side walked towards the center. I tightened it back down but am concerned this is going to happen again. I was thinking that I would remove the old lock bolt, check threads, replace if needed and maybe drill a notch into the key way where it sits, maybe even drill another hole thru the hub and install a second lock bolt...
  6. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Here is the youtube version:
  7. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Here's are some pics! Let me know what you think...
  8. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Got the trans installed today, thanks to all! Just need to install the tires and test drive her. I will take some pictures and post them here when I get a chance. Thanks again!
  9. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    So, when I installed the wheel bearings, How do you know how far to drive them in? I was thinking I would drive them in about the thickness of two oil seals, and double up on the seals. They seem to be fine like this, but Steve's comment about them not fitting has me wondering if I am going to have issues when reassembling. I got the idea of doubling up on the wheel seals from reading forum stuff, sounded like a good idea. Thanks again!
  10. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Thank you, racinfool is helping me out, appreciate it!
  11. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Ok, so I was able to split the cases today, it looked fairly decent once i took it apart. The left side needle bearing was totally gone, no needles left... What happened was the needles must have come apart and somehow and went thru the axle and unfortunately took out most of the 1 1/2 bearing that gets pressed into the side of the case. Pfrederi, you must definitely have lots of experience with these because what you said may have happened did... Found all of the bearing pieces in the case, cleaned it all out, cleaned off all the old gasket materials and replaced the two wheel bearing needle bearings I purchased previously. Most everything came out with little pain. So now I need to find that 1 1/2 bearing... The parts book shows it as part number 1533. I am hoping that I can take the old one into motion industries and they can match it up. Anyone have a good number for this? I am thinking about going with double oil seals when I finish it up, good idea? Thanks all!
  12. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    So, I was able to spend a couple of hours on it today. So far, I have purchased the gasket, wheel bearings (using the part number previously mentioned for 1 1/8 axles) and axle seals. The guys at motion industries definitely seem very knowledgeable. He had lost a son in Iraq, was cool talking to him since I am a vet. Got the hubs off as well as the key ways, had to use a 3 jaw puller on one of the axles, and one key way was a pain, but all came off with no damage. Pulled the trans out, not to hard, just took off the shift knobs using a strap wrench and took off the bracket that holds the trans on the top. Left it at that for now, am hoping that I can get to splitting the cases next weekend.
  13. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Thanks for the replies! Attached is a photo, have gone thru the deck, engine, painted and the trans is next, will take my time with the trans since the snow is about to fall. Also have posted on you tube how it looked when I just about started, Was in the process of refinishing the rear tires when I ran into this issue. With what you all have posted, I feel better going into it. I will probably take you up on your offer to ask more questions once I get into it, might not be for a couple of weeks due to upcoming weekend commitments. Thanks again.
  14. Hello all, my 1977 8 Speed B80 Wheel Horse needs wheel bearings. It shifted good with no problems, just about an eighth of up/down play on the left axle, oil leaking from there as well of course. One of two hubs is going to be a bear to get off. My questions are these... I see I can buy a used trans on eBay for 100 bucks, would I be better off just buying this? From what I've read, parts are going to be an issue, should I try getting parts before I start, or once I have it torn apart? I have read in the forums that Motion Industres is a good place for the bearings, there is one of these stores two miles from me, do I just take in the old needle bearings or is there a part number someone has used? What parts do I need to be looking for? Gasket for the cases, wheel seals and wheel needle bearings? Which of these parts are availble from Toro? Do I need to disemble the entire trans (or is it recommnded) once I split the cases just to replace the needle bearings? The tractor was my dads who past away recently and it has great sentimental value to me. I am a bus mechanic by trade, so am mechanically inclined, but have not worked with transmissions... Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  15. 310-8 Rear Wheel Bearing

    How did it turn out Pete? I have the same thing you had going on, bought the seals and found some up/down/side to side play... Did you separate the cases? How many hr job is the entire job for needle bearings?