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  1. I have the same question, for my '73 14-8 tractor. Has the 85-140W gear oil been ok to substitute for straight SAE 140 as the manual asks for? No plowing for me, just grass and trailer pulling. Tom Boston
  2. How to remove a mower deck

    Manual also suggests turning the tires away from the removal side. This gives 1-2" more sliding clearance. (It only took me 8 years to finally look at a manual online and dicover this simple step.. Now it takes 2 minutes, not three, to remove it...nice design!)
  3. 416 hydro

    I have the same issue with the '96 Hydro I just brought, so am interested to hear how you make out. I just assumed I might have adjust the nut every few weeks? Thought about putting in a new "locking" nut too.
  4. 42" SD deck and vac bagger problems

    Somewhere I read that 48" decks with the vacuum don't need one, or at least they are not as important as on the 42" deck.. However, I have also seen in the manual that the 48" decks have 2 holes for attaching it, while my 42" has only only bolt hole per the manual. There may be 2 different part #'s. TJ
  5. 42" SD deck and vac bagger problems

    I too am new to the Forum, and I too have recently bought a 416H with a vacuum bagger. My 42" deck is also doing only a fair job of picking up leaves and grass at average speed, and blows some leaves out the side leaving a smail trail. I am anxious to hear if this baffle fixed your problem? I was disapointed that a unit that looked so powerful, did not work better. I also noted that the blades of the blower fan were bent back slightly at the corners, and wondered if this was affecting the vacuum's efficiency? If it worked for you, I will be ordering one too. Thanks for the help!! TJ