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  1. Nice tractor. The first black hood and my favorite with the black hood mated to an older style dash.
  2. Born and raised in Granger, about 15 miles N/E of South Bend, I remember my dad man handling some monster mowing machine with a mostly exposed massive single blade out front. My mom was afraid of it. In 1960 he bought a Suburban 400 for mowing and snow duties. In 1964 he replaced it with a 704. In 1968 he bought a green thingy, I think a 112, and I was upset with him. I was already hooked on red.. He replaced that with a Raider 12 and it was red from then on. After I got married we lived in North Liberty, about 15 miles S/W of South Bend and I had a herd of horses that worked our 26 acres.
  3. It's a 74 or 75 and not likely the original paint. There appears to be white paint on some wiring and the choke cable. The electric lift was a pretty common add on. I had one like that but didn't care for the foot rest being moved out to clear it. But it's interesting.
  4. As mentioned, good maintenance is the key and any good oil will do the job. With that said I've used Valvoline products for over 4 decades and never had a reason to doubt it. So I just use it in everything...................just cuz...............
  5. Done deal Craig
  6. I just knew this year was going to be a great one for pictures. Thanks Jeff and I'm hoping to see you again next year.
  7. I have to say but not because of my knowledge of paints which is pretty much nonexistent. It's because I've seen Bob's tractors and it's obvious that he knows paint. I was thinking it would be better because it would be tougher.
  8. Great pictures! Something tells me that we don't want to see that video though I'm looking forward to seeing you again next year.
  9. Although I'm sure some of you know about this site I wanted to give them a shout out. http://mowerparts4less.com/ I ordered some belts from them from their Ebay store. I received them and didn't really check them out other than seeing that they are a very nice quality and made in the USA. I'm a stickler on leaving feedback on Ebay and, of course, left positive for them. Great price for great belts and fast shipping. Once I got further into the project I discovered that I had received a 112" belt instead of the 103" that I ordered. Simply an 'oops' when they pulled the belt off the shelf. I contacted the seller and he was quick to apologize, send the correct belt and a pre-paid envelope to return the wrong one. Ya gotta love folks that still know what customer service is. The belts I ordered are for the spindle and mule drive on the deck. I tend to use only Toro belts for the tractor drive but I'm thinking one of these would work just fine. Gotta love the color too!!
  10. I was caught in a horizontal rotating gizmo back in the 80's. It wasn't a log splitter but a 4" section of rigid pipe that I was wrapping a rope around to assist in driving a shallow well. It happens in a split second and scared the snot out of me. To me, that splitter looks even more dangerous especially handling the splitting wood. I remember when those came out as a second party attachment for a Wheel Horse. Most definitely a cool attachment but I would hesitate using it, At the bare minimum, if you do use it, have one person who's ONLY job is to be prepared to stop it.
  11. Outstanding pictures! Thank you.
  12. Yes, that's probably the most common. I use Motor Medic motor flush and let it soak some. One quart is enough.
  13. Good idea. It won't stick down far enough to cause a problem. You probably should flush it before you put in fresh oil. That's pretty grungy. If you already put the new in no problem but I would change it again after some run time.
  14. Here's the service manual. Use section V. There might be a part number difference on a couple things so use your parts list but the service is the same.
  15. Very slowly. Remember how fast the engine spins it. When you installed the shifter were the forks in this position? That's the neutral position. Tighten the dogpoint setscrew until you feel resistance when shifting then back off a fuzz. Hold the screw as you tighten the locknut (not shown....I need a new picture). If you have to open it up they are actually pretty simple. Look in the reference section here and you'll find all sorts of help. We'll be here to help you too.