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    WH B-100 and it works awesome, minus the rectifier, but that will be rectified soon :)
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  1. RMAYNARD.......... Thank you so much for the speed of the transaction. It was exactly as stated and needed. Was very surprised that it arrived the next day. THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH,
  2. just fyi, my wife has the pay pal, same last name, stepler......thanks so much
  3. Do you have any of the fuel shut offs in stock? any tips for uninstall , reinstall, like lube the grommet ????????
  4. Gas Tank

    oldlineman, is there a list of vendors? i did not see it
  5. Gas Tank

    Thanks so much sorry bout the name, N3puy...:)
  6. Gas Tank

    Np3uy, is there a part number or description I can use? Garry, I will have to get back to you, we are having severe storms at the moment thanks to both of you for the quick response
  7. Gas Tank

    I noticed that there appears to be a piece of metal or fine mesh screen that seems to be sticking up right where the fuel goes to the fuel line or shutoff valve. My tank has a shut off under the tank that will swivel 360. I have a few questions; is there a way to safely get the valve out of the tank without messing it up, is that piece of metal normal? I cannot take a picture of it just because the tank is black so there is no way to get the flash to work and if I try to use a flashlight you cannot get the camera in close enough ..??? on a side note where is a good place to find the wiring diagram for the regulator? I know a bit out of the fuel range but seems to be more and more issues... thanks for any help Pat
  8. Howdy

    thanks to all for a warm welcome! I changed my pic, that is my baby so to speak still not sure if I want to restore or just keep maintained. jury still out, thanks again! ! :happy-bouncymulticolor:
  9. compatable models

    Hey I have a B-100 and i'm having a small electrical problem. I'm not sure if the rectifier/regulator got hot and melted the wiring conectors or if the wire just got hot? I have a few questions a. where if any can i get my rectifier tested? b. where is a good place to buy one that is not $125.00 as quoted at the local store ? c. which models are compatable as far as inter-changing parts ? d. where is a good place to buy the wire conectors / plug ? e. is there a wiring diagram somewhere on the site for my model ? sorry for my newbee questions, as stated I'm new to the Wheel Horse world, and I love it, a hard working tractor that cant be beat. Thanks Pat
  10. Howdy

    Hi, I'm Pat, Patrick, either or... I'm new to wheel horse, my dad gave me one and I thought it was junk at first, but have since fallen in love with it. I might restore it, but only the metal, everything else is good. I will post a pic or two later. About me, I've been in the fire service for about 34 years now. I served in the Army for a few years and I am a combat vet x3. I travel alot, like everyother month overseas protecting our diplomats and other govt employees at the embassies. I have no region and have been to over 33 different countries in just over two years. Please do not ask questions about my job, most I cannot or will not answer.. sorry, anywho, i would rather talk about tractors, wheel horse to be exact. if anyone out there knows of a way to test a rectifier let me know, i had one that either got hot and burned up the wires or went bad. the tractor runs good just does not charge the battery. I just put the charger on it for an hour before i mow. I would also like to find a good used blade for the front or snowblower. feel free to send msg's or emails .. if i do not answer quickly, i'm more than likely overseas. but I will answer just bare with me. thanks Pat great site to by the way.. love it