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  1. Hi. I just bought an Electro 12--1968 model and the center drive pulley on the 42" deck is cracked. The spindle tower is steel with the tube leading away to the grease zerk, The pulley [the double drive center pulley] is cast iron and has the elliptical doubleD center. I at least need the pulley, but would consider getting the entire spindle. I am told that almost all the spindles from the sixties to 1988 will fit the deck holes and will work ,but you are the expert


     The tractor is a model [electro 12]  #1-7235 and the engine is a K301-S. I also am thinking my magneto is fried as it makes no spark , but that has yet to be confirmed.

     If it is not too much trouble, price the parts  delivered to Arcanum oH 45304.


    My daughter attends UM  Go Blue!