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  1. Wheezing K241

    Well, I went to work on it today and I had to move it out of the way so I could roll my old Broadmoor out, .. and wouldn't it fire right up and run perfectly. I checked everything over anyway, and found nothing wrong. ..I have no idea now.
  2. Wheezing K241

    Yeah, I figure it was the valve. I'll start pulling it apart later on tonight.. hope it isn't anything too serious it was running perfectly 5 minutes earlier.
  3. Wheezing K241

    Hey, all. Took the old 1077 out for a brief run this afternoon, just wanted to cut a few short passes.. could have used the push mower but figured the old Horse would like the exercise. Fired right off as it always does, ran perfectly. Warmed it up, and mowed down the section of grass, as I slowed the engine and had disengaged the deck, it suddenly made a pop and started making a funny noise through the exhaust, just like the sound of the decompresser when the engine first starts.. only it persists now through the entire throttle range, and it is backfiring pretty bad. I tried to idle it to the shed but it didn't have the power to move, so I pushed it down. Any idea what's going on here? I just had it apart a few weeks ago to check the valve lash, as per the book, and everything was pretty much spot on, but I set it anyway. What would make it do this??
  4. craigs list

    I absolutely hate it.. sometimes I love it, but usually I hate it. I have so many no shows it's not even funny. I've got a Horse up there right now and I'm honestly beginning to wonder if it's a curse. 17 people I've had interested in it, 15 of which had plans to show.. and haven't. A 15.00 push mower or something.. fine I expect a few people like that.. but usually I wouldn't expect such issues with the topic of a 51 year old tractor. And trust me.. being a member of the vintage snowmobile squad.. I've gotten some ludicrous trade offers, even when I clearly state I have no interest. I notice it seems to get worse with every passing year.
  5. Briggs 8hp occasional heavy smoke

    I have no idea honestly. I've had at least 20 Briggs verticals just like this one, they're all the same.. just take the plug out and fill until it overflows. (Well.. it's foolproof?) I'll pull the breather off some time.. but it's probably just tired. Too bad, I've had far worse machines that never smoked.
  6. Hello, all. Well I've had two really neat finds lately.. but that's for another time. One of those machines is a 1970 Simplicity 728 Broadmoor with a vertical 8hp Briggs, generator start.. odd duck. Anyway, she runs incredibly well and so far everything seems to work.. except one thing. This doesn't even have a dip stick, just the oil fill cap which you fill to the top. And it's at the top, level is fine. When running anything over idle, the engine is clean with no smoke, but if you idle it, it absolutely starts pouring blue smoke, until you speed it up again.. then it goes away almost immediately. I've never seen that before.. any ideas, anyone?
  7. 1077 Transmission issues

    I'll check her over one more time.. but I did it once before, had it all apart, and honestly nothing looked that dirty (Granted I cleaned it anyway) and I couldn't find anything wrong.. I'll check it out again this afternoon just for the shot though.
  8. 1057/1257 decal ?

    Indeed, and my 1077 has a decal like that.. however mine fell off and was stuck on sideways
  9. 1077 Transmission issues

    Well, the tensioner setup is actually fine. I went through a guide from a great fellow Redsquare member on the valves, checked and cleaned everything, flushed it with a new filter.. and honestly it seems a bit worse. Still climbs in reverse very well, but it'll still lug the engine and try to stall forward on grades.
  10. Snowblower for a 1077

    Yeah, I'd had a chance to buy one of those bolt on mule drive setups last year, ah well.. Yeah I've got to keep an eye out, or maybe I'll just make one, I do work in a fabrication shop I suppose. Speaking of snowblowers, I just saw this one and noticed it because it's really inexpensive, but is there some kind of better model to watch out for just in case?
  11. Hello, all. Found a snowblower pretty cheap on CL, guy says it fits the C series, and the 300 and 400 series. It's complete with the lift parts.. but I'm a bit rusty on WH it's been a little while. Could I mount this onto my old 1077? I know I'd have to fit a Tach a Matic in the front if memory serves?
  12. My 2nd 857 showed up today!

    Looks great! And for that price who can argue? I love that style WH.
  13. Can you get a picture and post it or send it to me? I've had tons of old mowers, generally older though.. but I'm often in a scrapyard and there's a ton of old mowers. The Tecumseh's on the sears mowers share a lot of parts with the Toro Whirlwind's of the same era.
  14. What's In Your Mirror?

    I think it's watching me..