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  1. Throttle and choke cable alterations.

    There are tools readily available to bend the Z but I just use needle nose pliars. No heat needed.
  2. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Yup, but this is all that came out when I drained it a couple weeks ago. Nothing to leak. This machine has been neglected terribly. I found several things before I bought it and many more after I got her home. Rest assured I'll get her nursed back to good health. Pretty simple. 3/8" rod and nuts. The cart is an old generator frame. I simply laid out for the four holes using a gasket. I adjust the nuts up to clear the rod when scraping the old gasket and down to let the rod protrude to hold the new gasket in place.
  3. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I was 'forced' to wait until this coming Monday to get a dumpster set in the drive for my next major remodel so I decided to see if I could get the transmission opened up on the 854 I picked up at the show. For the past month I've been soaking the hitch pin and brake drum. The brake drum was missing the retaining clip but was seized so bad it didn't need it. It fought me bad the entire way off the shaft but I finally got it. For the first time ever I gave up on the hitch pin and cut it off. Fortunately it was seized on the hitch more that the case. The remains of the pin drove out fairly easy. When I drained this it only had, at the most, about 1/4 cup of sludgy oil in it. I feared the worse for what I'd find but my fears didn't come true. It was in great condition including the inner teeth on the 3523 gear and all the bearings. There was in/out play on the input shaft when the shifter was in the 3rd gear detents so I shimmed it to eliminate that. It had the first style shift rails so I replaced them with a second generation set with the flats to help with the suction thing. I didn't have a set of the newer style with the deeper neutral detent so I decided to settle with what I had. I but I want to get new case bolts. The ones I took out are pretty cruddy.
  4. Picked up a 1054

    Well, if you decide to do that I'll be placing an order and I'd bet I wouldn't be the only one.
  5. 500 special near to me

    I can't fault you on that. Maybe a good buffing and a set of Terrys decals?
  6. Picked up a 1054

    That's gonna be another dandy one Richie. Now tell me, where did you get that cool travel mug?
  7. 3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    Probably no better than any quality oil but I've used Valvoline products in everything all my life.
  8. 500 special near to me

    Thanks Eric. You picked up a dandy. Sure, some things have been changed but not near as many as the changes I made to mine. How many 50 year old machines don't have some changes? I like yours as is but it would be cool if you got it back as close to original as possible or made it just the way you want it. Here's a later shot with a couple more things done.
  9. Sunset cruise

    Happy Anniversary!! What a nice way to celebrate.
  10. New exhaust for my C160

    I worded it wrong in my post.
  11. New exhaust for my C160

    You might get lucky. I recently got one out of a 40+ year old K-341 without much trouble. Your block is 1-1/4" threaded with a reducer to 1".The 1" nipple is what you want to take out. Use PB Blaster or whatever you like and soak it for several days.
  12. PTO Hub Resurface

    I suppose so but why? The pto is either engaged or disengaged. Is it scored?