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  1. 1054

    Got some time today, put in all new bearings, did a dry assembly to make sure i had it correct with the 8 pionion differential in it. All was good, so i put the gasket in and sealed it up. Filled with oil, oh and when you do this put the drain plug in first .
  2. 702 dash picture.

    My original 702.
  3. What do you have for a workbench?

    Wonder what it looks like today
  4. What do you have for a workbench?

    I have 2 44" Harbor Freight tool boxes. Removed the wheels and put a 2x6 base under them 1 1/2" mdf top covered with galvanized metal. I have a seperate engine/transmission building workbench.
  5. 1054

    Not alot of progress, just buying up parts for this project. Got an awesome seat from @BOB ELLISON, man is this thing nice. Transmission kit, tie rod and drag link from @wheelhorseman. New muffler stack, and regulator. NOS transmission drive pulley from @smokin joe
  6. K181 governor problems

  7. My new shop

    Been there seen it, this shop Rocks. Looking good Jason
  8. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    @Terry M@joebob
  9. Well it's that time for the Pioneer Power show in Le Sueur Minnesota, August 24,25,26. I'll be there setting up Thursday morning. http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/
  10. Original 1953 Walk Behind Found

    Wow that's a great find, with all the paperwork. Not sure what's better the tractor or the paperwork.
  11. 1054

    Good friend cut the grooves into the axles, actually had to grind them. So today i had some time to put the differential together. Next up visit @wheelhorseman and get some new bearings.
  12. I bought my can of Berryman's at Walmart.