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  1. wheelhorse 520h onan engine no spark

    all connected as it should did the 12 volts to the coil and nothing
  2. wheelhorse 520h onan engine no spark

    No spark coil negative didnt pulse
  3. wheelhorse 520h onan engine no spark

    havent got it going yet gotta wait till i get more money for parts does anyone have any cheap carbs forsale for the onan engine i ended up breaking the pickup tube in the carb
  4. I have a wheel horse 520h with the onan engine model p220g-i/109550 and for some reason it has no spark it has a new coil a new ignition module and condensor i have did all the tests for checking the module the voltage does not pulsate when its turning over the coil has 12 volts going to both negative and positive terminals when we had the module off of the tractor it had 12 volts the minute it is stuck onto the case it looses all power my rotor is in good shape and not broken does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this thing so it will run again thanks sean