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  1. Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan

    Beautiful pics and fish Steve. Mark and I were on Erie yesterday but got a late start and it blew up as usual and got real sloppy. He managed to put a few in the box though.
  2. Is something going on?

    Lots of Red there!!
  3. Word to the wise...

    He's Taaaddddd.
  4. Great day at the show!!

    Thank You!!!! Great pictures.
  5. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Thanks so much for the pictures. Mark and I couldnt make it again this year. Enjoy!!!
  6. Starter gear

    Thanks Olerider but not gonna make the show. Looks like ebay for me.
  7. Starter gear

    Went to 2 different dealers today and no old stock.
  8. Starter gear

    Thank You Garry
  9. Starter gear

    Does anyone have a starter gear laying around or no where to buy a new one? Blew mine today. 87 312-8 magnum motor.
  10. Restored 1977 C-160

    Changed Status to Pending
  11. Restored 1977 C-160

    Changed Status to Active
  12. Restored 1977 C-160

    No. Sorry. Not gonna make it this year.
  13. Restored 1977 C-160

    Selling my C-160. Restored 3 years ago and I just ride around on it. Cash only and pickup only. 800.00$ or make reasonable offer. Will come with a 42" rear discharge and a very nice shell also. Sorry no Mule. New rubber Great seat New battery Scratch on hood No balance gears in Kohler
  14. What one do I choose

    I would take the 160. Lots of attachments out there.
  15. Snow Cabs

    Anything is doable if you have some handy skills. The cabs were basically the same with the difference being in the framework. I put an XI series cab on a 300 series with very little trouble. I took conduit and a bender and changed some of the frame work to match the tractor. Good Luck!!