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  1. Lyme Disease - Anyone Here Ever Have It?

    Looking back, I do think my soreness in my back was really a symptom of the Lyme disease. (I've gotten used to having terrible back pain because I broke a part of my back that will keep breaking, forever.) It was more like soreness and aches than the normal stuff. I'm not as young and headstrong as I was as an ignorant kid. And it's a good thing. Not long ago, I would have gritted my teeth and kept running headlong into the same tree, expecting it to fall eventually. The rest of the story, I'll post in the "older type people" type section.
  2. Lyme Disease - Anyone Here Ever Have It?

    Check out my thread in the bumps and bruises section. I'm about to finish my round of antibiotics.

    Everthing I even think of has Benny Hill telling me I did something wrong! I've lived through being told that uncle Sam wanted his pound of flesh!!
  4. A mowing we will go.

    My wife would fight ya for every bloom! Lucky for both of us, her passport hasn't been approved yet!😀
  5. Bought another one last night...at least it's Red

    My dad always wanted a Farmall cub with a woods belly mower and a sickle mower to get us started out on the hay thing. He quit his ideas a few years before he gave up on the idea of a worker ( I ran off and joined the circus/army)life to keep things going. I regret not working my ass off to keep his ideas alive. I didn't know that's what he wanted me to do this whole time. I'm going to try to plan better and figure out how to get a boat to the right place. I know where the fish are, but I have to work to buy the boat. That's part of life.
  6. Bought another one last night...at least it's Red

    I've always wanted one. I just think they're cool.

    I was Inspired by this thread. Mom came down to visit and go to the boy's graduation Friday. So, I put mom on a horse and took her through the woods. She had probably not been in the part of the property since she and dad lived here in the 70s.
  8. Throttle cable, heavy wire, vs a cable type.

    Thanks, I'm glad someone has thought of it before me. This came to me when I was trying to figure out a better routing than what my b-80 had for a throttle cable that hurt to use it.
  9. I was working on an old push mower my dad left outside when he died. (How inconsiderate! ) I got the new cable (I guess it's called a stop cable or something). And saw how smooth it works. I know it's a new, coated (with something) cable and a new plastic jacket. But, why can't we retrofit these for use in our old tractors with a spring and the friction from the levers? I'll probably try it at some point with one of my engineless tractors just for fun. Anyway, just a thought.
  10. Tick borne infections are no joke

    I'm going to start with what I'm used to, I guess. I was injured in Iraq in 2010, so my pain scale is skewed. I have most joint pain. Mostly from from broken vertebrae, messed up knee, etc. Last Tuesday, I found the tick and properly removed it. I really didn't think about it until Friday. I'm not a "scratcher" if I know I what caused it, so I know I didn't irritate it. Friday, I took a prospective buyer all over my property, up and down hills. Friday night, I baked pork chops since that was the only meat left in that freezer. Before midnight, I was sure I had food poisoning or the worst case of the flu ever. I was in an air conditioned room, on the floor, turning the fan on and off, depending on whether I was hot or cold that minute, sweating the whole time. That continued until Sunday morning when I knew I had to get back to go to work at 1pm Sunday after a 4 hour drive. I can't begin to tell you how many times I stopped. But, I can say it wasn't enough. Anyway, by Monday at 8am, my math says I drank 2 gallons of Gatorade and a gallon of Pedialyte. At 8am, I was waiting at the door of the VA clinic and by 9am, I felt human again. I had a prescription for antibiotics and instructions for everything else. I hope that's a good enough idea of how fast things happened. I know I sent the wife a picture on Friday night, but it's lost in cyberspace.
  11. Tick borne infections are no joke

    Ed, I hope you don't have residual effects from it. You're probably one of the first to get diagnosed.
  12. Tick borne infections are no joke

    Funny thing is, I've lived all but about 3 months of my 38 years away from tick country(when I lived in town and couldn't stand it). Even now, I know I'll see a tick when I go outside. I can't imagine the number of ticks I've removed. It's easily in the thousands. This one was just the one that won. However, this one is going to make me question ever rash or bruise I have and force me to think about what caused it. I'll detail my symptoms later.
  13. Tick borne infections are no joke

    It all works out. If I'd known what was going on, I would have taken better pictures. the credit goes to my wife for browbeating me into doing so quickly.
  14. Tick borne infections are no joke

    I'm going to have to answer each post because I'm not smart enough to throw them all in one. And, thanks to sparky and Karl for helping me find my post after I wrote it and lost it! Twice!
  15. I've spent most of my life working or living in the woods or fields, whether doing general army stuff, hunting or living in the country. Until last week, I'd never thought twice about tick besides to spray myself and check when I came back. Last Tuesday, I found a tick on my upper calf that I didn't think could have been there long. Removed him properly and went on with life. By last Friday, my entire calf looked like I was beat within an inch of my life. That was also the last day I could keep food down. All weekend (I was at my house out of state that we're selling, so almost no furniture) I spent curled up on a couple blankets in front of a fan or turning it off and on depending on what kind of sweat I was having. Yesterday, I felt well enough to drive back home and kept chugging Gatorade and even Pedialyte to keep me going. This morning, I was waiting at the door of the VA clinic when they opened. Doc listened to what I said, looked at my leg and let out an exclamation I shouldn't type here (he's a vet, too. So, he uses army talk with me). I had blood drawn, a B12 shot and a bag of saline right there. I'm now on an antibiotic and I'm supposed to take the max of Tylenol and aspirin allowed for the next week. So, this is my warning to everyone else that if you have a rash, flu symptoms including dizziness. Get yourself checked out! Mine didn't look like the "bullseye" that is usually associated with Lyme disease. For the "too long, didn't read" crowd, I have two things to tell you. 1. When in doubt, go to the doggone doctor!! 2. The VA has really started taking care of folks. I only waited 45 minutes without an appointment to be seen in an overworked clinic where everyone was knowledgeable. Picture from today. On Friday, the whole lower leg was purple. I've never had anything close to that, even after a wreck or when I broke my back. I hope this helps someone.
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