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  1. 520-H

    Looks real good!!!
  2. Junk yard save!

    Nice save!!! Would love to find them deals around here. Enjoy.
  3. Yay for my Napa Green PTO belt

    I run Tractor supply belts with no problems so far. I do try to get OE for the drive belt though. "Colonel Potter."
  4. Parts for 310-8 Wheel Horse Tractor???

    I bet if you put an ad in the wanted section, you could get them all. You can buy fuel line locally at an auto parts store and you can rebuild the Carb. Fuel pumps are on ebay. "aftermarket"
  5. 416-8 has been neglected

    That is a Beast John! Could come in handy big snows this winter.
  6. Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    Tractor data shows this. Would need the number to be sure.
  7. Christmas Surprise

    That will be a really nice Christmas present!!!
  8. Where are your winter Horses??

    In my warm garage. I switched them out last week. The mowing machines are in the sheds.
  9. Barn Find C-121

    Sounds like a good find!! PICTURES.....
  10. My 3 Horse’s

    Nice herd!!!! What motor is on the 312?
  11. Rear Weights Value

    Usually 125/150 in my area.
  12. Cab is on !

    Looks good . Definitely a plus in wet windy weather. I actually have to open the door once in awhile to cool it off. I have a flexible dryer pipe coming off of the cylinder block fins near the exhaust valve area for heat. Kohler 16 model. Nice and toasty. You will like it.
  13. New to the herd, another jumped on

    Another nice Oldie but Goodie.
  14. Paint carburator or no paint?

    I also like the Aluminum look. I clean mine with brake cleaner and polish with SOS pad. Then rinse real well in HOT water and then Acetone.
  15. 312-8 Seat support repair

    Looks good. I had to do 2 of mine also. The Achilles heel.