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  1. Mixed WH Feelings

    Nobody is giving the nod to the SK486 you mentioned. Not that it's any better than the other two but there's just something about the models they made to use up leftover stock.
  2. 312-8 electrical woes

    I'll bet that Simpson still works fine too. You're right about having more than one. I had several and they were quality meters but even those don't last forever. One by one they started dying. The Southwire from Lowes was the first meter I've purchased in about 30 years. We'll see how long the replacement works. It's one thing to just not work but another to lie to me. At least now I have the freebie from HF to back it up.
  3. 312-8 electrical woes

    A $5 Harbor Freight meter!? Heck 6, they give them away quite often. They even work Since this thread has already hit a sandbar I figured it couldn't hurt to add this. I used a high end Beckman for many, many years. I purchased it in the 80's and proved to be a reliable tank but it did finally give up the ghost a couple years ago. Now being retired and not using a meter as much I purchased a $30 brown thingy from Lowes. With just occasional use I never seemed to have issues with it. For some reason shortly before we moved from Florida I checked the voltage on our house down there. It read 156/285. I knew that wasn't right but I was so involved in the home search and multiple trips to Indiana I just put it away and forgot about it. Our new place here in Indiana has some issues with the electrical and one day I pulled it out only to find the voltage here was reading in the same vicinity. Ain't no way!! I checked to see if it was still in warranty and discovered it was about a month out. A $30 meter isn't worth much effort but I decided to send the manufacturer an email. I even inquired about getting it calibrated. They said there was no calibration procedure for that model and told me to return it to Lowes for replacement even though it was just out of warranty. I did just that and had the email in hand to show them. What a runaround. At that time I just had a temporary Indiana driver license as i waited for the permanent one in the mail when they asked for my ID. They said that was no good. I explained to them that my temp license was good enough to get me on an airplane so why wasn't it good here. Nope. Frustrated i just said something about giving my future business to Home Depot and walked out. I sent another email to the manufacturer and they said that was ridiculous and immediately sent me a shipping label to send it back to them. Whew! long story to get to the short point. While I was waiting for the replacement I still needed a meter to check what could be a serious issue with the house that concerned me. They I saw that HF dad a coupon for a free digital meter. What the heck, I went and got one. I guess my point is that even a cheapo can do the job for you. I now have a new $30 cheapy that works right but the free HF cheapo helped me out when the first cheapy failed me.
  4. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    What a great story and great looking tractor. Can I adopt you?
  5. Cart assembly

    Push it up through the hole. The bolt you see is 2 1/2" long with a spring slid on it and held in place with a nylock nut. Run the nut on just far enough to get full threads.
  6. Wheel horse 754

    Check that out carefully. Based on the steering wheel it's a 1963. In any case I'm thinking it's a deal that shouldn't be passed up.
  7. Gearbox 5025

    In/out movement in the amount mentioned is normal and just the nature of these transmissions. If you're referring to the outer axle bearings they do nothing to stop that movement.
  8. Make sure you get that bracket for the rear axle
  9. Specs/dimensions UniDrive (5053?) input pulley

    You may not want to use what those 1/2" pulleys and find a 5/8" since that's what your drive belt is on the C-121
  10. Kohler fuel pumps

    I just ordered a couple of those electric pumps too. If my 2005 sits a few days I have to crank it some to get fuel back to the carb. It was never a problem living in Florida but I think it might be this winter now that we are back in Indiana. I'll connect it to the 'run' terminal.
  11. Kohler fuel pumps

    You can get rebuild kits here: http://www.then-now-auto.com/product-category/fuel-pump-kits/kohler-fuel-pump-kits/
  12. 310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I agree that 2nd is a tad too slow and 3rd is too fast. I have heard that some folks replace the engine drive pulley with one from a hydro since it's larger. I've never done that and I don't know how much of an increase you'd get but at least a little.
  13. Suburban Tranny Carnage

    I hear that. I made the splined axles work but never tried the later diffs. I wish I had the goodies to play around with.
  14. Suburban Tranny Carnage

    It's easy to confuse it. My 400 axle tubes are 1 3/8" od. Yup, I had to run out to the garage to check them. I'm thinking that you can't just go anyplace to get the tube. All the standard sizes won't do it and it takes going to a place like onlinemetals to get what's needed.