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  1. Welcome to the forum. Nice machine! Tillers are pretty accessible. Keep an eye on CL and if you could make the Big Show, Im sure you could pick one up there.
  2. You had me wondering Ed. I know it hit 67 here today.
  3. 1276 orrrrrrrrrrr my 520
  4. Looks good!!
  5. Welcome to the Forum!!
  6. Nice haul. Tractor looks to be well taken care of. And a nice parts tractor. The deck is a 42''. Good Luck
  7. Another nice machine for your stable.! Those 12's are nice . Strong but easy on gas.
  8. Nice shot!! Looks Comfy.
  9. Nice save!!!!
  10. Great news! Sounds good.
  11. Looks good Jim. Should clean up nice. Great price too!
  12. A co worker had a 48 on a 312-8 no problems.
  13. Nice Steve. Looks like it will buff up real nice. Your stocked up on blinds also.
  14. If that is a good running tractor, it is a 1500.00$ machine around here. Hours????