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  1. Nice pictures Thanks!!
  2. Thank You.
  3. Thank You. Really enjoyable.
  4. I cant make it either after a 3 year string. To much going on. Hopefully next year.
  5. Have a safe trip everyone. I wont be making it this year but hope to next year. Will miss chatting with some of you fine Folks I have met over the years.
  6. Great deal, nice tractor!!
  7. Will Do!!
  8. My Dads Camp Tractor was stolen out of the small garage 2 weeks ago by the Crack Heads I imagine so the 312 had to go and do the chores this week. Needless to say it came right back home with us.
  9. Congrats. to all!!!!
  10. W, thought I had a 85 312-8 but the engine went-- ended up with an 87 312-8 I did my first mowin yesterday & it impressed the tears out of me--got a lil work to do on the seat covering but other then that-again--I'm impressed





    1. Freetown Fred

      Freetown Fred

      Got a lil rattlin when the clutch is out. Kinda sounds like an old Harley panhead I had--I'm thinkin it's nothing to panic about????

    2. Freetown Fred

      Freetown Fred

      Hopin these numbers will confirm 1987 plus 12 hp KOHLER MAGNUM



  11. Love them Labs!! Good job.
  12. My local battery [only] supply store handles Deka so I use them.
  13. Good for You!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Don!!! Fill that creel up.