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  1. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    It will handle it but you likely will feel the difference in taller grass. I purchased a new GT1100 with no attachments and had a spare 48" deck that I put on it. It handled it great.
  2. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    Probably not but it doesn't matter. The decals are newer and some parts swapping has gone on but there's not many 40+ year that haven't seen that. Info off the engine sticker would tell us what HP it is.
  3. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    Yup, a 73 'no name'. Most definitely a mixture of years but what the heck. That's one of the wonderful things about Wheel Horses. Parts interchangeability as well as attachments. I've already had many comments about the fact that I'm running a 76 1948" mower deck on my 2005 and the 42" deck from the 2005 on the 1976.
  4. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    Actually not Jim. I measured the play with a dial caliper and I think it was on the second shot I was happy.I definitely think it was worth it.
  5. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    Gadzooks! I didn't see those. Good eye Jim. That would indicate a 74 or 75. No matter. It definitely is a good looking tractor.
  6. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    That's exactly what I did on my 5010. I had about 1/10" in/out play in 3rd. I could actually feel the shifter push the rails sorta past the balls until the 3523 was fully engaged with the input gear. I would let go and it would pull back in place which separated the two gears a bit. I purchased a variety pack of shims from Grainger and experimented until I liked the feel when the detent balls latched it into gear. Zero play is your friend.
  7. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    Interesting. That's a 76 or 77 based on the steering tower, solid mount engine and no hood ornament but the hood decal looks to be what they used starting in 78 but shortened probably to eliminate the model designation which was on that decal at the time. Outstanding looking machine. In addition to what Richard suggested check the points.
  8. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    No belt guard = grinding gears unless some other method is used to stop the drive belt. Also, ignore the blurb in the older owners manual that states "depress the brake/clutch half way when shifting while in motion". Always come to a complete stop. Another thing is input shaft play. With the transmission in 3rd gear if there's any in/out play of the input shaft that equates to the input gear disengaging from the inner teeth of the 3523 gear that same amount.
  9. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    Here's another shot of them. The left one is a NOS gear I got on Ebay well before Lowell was offering them. It's now in my Suburban. It's pretty clear why this is a weak spot in these transmissions.
  10. The time has come.

    You are in our prayers Jim.
  11. 5060 Woes

    If you have the same service manual I have it's just before the LS Differential section. It states: "Install the differential and axle assembly with the long end cap and the retaining bolt nuts down into the right hand case. Figure 19." I was going to look at Steve's video again. Since the manual and his video conflict I'm wondering if it even matters on a 6-speed since the diff housing is offset differently. I know it's a problem with an 8-speed and the manual states that the nuts go on top/left but I've never played with a 6. So far no luck finding that spring. I thought I had all my Wheel Horse parts unpacked but maybe not. The garage down the hill is still a catch-all and pretty much unorganized but it's gonna have to stay that way until next summer. I'll keep looking and let you know. I doubt that you'll find one at a hardware store.
  12. non-K241AS engine that will swap into c-100

    The 'A' designation was for special oil pan. If you look at a model list you'll see that the 78-84 models used an 'AS' engine. After that they got rid of the wobble mount and went back to a 'S' Engine.
  13. Front wheel bearings

    Another for the bearings Richard posted. I've used them quite a while on my non-workers. Nice and clean without grease squeezing out. I was hesitant to use them in my hard workers because I tend to be old school and like to keep things greased up. I now have them in those as well.
  14. non-K241AS engine that will swap into c-100

    The 'AS' was used on the 78-84 models with the shaker mount engine. The oil pan is different.
  15. 5060 Woes

    @stevasaurus chime in here. I'm thinking the 6 speed LS differential gets installed with the nuts down or to the right. The 8 speed non LS has the nuts up or to the left. One time I installed one in an 8 speed with the nuts down and fortunately I pushed the tractor after getting it back together. It barely moved and it was a dead stop as it jammed up. I probably would have done major damage if I would have tried to move it under engine power. I may have one of those springs Jim. That garage isn't just a quick run out and check so I'll take a look later this morning. Don't lose the pin. I know I only have 11/16" left and no 3/4". I checked that out a short time ago for another guy. See note #18 on page 32 in the service manual.