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  1. 15 + W-H tractors

    Sorry I have not back to anybody about parts. I have been sink. I will start looking for them and will start letting you know if I have the parts you are looking for. Mike
  2. tractors and lots of parts

    Sorry no
  3. tractors and lots of parts

    I have found the hub you were looking for. Call or text me at 570-550-7911 Mike
  4. tractors and lots of parts

    I think I should have one . If you could send me a pic , I could make sure it is the same one . Mike
  5. tractors and lots of parts

    The tiller is 36" $200.00
  6. tractors and lots of parts

    The blades are $175.00 for the blade that is off and $200.00 for the one that is still on the tractor and come with all the hardware.
  7. tractors and lots of parts

    I am not sure but I think Fastenal stores will do shipping . My zip 33597
  8. tractors and lots of parts

    I listed a bunch of W-H tractors last week and just letting everyone know that I will take a offer on all of them . There is about 8 or 9 tractors , 10+ decks , 2- center blades ,rear tiller and a bunch of rear hitches. Plus a hole lot of parts and 2-3 parts tractors. I know I am forgetting some stuff. We need to sell this stuff to help settle the estate. Delivery may be avail. at cost.
  9. 15 + W-H tractors

  10. 15 + W-H tractors

    Ok here is a list of the W-H tractors from the estate. 2- 310-8, 2- W-H 8 , c-120, c-101, 312a,b-112A, 210-H, plus 10+ decks , -Center blades and a tiller . There is also a lot of spare parts and a couple of parts tractors. They run from good shape to fair conditions. Prices run from $100.00 to $350.00 or will sell all $1500.00 and may be able to deliver for cost . 570-550-7911 Mike The pictures are not the best due to unloading in the dark and having only two days to remove from the estate.
  11. 15 + W-H tractors (UPDATE)

    Changed Price to 100.00 - to 300.00
  12. 15 + W-H tractors (UPDATE)

    Here is a list of the tractors that I have gotten home so far. 2- Rader 8 ??? K-181 ,2- 310-8 ,c-120, 312a, c101,b-112, 210H, Snapper /(W-H ) 16 HP. I also have at least 8-10 decks , tiller and two center blades plus tons of parts . I also have 2- Bolens g10 & 1250 and a Cub 1650 and deck for lg. Ford . I also found a lot of other make tractors and parts. ALL are in good shape and MUST BE SOLD ALL prices are reasonable CALLS or Text are best 570-550-7911 I will get pictures as soon as I get them unloaded .
  13. 15 + W-H tractors

    I am cleaning out a estate and there is at least 15 W-H tractors and lots of decks and parts. I have at least 2 center blades. All the tractors will need TLC but most are in good shape but have bee sitting at least 10 years. I will try and make a list and take pics. I should have them all home by Saturday July 15 . I will sell all or parts . If you are looking for anything CALL OR TEXT ME. at 570-550-7911 MIke