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  1. Good for You!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Don!!! Fill that creel up.
  3. Nice looking machine!!
  4. Job well done!!!
  5. Looks like u got a nice machine. Good Luck!!!
  6. Are the blades the same for a 48'' deck for the D and the 300-400-500 series decks? Or different? Asking for a friend who has a D 160.
  7. Looks good Ed! That is a thick piece of slate. Im used to the thin ones for roofing. Good Luck.
  8. Nice and green there too. We have big problems with moles here to lately.
  9. Been raining hard off and on for 2 days. There is a little creek under there somewhere. No mowing this weekend.
  10. I put my Snow machines in moth balls last evening Ed. Grass machines came out. Grass is coming fast now.
  11. Location? I have a very nice shell
  12. That is a beauty!! That will work a loader. Good Luck!!
  13. I dont have any of the contact info. It is all on him...Keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. These pictures are the only I received. He said it was tucked way back in the corner and this is the best He could do.
  15. Have to see how it goes. Hope my buddy can swing a deal for all 3. The lady wants them gone