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  1. 520H / Harbor Freight

    So any of you guys started this project yet? Or at least bought the motor. Be an awesome winter project. Go for it.
  2. 520H / Harbor Freight

    I made the sleeve a little longer than the HF shaft. Sorry i didnt take a length..... The keyslot in the sleeve matches the keyslot in the shaft not clear to the end. In other words i did not slit the sleeve the whole way. You need a higher key than 1/4" to sit deeper into PTO pulley also.
  3. 520H / Harbor Freight

    Man if you can get those valve seats redone for $100, I'd be putting out a nationwide WTB add for dead P220's. Around where i live it was 5 X that. Hence the $600 Harbor Freight route.
  4. 520H / Harbor Freight

    I mowed my acre yard all year. no problems. As far as the axial thrust, we will see I guess. Thats how ya learn. The only shop around me that would even touch machining the heads for bigger valve seats, wanted over $500. Just the setup time was huge. My Onan had a lot of hrs. and oil leaks. If I was a machinist I probably woulda rebuilt. I have a new motor even tho its HF. New starter, charging system, exhaust, ignition, blah blah.....It even has an oil cooler. I can go thru 3 of the HF motors for the price of 1 new kohler, honda, or briggs. Besides this is a hobby for me. Was a fun project and really EZ actually, once I bit the bullet and bought the motor.
  5. 520H / Harbor Freight

    I couldnt use the standard 20% off coupon even online. Luckily someone posted on another forum a good code to use. I got mine for like $601 at my door. I passed on the extended warranty. might come back to bite me in the But then again. Fun project.
  6. 520H / Harbor Freight

    OK, here goes a long post.........Crankcase noise? Less than old Onan, but doesnt purr like a Honda. Muffler is Ginormous but not that quiet. Am I really the first person to do this?? If I did this . Anybody can do this. (especially after i give all the details) Measure , Measure , Measure before you take old motor off. Height , width, distance from here to there. The more reference points the better. HF shaft is 1.3" lower than P220. I used 1.25" aluminum (the miracle metal) blocks. Easiest to drill thru. (7/16 Holes) HF shaft is near exactly 1"Dia. P220 1 1/8" Dia... Thus you need a piece of steel tube 1 1/8" O.D. 1" I.D. (Online Metals. get at least 1' I will tell ya why later). However, closest i could find was .992" I.D. Had to use a 1" bore thru. Keyway slot needs cut in new tube to match slot in HF shaft. 1/4" key. You have to use 1/4" X somethin bigger key, cause you have increased the needed height by putting that sleeve on there. In other words to go up into drive pulley far enough. Oh longer set screws too. The length of this sleeve... sorry i didnt write it down. You gotta guess like i did by putting the PTO cone on. You have to be sure you are past the length of that heavy steel bushing or whatever that thing is called the needle bearing travels on. I unbolted the original motor plate and put the 1 1/4" spacers under it. I contemplated that, big time, whether to leave the original plate there and put spacers under it, or space the motor on top of the plate. i didnt feel right about the motor sitting on little blocks, so i spaced the motor mount plate up. If i had spacers and another plate i might not have gone the route i did. Have your front belt tightener pulley thing on the tractor for the east and west motor alignment. Have your PTO on and place a belt over the pulley. Make sure it doesnt ride on the cone flat disc face. Use all those measurements you took for north and south. Obviously you have to drill new holes in motor mount plate to match HF motor mount holes. (i used a 3/8" dowel rod about 1 1/2" long with paint on it to mark new hole placement. you dont have room for anything like a marker or center punch.) Upper PTO mount I simply had to weld 1" to its lower extremity to meet with HF bolt holes. Had I put the motor up on spacers and left the mount plate there I "might" not have had to do this. EXHAUST SUCKED! HF muffler dumps right in your face. Cannibalized new muffler and old, to flop everything around. Oh you can used leftover 1" tube to lengthen pipes to clear PTO and hood. Same size as exhaust pipes. .............. You figure it out. I did. Throttle and choke simply undo old/new ... hook old/new up. HF comes with a "control box" take it apart lengthen wires drill bigger hole in dash for ignition switch. SIMPLE STUFF. Obviously I got rid of ALL BS guages. Might try to hook up voltmeter. Fuel line SINCH. Battery SINCH. The hood is tight. I need to raise it. The hood louvers cut into the HF air filter top. I have a rag on it now. Muffler touches side of hood. GO FOR IT! All you guys that never cleaned the cooling fins on your Onan. I bought this one for $150 only because it had new back tires. All you Wheelhorse purists, is this like puttin a Chevy motor in a Ford? Or worse? If anybody needs more info, not sure if my e-mail address shows up to everybody, but feel free.
  7. 520H / Harbor Freight

    Here's some low quality pics. She aint a showpiece! Huge honkin muffler. That was the hardeest part. Hood is tight fit. Dont comment on my exhaust braze job.
  8. 520H / Harbor Freight

    I'll try to get pics posted. Not to smart on that. Didnt take it peronally. ("worthless")
  9. 520H / Harbor Freight

    worthless? getout. sure somebody's been wantin to know if its possible
  10. 520H / Harbor Freight

    Did the HF Predator repower. Pretty easy. Sleeve for shaft, Spacers under motor plate, modify PTO mount, modify exhaust. Ignition switch, circuit breaker, throttle, fuel lines, all easy to hook up.(eliminated all gauges and crazy old wiring) Best thing $600. Would have had much more than that in my P220 rebuild. (valve seats) Might not last long might not be able to get parts. But, fun project, and the 520 is ALIVE again!
  11. 520H/Predator

    Pretty sure the predator has a 1" shaft so i will have to make a keyed sleeve to 1 1/8. Height shouldn't be a big deal with a plate. i am worried about motor center, shaft length, etc. Hard to believe nobody has gone this route yet.
  12. Maybe a worn out topic....Has anybody actually done the Predator V-twin to 520H swap? need to know how bad/good it worked out. My onan heads are mush. Leaks oil everywhere. High hours. Too much $$ to rebuild. any reply will be appreciated. I'm gettin ready to HF it.
  13. HF 22 HP V-Twin

    yeah i am 30 miles east of Pittsburgh. thats almost a 5 hr ride. anybody know any shops to do those seats near Pittsburgh?
  14. HF 22 HP V-Twin

    Whoa i checked a local here, they wanted $200 / side!
  15. HF 22 HP V-Twin

    Is nobody answering because its been on this forum before? Any answer would be appreciated.