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  1. I'll bring these to the show if somebody wants them. They are off a Craftsman and really in pretty good shape. Well, the wheels are. The 16-6.50 8 tires are worn and leak down at an unknown rate. The wheels fit a 3/4" axle but will need a 1/2"-3/4" spacer on a Wheel Horse as the Craftsman axles are shorter. Speak up or they are going to be pitched.
  2. K-341 oil fill

    Maybe, but it's very possible this motor wasn't originally on a Wheel Horse. Other than this oil fill the only other change I've had to make is the choke shaft. I needed the cable to come up from the bottom rather than from the top.
  3. 5k Generator

    Like a charm. Last job was to keep my beer cold after hurricane Matthew. Er
  4. That's my que! Underhood piece is original, top plate is original but flipped over to smooth side, made the levers from flat stock, decal from Terry, handles from Glen. I had Terry put Suburban 400 where the 'Ser. No.' usually is because the actual number was totally gone.
  5. K-341 oil fill

    OK, I'll keep my eyes open for another one.
  6. K321 oil pan modifcation

    I could be wrong but that looks like the style that was used with the shaker mount. There's a thread on here about Kohler oil pans that might give you some ideas. I can't find it but maybe somebody can and give you the link.
  7. K-341 oil fill

    That's exactly what I was looking for Mike. Thank you. Aldon, can you use the style I currently have? It would be fine on a lot of tractors but not on a C series with the gas tank under the hood.
  8. 5k Generator

    I'm glad it ended up in good hands and another to @stevasaurus for being the pony express.
  9. Heard from Glen Pettit

    Thank you for letting us know Karl. Prayers do work and I know all of us here will continue with them as well as all his other friends and family members.
  10. K-341 oil fill

  11. K-341 oil fill

    I just discovered a minor issue. The K-341 I'm putting on my 76 has this oil fill thingy. Angled back like that it's very difficult to remove and replace the dipstick. The gas tank is in the way. It can be done but is just a little pain. Note that this is held in place with three bolts and not threaded into the block. I need to find one that is vertical. Shippable but if you're going to the big show that will work too.
  12. I posted earlier that I would like to find a 704 and that holds true but the bottom line is that I just want another round hood (motor forward). A little off subject but it sorta fits here. I just got home from the eye doctor. I can’t say I didn't expect it but was hoping to avoid it. Both eyes, surgery. We discussed options but there really isn’t a good one. I asked about the recovery time, etc. and told him I needed to know because I was heading to PA the end of June and it was very important to me. I told him what it was, all the tractors, this forum, all the great folks, etc. That started it. This young pup eye doctor and I were having a conversation in the exam room. Why does that always seem to happen? BTW, two weeks out for the initial exam then another two to three weeks for the surgery.......whoa there !!!!! Two weeks for the initial exam....check.....surgery early July......check. More better Doc.
  13. Correct, 74 & 75 B's were all 4 speeds. In 73 they made B's with 4 speeds and 8 speeds. But my thoughts there go out the window because the 73 8hp 8 speed was 45.5" and the 8hp 4 speed was 43.5"
  14. In 1973 they had an 8hp 4 speed with a Tecky and an 8 hp 8 speed with a Kohler. I suppose it's possible a few 8 speeds were left over and they retagged them but I think the transplant is more likely.
  15. C100 NO START

    That free wheeling thing id definitely not related and I'd bet Richard hit the nail on the head.
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