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  1. help identifying a 416-8

    Is the muffler vertical or horizontal?
  2. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Have a Blessed Day.
  3. Better gas available?

    Wow.. I get it for just .40 more than ethanol fuel. Usually around 3.20 a Gallon.
  4. I had access to 10 pounders when I was still working. The inspector would come in twice a year for 10 days and do the whole builing and out buildings. I would always get the old ones that were still good and bring home. I have them in the kitchen, garage x 3 , basement and my Dads. A perk for working in a huge facility.
  5. Better gas available?

    Everytime I go to Erie or Linesville I pick up 10 gallon of ethanol free for the tractors and chainsaws and weedwackers. Much better stuff. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  6. R/C Hobby

    I used to have about a Dozen planes. From micro to giant scale. Some kits and lots of home builts. Was a nice Hobby.
  7. Very nice workmanship. Lots better than Mattel.
  8. So who plowed today?

    Just a dusting here right now.
  9. Things that go Bang and reloading. I am cleaning on a 1908 Top Break right now.
  10. a fiery side project

    That is a Dandy. Very nice job!
  11. C-175

    Decks are really pretty plentiful. Some junk and some very nice ones. Craigs list should be very helpful.
  12. That should make a difference.
  13. Grand Daughters

    So Precious!!! Enjoy.
  14. First Christmas being Retired and with my first Grandchild. He is 4 months old. Grandma is spoiling Him rotten already. We went to the Christmas Tree farm last Sunday and He picked out His first Tree. A good time was had by all.
  15. First snow fall

    We did have a very Warm unseasonable Fall.