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  1. The best things in life are FREE

    Oh. My. Goodness! Go buy a lottery ticket now!
  2. I just couldn't help myself...

    When I was a CC8, I always rode with the 92s because they were first to get hit and the first to fight as support troops went. For those not in the know, I was 3rd in command. The officer and NCOIC were in different and varying vehicles. 😀
  3. I just couldn't help myself...

    I wish I'd taken pictures of all of my army trucks! My last position was as motor sergeant, so I had my pick. I had a heavy deuce with a van for parts and a 5 ton for machine work. I didn't reup partailly because they wanted me to go to the new trucks and partially because of the broken vertebrae, etc. 😀 Come get them. I'll make a great deal for ya. All I really wanted was engine, wheels and transmission. 🤔 I'm about to part out the rest online to get my money back.
  4. Craigslist find

    I'd pay that. Horses are few and far between in my area.
  5. I just couldn't help myself...

    Oh, stop that! You might jinx my recent luck! I've been without deals for several years. 😛
  6. Onan carbs from china.

    I've bought a couple for other small engines and it turned out ok. Out of probably five, I've gotten one bad one. The sad commentary is that almost all of our engine stuff is made out of this country anyway.
  7. I just couldn't help myself...

    It gets worse! I found a JD 110 for 75 that I bought for the good engine, wheels and tires, and a transmission that will fit my old school MTD. 😀
  8. Original 1953 Walk Behind Found

    Oh. My. Goodness!
  9. I just couldn't help myself...

    Advertised on Facebook by a local shop. They got it on trade. I was hoping it was the one with the 20hp horizontal Kohler. But, it had a 20hp vertical vanguard with low hours. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging about the price, but it was only $350. Runs great, no smoke and all it needed was a fresh battery. It has a lot of customizations that I would have done. Homemade rear rack, 30 Cal ammo cans for storage and a nice aluminum cupholder. The only thing it needs is a stud and lugnut conversion, and I'll get to that the first time I have to take a wheel off. Steering is effortless, but doesn't have the turning radius of a wheel horse. I figure the two plows make up half the cost alone. I might keep the sprayer in case I ever have a need for one, but I doubt I'll have a use for the deck. Apparently, these were made by AYP for the Craftsman and roper brands also.
  10. What have got myself? New from Western Australia

    Oh. My. Goodness! Welcome! You have a unicorn I've never heard of with the radio mounted.
  11. Relocation Time

    Congrats. I couldn't do it, but it seems like it would be fun for a few months. Enjoy it.
  12. Definitely lug bolts and lugnuts!
  13. Bit of a sad day

    Take solace in the fact that you gave them a better life than most pigs. Piggies and goats are my favorite farm animals. I miss having them both.
  14. Slat Moldboard Plow

    Is it possible for potatoes? @farmer
  15. Caddilac kind?

    Throw a tube in it. It'll be fine.