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  1. 502 Worker Refresh

    It's hard to tell for sure in the pictures but I'm thinking you'll be fine. That kinda surprises me considering what happened to the bearings. I'd suggest getting things cleaned up better.
  2. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    I'm thinking they came from the factory that way. Jim's spot on with the 72 Commando having 10's and 6's.
  3. 40 Years

    Congratulation Jim. Definitely a rarity these days and something to be proud of.
  4. Great looking truck. Not all that long ago the saying was 'there's no substitution for cubic inches'. It amazes me how much power they now crank out with the smaller engines.
  5. Another What Is It ?

    They aren't too rare. Several are listed on Ebay and I know of a member here that had several for sale. Definitely handy but really not much of a wrench with the skinny handle. I had one before the Florida move but opted to mill down the open end of a combination wrench to do the job now.
  6. My GT14

    Outstanding Richie
  7. Sarà un wheel horse?

    Here ya go Chris and Eric: Questo forum non smette mai di stupirmi, ho visto l'argomento e ho dovuto guardare. Suppongo che non sia una cosa grandiosa avere i messaggi tradotti, ma per me è semplicemente fantastico. Tutto questo su questi trattori, semplicemente mi porta via. È un onore essere una piccola parte di questo. Benvenuto nel forum Maurizio, e grazie per la dimostrazione della tua bellissima lingua. (uno di voi ragazzi che ha tradotto in precedenza si prega di passare questo messaggio lungo) Grazie mille Chris
  8. Sarà un wheel horse?

    Translated: I purchased this tractor. Is this a model you know?
  9. Saluti dall' Italia

    Translated: Good evening to everyone. My name is Maurizio. Dress A Poirino, in Italy. I bought a lawnmower with mower. I think he's at least forty. I would like to know if it is a model that you know ..... Now I put some photos. Thank you all.
  10. Lift lever question

    I'm sorta guessing here because I've never had this style apart but does the #1 lift arm have a rod welded to it that slips inside #46 and is held in place with the two #14 cotter pins?