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  1. Winter prep

    That was my choice Karl. Plenty of power with Hydro lift and more time between fill ups over the Onan.
  2. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    Nice machines. And 2 good members. Sounds like everyone did ok!!!
  3. Something Few of Us Have Ever Seen !

  4. My New 416-8

    A thumper 416. Nice!!!
  5. I finally got one: 520h

    Nice score!!!!
  6. My nephew and family from Ft myers went North and east 4 hours to ride it out. They returned today to minimal damage and no power. I was very surprised but very happy they didnt have surge damage as predicted as they live right on that river there near the gulf. Have not heard from a cousin in New Port Richey but I believe all is fine.Dont no about anothr cousin in Marathon either. Glad you are safe Ritchie!!!!
  7. Looks good Mark!! Should do the job for you. The xtra weight will definitely help.
  8. Rainy day Horse

    Good save Ed.. The deck looks to be Ok from the pics.
  9. Rear discharge deck easily bogged down

    I use my 312-8 and 42" RD as my bush hog tractor. Places the 60" deck wont go through on the Farmett. High hay and some young saplings. It eats right through it. I wouldnt think it is the deck.
  10. Old pics from Kens tractor

    Great score. The paperwork is such a bonus!
  11. Felony Green

  12. As Close as I've Gotten

    Very nice score!!!
  13. Some will and some won't like it

    I like it! I have been keeping my eye open in my area for awhile.
  14. New Rescue this weekend!

    Nice score!!!