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  1. Better gas available?

    Everytime I go to Erie or Linesville I pick up 10 gallon of ethanol free for the tractors and chainsaws and weedwackers. Much better stuff. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  2. R/C Hobby

    I used to have about a Dozen planes. From micro to giant scale. Some kits and lots of home builts. Was a nice Hobby.
  3. Very nice workmanship. Lots better than Mattel.
  4. So who plowed today?

    Just a dusting here right now.
  5. Things that go Bang and reloading. I am cleaning on a 1908 Top Break right now.
  6. a fiery side project

    That is a Dandy. Very nice job!
  7. C-175

    Decks are really pretty plentiful. Some junk and some very nice ones. Craigs list should be very helpful.
  8. That should make a difference.
  9. Grand Daughters

    So Precious!!! Enjoy.
  10. First Christmas being Retired and with my first Grandchild. He is 4 months old. Grandma is spoiling Him rotten already. We went to the Christmas Tree farm last Sunday and He picked out His first Tree. A good time was had by all.
  11. First snow fall

    We did have a very Warm unseasonable Fall.
  12. Got Myself a Mini Horse

    Nice Machine! A little rust on Wheels. Yes. But no big deal. Have Fun.
  13. Big Kid play time

    We have hardly had a flake here. Maybe later in the week. Stay Warm!!
  14. Snow blowing 416h

    TWC says you have more on the way Cee. Buckle up!!
  15. First snow plowing

    The 312 can handle it for sure. We havent even had a dusting here yet. Late this year.