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    1965 855 with blade.
    1965 1055 with Deck.
    1964 1054 with blade.
    1973 8 4Speed with 36" Rear Discharge deck.
    1974 B80 with Snowblower.
    RT366 Tiller
    414-8 with Deck and Snowblower
    Waiting for a D series and RJ
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  1. This sounds like Karl . . .

    That is one great story, what a world we would have if we all lived with that attitude..... Thanks.
  2. Wheel horse tiller?

    Nice tiller, wish it was closer to me..
  3. Sharpening your blades

    I put them in a vise and use a hand grinder. Make sure they are balanced side to side though or you will have a vibration.
  4. Reo and Wheelhorse

    tuna-helper is that another name for an attitude adjustment?
  5. I JUST SOLD MY 2006 315-8

    Looks like it was only used for parades, new owner should be very happy.
  6. Wow another one stolen.... oops I hear sirens, gotta hide...........
  7. 1054 serial #

    The serial number on my 1054 is #50039, the engine that was on mine was not origional so I put a Kohler Magnum on it 12H.P,
  8. 15" ag tires revisited (1054)

    I like them, maybe I will consider them for my 1054 that I am presently rebuilding.
  9. 1257 pto needle bearing

    106769 if a 1 1/8 inch crank shaft. Look under Toro then others for PTO parts.
  10. 1257 pto needle bearing

    Look on Parts Tree thats where I purchased mine for my 414-8
  11. UPDATED: Straight From the Horse's Mouth final edition

    I will be watching close as I also cannot make the show.. Greatful that we will get the opportunity to order on here.
  12. 1054 serial #

    Little confused, where are you guys recording serial numbers? What purpose does this serve? Tracking whats out there or what?
  13. Front wheel size

    I would think that front to back needs to be the right size also to sit level, or you may have problems with being able to level a mowing deck etc.
  14. Rebuilt K341 won't start

    I agree, sounds like timing is off. Opening valves when shouldn't ? And not opening when they should.
  15. Onan 20hp Junk!

    If the government has anything more to say about diesel that will start to suck too. I heard they want to "again" do more to "better" the diesel fuel.. How much will that drive up the price of diesel.