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  1. For Sale 1976, D-160

    For Sale 1976, D-160 Wheel Horse Tractor, 48" mower deck, 56" front blade and 50" tiller. Would like to sell all together.Front and rear electric PTO, 3 Point Hitch (Hydraulic), mid hydraulic lift for mower deck, 56" front blade, Turning brake kit. Everything on the tractor is in perfect working condition. I purchased this from the original owner about 10 years ago. I have always used Non-Ethanol fuel, Royal Purple oil and K&N oil filters.Unfortunately the pinion shaft on the tiller broke last year while I was tilling my garden so the tiller is not currently working because of this. Everything else about the tiller is good other than the pinion shaft.I have receipts showing any work that has been done to the tractor since it was purchased. I recently had the starter rebuilt and the battery is about 1 year old.I will entertain reasonable offers. Since the tiller is broken, which was one of the main reasons I had the tractor, I am ready to pass it on to someone who can appreciate it. $2750 Or Best Offer.
  2. For Sale 1976, D-160

    I am trying to sell my 1976, D-160. Hate to part with it but really don't need it anymore. Also comes with other attachments.
  3. Tines for 50" Tiller

    Just doing a quick check online with UPS freight it looks like it would be around $200 just to ship it to you. I will check at the business where I work and see if I could possibly ship through their account and what discounts I may be able to get shipping from their dock.
  4. Tines for 50" Tiller

    Here it is listed on Partstree. The picture is a little clearer for seeing the shaft. It is #27 on their drawing. http://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/accessories/87-36tl01-toro-36-tiller-1978/tiller-50-in-127-cm-vehicle-identification-number-87-50tl01/
  5. Tines for 50" Tiller

    It is original paint. It was hardly used when I bought it. I believe the shaft could be made however you would also need to find the pinion gear. The pinion gear and shaft are one unit and when the shaft broke it also stripped the teeth off of the gear. I have worked on trying to remove the gear from the shaft and have had no luck. It seems to be permanently heat pressed on or something. In the attached PDF you will see the part as #26 on the drawing and is listed as Assembly pinion gear and shaft. The shaft is showing directly below #20 which is the woodruff key. All of the bearings, races and spacers go onto the shaft and fit inside of #23 housing input shaft. I will check on freight costs for the plow. It is pretty heavy and would have to ship by semi truck on a pallet. I believe it was custom built. It definitively is not a factory original part for sure. I have used it and it digs like crazy. Tiller 50in 1977 77-50TL01 TIPL.pdf
  6. Turning Brake Kit

    Neat to see all the parts separately.
  7. Tines for 50" Tiller

    Did you ever get the tines you needed? I have a complete 50" tiller that has a broken pinion shaft and unfortunately that part is no longer available. I am currently tying to sell my D-160 and all implements right now. You can find pictures and info on Craigslist in Greenville, SC by searching "Wheel Horse". I know Nebraska is kinda far from me but just thought I would let you know about the tiller if you thought it would be worth it for parts.
  8. Turning Brake Kit

    I had a question about a statement I made in a for sale post and it was requested that I explain what I meant by saying the tractor had a "Turning Brake Kit". If you look at the picture below you can see the two pedals that allow you to break each wheel independently of each other. This is a feature that is on larger tractors so that if you have one wheel start to loose traction you can apply the break to the spinning wheel to get traction to the other wheel. I have the original price list for the tractor which shows what the gentleman that purchased it chose for his options and they had it listed as "Turning Brake Kit". I guess they called it that since if you applied the brake to one side it could help you to turn more quickly.
  9. 50" tiller part needed

    Any ideas at all? Or would anyone like to buy this tiller. I could post some pictures if anyone would like.
  10. 50" tiller part needed

    I need to find a part for my tiller (Identification number 77-50TL01) From the attached document on this post it is #26: 105046 Assy. Pinion Gear and Shaft. It broke in half while I was tilling today. It is saying it is discontinued and not available. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one? Thank you for any help you have. I hate to see this tiller go to waste now. It has barely been used and still looks virtually brand new. The extension tines have never even been used!!
  11. 1976 D-160 points

    Thanks for the info. As far as I can tell it is all original and has pretty low hours. I was thinking of doing a compression test but have not yet. Hopefully this winter I will be able to clean it an polish it up and get everything in tip top shape. Steering seems to be pretty tight but I will definitely keep an eye on it. It is great to be able to talk to people who already have knowledge about what problems commonly come up.
  12. 1976 D-160 points

    It looks from the picture that someone has heated it up and bent the arms straight up at the top where the arms are welded to the shaft. As you can see on mine it comes straight off of the shaft about 2 inches then bends out at an angle then at the connection point at the end it straightens back out. Not sure if the arms will have to be unwelded from the shaft but I think you will definitely need some heat to bend it back correctly. The bottom part of the hitch can spread out over 20 inches wide but in the picture you can see that the criss crossed chains hold it in place. Mine is at around 21 inches right now.
  13. 1976 D-160 points

    Wow!! I am not sure how those got bent like that. It would take some serious pulling or impact to bend them like that. Yes my tractor is in excellent condition. I am wanting to clean it up really good this fall and winter. I will post some pictures sometime.
  14. 1976 D-160 points

    Here is another picture to help you see how it was originally bent.
  15. 1976 D-160 points

    I have attached a couple of pictures. I measured from outside of one bar to outside of the other. It measures 13 1/8 inches.