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  1. That's not the first one I've seen broken or cracked, pretty bad design with a blind roll pin with no way to get it out. Maybe @wheelhorseman is making these?
  2. Another successful snow cleaning!

    Nice, how do you like the rear tires? Just wondering how they would work on a loader versus cleat tires.
  3. RJ refresh

    Trans all buttoned up, new bearings bushings and seals, flipped the axles . Pretty tight but it all turns properly. Bolted up to the frame, dropped on the power. Did some more wetsanding.
  4. I have an older Technics and a Sony 5 disc cd/DVD player and some 30 year old Technics speakers. A 42" vizio that play the latest from David Gilmour, (Pink Floyd) and yes I share with the neighbors.
  5. My new engine stand

    use the starter holes, 3/8
  6. Opinions please. 1964 Lawn Ranger

    1964 34E wrong decals, otherwise looks pretty nice.
  7. @Terry M Does the H55 you got from me have the decal on the shroud?
  8. Just changed mine out 2 weeks ago from kerosene to PCS1000 it works great IMO, cleans way better that what I had and part will dry on its own. Using it in a Harbor Freight 20 gallon parts washer. I bought 10 gallons money well spent.
  9. Sickle blades

    I have a few sickle blades I am selling. These are new with slight rust on some $5 each plus shipping. Pm me how many you are looking for.
  10. 754

    That's cool, I have the last 754 to be produced in original condition.
  11. I like Nortern Pike fishing, also do some bass and walleye
  12. looking for rear agg tires for my 953

    Got mine herehttp://friedrichtire.com/ they were at Portage Garden Tractor Daze
  13. looking for rear agg tires for my 953

    Here is the same tractor with Goodyear 6.70-15
  14. 754

    Maybe @CasualObserver could shed some light on this. Also I would clean up the paint on that serial tag and don't destroy it, cause without that you just have an 854 with a 7hp motor on it.