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  1. Nice haul. But if its a twin, its not an 87. Its newer. Good Luck!
  2. My guess would be be far left. Or near left by the grille.
  3. Very clean machine Duke.... You did well.
  4. I bought a new 312-8 in 87 and still have it. 2000 hours and still going strong. It is my Wife's go to machine.
  5. Nice! An oldie but goodie.
  6. Good one. I like it . My dogs snore too and bad. Breath right strips?
  7. Some of you fellows are getting pounded. Be safe and stay warm.
  8. We got all of an inch. Pretty disappointing.
  9. I set my toe in at 1/4'' and with tires properly inflated, its like power steering.
  10. When I saw the title I had to look. Sorry, I dont have any of those parts. I do have an NOS hood but that is not on your list.
  11. We got 3 inches but the big boy is coming Tuesday so they say.
  12. Nice haul!!!! Some decent machines.
  13. That is really sharp. Good job.
  14. Ah man. Nice!!!