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  1. Welcome and Terry will fix you up. High quality!!
  2. Nice!! A real back saver Jim. I have 2 I have to sell. A 3 point and a drawbar type. Looks great.
  3. Nice example!! Good score
  4. Ah man Yukons were scarce around here this Fall. Didnt get any. Yum Yum...
  5. Look good!
  6. Nice job!! It should last quite a while I would think. Are those Yukon Golds in the background?
  7. Very lean Winter for snow. One 3 incher and a few dustings.
  8. Nasty looking stuff. We haven't had one like that in a few years knock on wood. Lots of cleanup ahead. Stay safe.
  9. That is a very nice machine. Good find.
  10. Take care Jeff!!!!
  11. My first was a 63 Impala with a 327/250. To much of a Slug so got a 67 Chevelle with a 327/365. Traded it for a 66 Chevelle 396/375. Wish I still had them all. As my kids were growing up. I redid another 67 with a 327/350 . Sold it to a collector in MI. Jay Leno ended up driving it..
  12. I would rather see 2 feet of snow other than 1/8 inch of Ice. Hate it. We are in the outskirts of the forecast path. I hope all in the direct path stay safe and stay in if possible.
  13. Nice. Some History there.
  14. Happy Birthday Ed!!! 29 again eh?
  15. Looks like you have it covered Jim!! Even snowing at the Beach on the news.